How to draw a truck

How to draw a truck?

In this drawing tutorial, we will learn How to draw a truck. This drawing tutorial is suitable for people of all ages.

You must have seen many of the kids, especially the boys playing with the vehicles. Young boy toddlers opt to play with a lot of vehicles like cycles, cars, buses, vans and trucks. This choice of boys makes them more creative and sharper than the girls.

Draw a Truck

Drawing Trucks and many other such vehicles enhance the creativity and mental power of the young ones. Many such things are also added as a part of the sensory DIY table, and kids are encouraged to play and use different sorts of vehicles.

When a kid is allowed to draw or play with a truck or any other vehicle, this step will promote the learning attitude of the kid. Similarly, the kid will be able to understand the difference between the different kinds of vehicles, their parts and other things.

Many of our childhood memories include playing with these trucks. It is a fun activity to add in the play time! Let’s learn how to draw a beautiful yet simple truck!!

What do you need?

  1. Our printable truck drawing guide
  2. Pencils for drawing the shape for the truck
  3. Colors for coloring the truck
  4. Paper

How to draw a truck?

let’s start drawing a truck step by step to make it easy for you. 


Draw a neat square in the center of the page. This will serve as the front seat of the truck.


Now, draw a rectangle on the back of the square such that the rectangle and square touch each other. The rectangle will become the main body of the truck.


To draw the hump of the truck on the front side, add another small sized square in the front of the main square. Draw the top of the square a little bit raised and trace the same line inside the main square so that this traced line reaches the middle of the main square.


Now, to enhance the minor details and give the truck a complete look, draw the tracings. Draw a curved line parallel to the face of the main square.


Add a similar line in the front of the rectangle. Draw two thin and parallel lines in the base of the rectangular body of the truck.


Extend the same two thin and parallel lines to the whole length of the truck. Draw the window and a drop shaped figure showing the door handle on the front door. Draw the two semi-circles below to indicate the rim of wheels of the truck.


On the back side, draw the small rectangular and an oval shaped bulb.


Draw the two circular wheels of the truck. Draw two smaller circles inside the one larger circle to complete the wheel drawing.


Draw the rectangular front light of the truck and smaller oval shaped side mirror on the side of the front door.

STEP 10:

Fill the violet color to the truck body and yellow and red colors to the lights. The fantastic drawing of the truck is completed!

Congratulations! You have successfully learned How to draw a truck. We hope this was a fun-filled experience for you all.

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Grab the complete printable here:

If you like this article and would like to know more, please comment below.

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