How To Draw a Ghost

How To Draw a Ghost (Step by Step)

How to draw a ghost! Are you afraid of ghosts? Have you ever seen one? Some people are petrified by ghosts while others are courageous.

In the present drawing instructional exercise, you will figure out how to draw a ghost. You just need to follow our simple step by step drawing guidelines and you’ll be able to draw a happy and friendly ghost right away.


Stories of ghosts are quite popular and can be found all over the world. A ghost is viewed as the soul of a dead individual. Researchers say that there are no genuine phantoms although numerous individuals accept that there are.

There are numerous stories about them even in books and films.

Draw a Ghost

In this tutorial, we have kept more focus on the facial expressions of the ghost. We developed these illustrations to draw a happy ghost but it’s your choice, you can draw a happy, friendly, scary, or silly ghost of different sizes and shapes.

What You Need

  • Our printable template (Optional)
  • Black Marker/Pencil
  • Paper

How To Draw a Ghost Step by Step

Is it true that you are frightened of figuring out how to draw a ghost? Try not to get stressed! This drawing exercise will not horrify you … it will make you enjoy and surely transform you into an artist.

If you have faith in ghosts, this lovable and simple drawing instructional exercise will help you plan a happy face ghost character made with effortlessness and imagination.

The new things that are being added in each step are going to be featured in red.

Step 1:

By keeping the start simple, draw an inverted U to represent the head of the ghost. Before starting the first step, you might have already predicted that we are going to start by making the head as that is what we always do.

We all know that the head holds the brain and to bless our ghost with one we would make the head first, so, the ghost would knit wicked plans.

Step 2:

Because the ghost drawing is going to be simple and not much effort is required for making the face and other components, let’s make the arms. After all, ghosts require them too. Make one slim tilted U shape on both sides.

Make sure that the arms you are drawing are emerging from the head you previously drew. It is easy up till now, isn’t it?

Step 3:

Now it is time to illustrate the body of our ghost. Make a curved line beginning from the left arm. You are doing pretty well! Don’t lose confidence and grab more attention towards the sketching.

Step 4:

To complete the body thoroughly, draw another curved line. This time the line is supposed to be made on the right side. It is wonderful to see that a few curves are resulting in a ghost, isn’t it? You have almost learned how to draw a cute ghost.

Step 5:

The next step is to join the body with the tail. To make it more attractive draw a quivering or wavy line to join it with the body. It should somewhat look like the end of a snake.

Step 6:

Nice work! All the structure has been completed. Now we will draw the facial parts by adding egg-shaped circles for the eyes. Make sure to beautify them by filling in the eyes properly in the way it has been done in the illustration.

Now draw the large smile which should up to a point to look like a glistening moon as we are making a happy ghost.

You can work more creatively by making the eyes look fierier. And you can even add pointy and sharp teeth into the mouth to make it look petrifying.

You can further add more details to enhance the personality and spookiness. Perhaps you can make a sorrowful ghost who has lost his mommy ghost and daddy ghost. Another interesting thing you can do is give the ghost you have just drawn a name. What’s better than that?

Maybe you can add more features to the ghost to make it look even scarier like you can make one leg or a single damaged head. You can even hang this masterpiece outside your room or dress like it on Halloween…How amazing that is!


Indeed, you have mastered How to Draw a Ghost with just a few easy steps and in a short time frame.

Coloring is not required in this drawing as in many movies and videos we have seen that ghosts are pale white, but we always encourage the usage of your imagination and so you can even color the ghost. Pink, yellow, blue: it’s your choice.

Congratulations! You have completed How to draw ghost tutorial.

Good work! What’s more, make certain to wander on back soon for more how to draw exercises!

If you like this article about How to draw ghost and would like to know more, please comment below.

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