How To Draw A Sheep

How To Draw A Sheep (Step by Step)

Would you like to draw a cute sheep? This easy step by step tutorial will help you to learn how to draw a sheep easily in few minutes.


Sheep is a familiar domestic animal that farmed for the production of meat, milk, and wool. Various terms are used to portray the family of sheep: a gathering of sheep is known as a flock, the male is known as a ram, the female is called a ewe, and the infant is called a sheep. An individual who takes care of sheep is known as a shepherd.

Sheep have an excellent power of smell and in the same way, they have great memories. They even have a groove on their lips that divides it into two halves. Like different species, sheep’s make vocalizations to communicate different emotions with each other. An interesting fact about sheep is that it can recognize 50 other sheep faces.

Draw A Sheep

These fluffy little animals are fun to draw and we will help you to learn how to draw a sheep with easy steps.

What You Need

  1. Our directed drawing pintables
  2. Pencil/ Marker
  3. Paper
  4. Coloring supplies

How To Draw a Sheep for Kids

Step 1:

You will begin by drawing the face of the sheep. It will be represented by the letter u.

Also, it will be a little wider at the base.

Step 2:

Draw a fluffy cloud shape at the top of the head. Simply draw a few arches and as mentioned before, it will take the shape of a cloud. On the base of the u-shaped face, you will sketch a small vertical nine connected to the bottom. You can check this illustration below to fully comprehend the instructions.

Step 3:

In this step, you will complete the facial features of the sheep.

First, complete the nose part by drawing a horizontal curved line at the top of the small vertical line that you sketched in the preceding step. There are many ways in which you can draw the nose. You can make it round, triangular, or just like the one we have drawn here.

For the eyes, you will draw a pair of circles in the face of the sheep and you can fill them in. you can also use your imagination to draw eyes of any shape that you want to.

In the last part of this step, sketch a pair of ears by drawing a simple inverted U shape with its direction towards the head and fluffy head wool.

Step 4:

Next comes the body of the sheep. Draw a fluffy oblong cloud shape emerging from the wool on the top and ending at the base of the face. You can draw the size according to your choice, for instance, if you want to make fat and cute sheep, then you can make the body wider. If you want to sketch a lean and thin sheep, then you can simply keep the length more as compared to the width.

Step 5:

Draw the feet by sketching two straight lines which will represent one leg. You will then connect the straight lines with a curve at the bottom.

You will draw two on the front and two at the back.

Step 6:

To make the feet more detailed, you will need to add another basic component to the feet.

Draw a slightly curved line that at the bottom of the leg.

They will be drawn for all the legs and in such a way that the line you just drew will be parallel to the curved line at the base which helped to connect the two straight lines that acted as the leg.

You will also draw a cute tail at the back. You can just simply make an elongated curved face as we have done or you can also make a tail of your choice. It can be shaped like a cloud too. Go ahead and use your creativity so that you can enjoy the tutorial even more.

You can also draw other things like grass, some flowers, butterflies, and maybe even a farmhouse at the back to make your drawing even prettier. This step is not compulsory and it is totally up to you if you want to add another element to the painting as it will make it look cool!

Step 7:

Now it’s time to fill in your drawing with colors that you can use to highlight your emotions and to make your portrait appear even more lively. Hence, the way you color is totally up to you, and just like the other steps, you have complete liberty in this step too.

We have used dark brown and black to color the legs, hooves, and face.

The fluffy, soft body and all the cloudy parts are kept plain as wool is always white.

Tip: make sure that you use lighter colors when filling in the face. Even if you are using darker colors then do remember no to color them so darkly instead, do it lightly.

Congratulations! You have finally learned how to draw a sheep step by step!

Make sure to keep coming back and also do take a look at our other tutorials.

If you like this article about how to draw a sheep and would like to know more, please comment below.

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