How to draw a Train

How to draw a Train?

In this drawing tutorial, we will learn How to draw a Train. This drawing tutorial is suitable for people of all ages.

Drawing Trains and many other such vehicles enhance the creativity and mental power of the young ones. Many such things are also added as a part of the sensory DIY table, and kids are encouraged to play and use different sorts of vehicles.

Draw a Train

When a kid is allowed to draw or play with a train or any other vehicle, this step will promote the learning attitude of the kid. Similarly, the kid will be able to understand the difference between the different kinds of vehicles, their parts and other things.

Many of our childhood memories include playing with these trains. It is a fun activity to add in the play time! 

Let’s learn how to draw a beautiful yet simple train !

What do you need?

  1. Our printable train drawing guide
  2. Pencils for drawing the shapes
  3. Colors for coloring the train
  4. Paper

How to draw a train?

Let’s start drawing a train step by step to make it easy for you.


Draw a big square in the paper and then draw two smaller squares on the left side of the big square.


Draw another square next to the previous squares. Erase the front side of the square and replace it by  a curved line. This will become the front slanting of the train.


Draw two vertical rectangles in each of the squares except the front one. They will become the doors of the train.


Draw the oval figures in each of the squares as the windows of the train. Draw a slanting half rectangle in the front square as the front mirror.


Draw the horizontal straight lines as shown in the figure.


Let’s draw the track on which the train is to run. To draw this, trace two closely parallel lines across the whole length of the train. Draw small vertical lines in small intervals in the track of the train.


Now, draw the wheels of the train. For this, draw two semi-circles one inside the other.


Color the train to make it look wonderful!!

Congratulations!! You’ve completed the How to draw a Train in an easy way. It looks adorable.

If you like this article about How to draw a Train and would like to know more, please comment below.

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Grab the complete printable here:

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