How to Draw a Little Bunny Step by Step With Free Bunny Template

How to Draw a Little Bunny Step by Step With Free Bunny Template

In this tutorial we will learn how to draw a little bunny in an easy way. Little Bunnies look so cute and lovely!

Their beautiful ears and the fatty face attract the kids towards them. Bunnies are the loveable toys one can have.

They come in different colors for example white, brown and black and many more.  Bunnies are tremendously adorable stuffed toys that enhance the sense of sympathy in the kids. 

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Supplies Needed for the Little Bunny Drawing

1. Free Printable Little Bunny Template

How to draw a little Bunny

How to Draw a Little Bunny Step by Step


Draw the face of the little bunny first. For this, you need to draw a neat circle. 


Now draw the two long ears of the bunny on the sides of the face. Trace two parallel lines and join the ends of these lines by the curved little line.


We are going to draw the body of the bunny. To complete the drawing of the body, first draw another circle next to the face of the bunny. 


To draw the neck of the little cute bunny, draw two adjacent lines from the face and let them join the circle drawn previously.


Erase the outline of the circle, so that the neck and body of the bunny are in continuity.


Next, draw the back limbs of the little bunny. For this, draw a small curved foot pad at the bottom of the body.


Now, draw the front limbs of the bunny in a similar manner.


Aww! It’s the turn to draw the little tail of the little cute bunny. Draw the zigzag shaped small tail of the bunny.


Draw the curved lines similar in shape to the ears of the bunny. Draw the button shaped two little eyes and the peculiar bear like nose and mouth of the bunny. Add the cute mustache in the face of the bunny.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is How-to-draw-a-little-Bunny-10-2.webp

STEP 10:

Color the bunny so that it looks super cute!

Congratulations! You have successfully learned How to draw a little Bunny. We hope this was a fun-filled experience for you all.

What is a baby rabbit?

A baby rabbit is typically referred to as a “kit,” which is short for kitten. Rabbits can have litters of up to 12 kits, though the average is 6.

The mother rabbit, or doe, is pregnant for about 31 days before giving birth. When they are born, kits are hairless, blind, and very dependent on their mother.

After about 10 days, they begin to grow fur and open their eyes. By 3 weeks old, they are usually hopping around and starting to eat solid food, though they continue to nurse from their mother until they are about 6-8 weeks old.

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Free Printable Bunny Step by Step Template

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How to draw a little Bunny

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