How to draw a tree?

How to draw a tree?

In this drawing tutorial, we will learn how to draw a tree. This drawing tutorial is suitable for people of all ages. Here we will describe the most simple and easy ways to draw a tree. It will make the drawing a fun activity for the kids!

Trees are green and represent freedom and prosperity. They increase the beauty of every scene and fit into all the sceneries easily. Kids love drawing trees and flowers. Many of my childhood memories are related to drawing trees. Trees have immense benefits to our environment also.

Draw a Tree

Tree is super easy to draw, just follow these small and easy steps and you will get an adorable tree drawing completed. Kids are prompted to draw the trees and flowers as this step will encourage them to plant the trees and love nature. 

Let’s start drawing the beautiful tree.

What do you need?

  1. Our printable tree drawing guide
  2. Pencils for drawing the shapes
  3. Colors for coloring
  4. Paper 

How to draw a tree?

Follow these step-by-step instructions to complete the drawing of a tree.


First, start drawing the lower trunk of the tree. For this, draw two curved and parallel lines. Draw a small V-shaped sign at the top of the tree trunk. It will represent the two main branches of the trunk.


Now, draw the crown of the tree. 

Step 3:

Trace the semi-oval shaped zigzag figure which represents the upper portion of the tree called its crown.


Trace the small other zig zag markings inside the main crown of the tree. They represent the small twigs and branches of a tree.


Increase the number of many small zigzag tracings.


Color the crown of the tree green and the trunk of the tree brown.

YEYY! Congratulations, your How to draw a tree is completed! It is looking so fresh and loveable!!

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