How to Draw a Jack O Lantern

How to Draw a Jack O Lantern (Step by Step)

How to Draw a Jack O Lantern! Do you find jack o lanterns spine chilling? Try recalling your memory, when do we use them? Yes, you’re right, on Halloween!

Jack O Lantern

The evil moon growls with wickedness, witches celebrate by laughing menacingly, and hooray they shout, Halloween is just around!!!

Halloween is the perfect time of the year to sketch a jack o lantern. If you want to learn how to draw more spooky stuff for Halloween, then you can find tons of other drawing ideas on the Halloween collection in our how to draw section. Similarly, we are going to teach you the simple steps about how to draw a Jack O lantern for kids.

By those who made them, the lanterns were said to represent either spirits or supernatural beings or were used to avert evil spirits from their house. They are also used to make people petrified on Halloween.

Draw a Jack O Lantern

This tutorial will be helpful for kids who love drawing and coloring and useful to learn how to draw a Halloween jack o lantern step by step in no time. You will be able to make either an appealing, frightening, or smiley one according to your imagination and creativity.

This drawing tutorial is great both for kids and drawing beginners too!

What you need:

  • Our printable template
  • Marker/ Pencils
  • Coloring supplies
  • Paper

How to Draw a Jack O Lantern Instructions

If you already have an idea of how to draw a pumpkin, then it will be uncomplicated for you but even if you do not know how to draw it then fear not it’s really simple too!

Step 1:

You will begin by drawing the outer edges of the pumpkin.

You will represent them as two curves which will somewhat resemble the letter c written opposite with the curvy side on the right.

You will draw one on the right and the other on the left side.

Step 2:

Now you will draw at least three dome-like structures on the top and the bottom connecting the two c like curvy lines on sides.

You can draw more than or even less than three as it depends upon your expressiveness.

Step 3:

You will begin by learning how to draw a jack o lantern mouth.

The sketching of the mouth is totally up to you and you can draw it accordingly to the theme with which you are plotting to base it upon.

We are drawing it as you can see in the illustration below and you sketch the same as ours too if you like it.

Step 4:

Now it’s time to add up the final features to the face of your jack o lantern. Can you guess what’s missing? Yes! It is the nose and the eyes. You can represent the triangles as eyes and the nose as a tilted triangle.

However, there is no compulsion and you can draw the nose and eyes according to your own choice.

You can even represent the eyes with a star and the nose with a circle, why not let your imagination float in a sea of your ideas.

Step 5:

Now to define the face of your jack o lantern, you will color the nose, eyes, and mouth in black. However, as told before, it is totally up to you as to which color you want to fill them in with.

We are pretty sure that your jack o lantern looks fantastic.

Step 6:

You will add further details to your pumpkin to make it more realistic.

You will sketch some slightly curved lines on the pumpkin as shown below. We have drawn four of them but make sure that the pumpkin doesn’t look so overcrowded.

Step 7:

Well done! You’re almost there.

Now you are supposed to draw a little stem on the top. It is just like the tiny green part present on many fruits.

Step 8:

You are not done as you need to add a few more details. Add a few more strokes and touches here and there to make the drawing outstanding.

Just like the arches, you added in the initial steps, you will add a few more arches at the back in such a way that the stem is included in them when you sketch them at the back and you can see the illustration below for proper guidance.

Step 9:

Now it is time to add the final touch. You will draw a coiled shape just like a spring emerging from the bottom of the stem you drew on the top of the pumpkin.

Congratulations! You have, at last, mastered how to draw a scary jack o lantern or any other, for Halloween!

Step 10:

Many of you might have predicted what the last step would be about as we have almost always included this step in our tutorials. The way you color something depicts your personality and creativity, which makes you uniquely different from others.

You can color it according to your choice. It might be pink, blue, black or whatever color you prefer.

We have colored the jack o lantern orange and we have used green for the stem. We have left all the other things black.

Congratulation! You have completed How to Draw a Jack O Lantern. We hope that you enjoyed it. Also, keep on checking back for more amazing drawing tutorials.

If you like this article about How to Draw a Jack O Lantern and would like to know more, please comment below.

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