How to Draw a Fox

How to Draw a Fox (Step by Step)

How to Draw a Fox! Foxes are amazing animals! Most of us immensely adore them. They are quite famous and have appeared in many cartoons, movies, and novels because of them being extraordinary.


Foxes are one of the cleverest animals in the world and are vastly known for their intelligent minds. They are part of the dog family and have whiskers all over their legs and face which help them to navigate.

Foxes are the only types of dogs that are capable of retracting their claws exactly like cats. Many species of foxes even grin while they are afraid. Many foxes bark to call for friends or rivals. Foxes are considered the best parenting animals and are expected to attack even the most dangerous animal if that animal tries to harm its cubs.

I believe that many of you have foxes as your favorite animals. That’s just because of their marvelous appearance and cleverness. It’s a fact that they are one of the most popular animals like cats, dogs, chicks and many more.

Draw a Fox

In this fun-filled tutorial, we will learn how to draw a fox easily with just a few simple steps. This tutorial is part of our other drawing collections and is designed for beginners and kids mainly.

Using your imagination you can sketch scenery behind. For example, you can draw a butterfly you learned to make in one of the other tutorials.

What You Need:

  • Our fox directed drawing printable
  • Paper
  • Marker / Pencil
  • Art supplies (colors)

How To Draw a Fox Step by Step:

Red lines will indicate the next step in each illustration.


Take the first step by drawing a bracket as mentioned in this illustration. You will always find the first step easy and simple in all our tutorials.

Did you know the male is known as a fox while a female is a vixen?

Step 2:

This time again it’s a simple step to follow:

Draw another arch or bracket starting from one end of the previous step and closing this arch to the other end of the previously drawn arc. This will close the bracket from both ends.

This will complete the head shape of the fox.

Step 3:

Now draw a pair of arches in the head area starting from the joining point of two brackets. Start arch from the joining point and finish it to the center of the first bracket. Now draw another arch similarly on other sides.

Step 4:

In this step, you will learn to draw the ears, eyes, and nose/snout and time to refine the facial expressions. Draw two polka dots on the arches you drew in step three and draw an oval shape as a nose at the middle of the head circle.

Now draw two inverted shapes of the letter V on the top of the head as the ears of the fox.

Did you know that Red foxes have the ability to listen supersonically?

Step 5:

Draw a heart shape sketch by keeping it under the face area. It will look like the neck area, fur, or front body part of the fox.

Step 6:

Add two legs by drawing the parallel straight lines from the start and then a little shape of the letter L at the bottom.

Step 7:

In this step, you will learn to add the lower body part of the fox. Simply draw a semi-circle starting from one side of the heart shape and ending on the other side of the heart. It will touch and passes back from the feet shape.

Step 8:

From the right lower body draw a curved line going upward, now add another stroke of a line to complete it and give it a look of a fluffy tail. You can use a series of small curved lines to form the tail.

Step 9:

Add further details to the tail by drawing the wavy line.

Some foxes have a white tip tail while others have black.

All done, you have just learned how to draw a cute fox. Now in the next step add some beauty to it by adding some colors.

You can add a simple background by adding grass, fluffy snow, or mountains.

Step 10:

This step is optional but it’s more towards fun and creativity so it’s time to color your fox. Normally red fox is found in red and orange shades with white and cream patches on the body but other species in fox come in black, dark grey, and brown color.

Congratz! You have completed the How to Draw a Fox Tutorial.

To gain more confidence in your drawing, keep practicing with this one or come up with your version. Try not to be reluctant to take a few risks, such as changing the tone or the posture. The more you practice the better you’ll get. However, remember the main thing—having fun!

If you like this article about How to Draw a Fox and would like to know more, please comment below.

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