How to draw an astronaut?

How to draw an astronaut?

In this drawing tutorial, we will learn How to draw an astronaut. This drawing tutorial is suitable for people of all ages.


Astronauts are kids’ all-time favorite!! All the kids, especially the boys, love to play with the astronauts. Kids may have astronauts in the form of stuff toys or in the form of plastic toys.

In the preschool, kids are given astronauts to play with. The purpose is to make people aware of the work of astronauts and all the related things like the moon, spaceships, life on moon, things needed to carry with them and many more.

Astronauts wear their typical white color dress pack with the helmet and an oxygen cylinder on their back. This cylinder will supply the oxygen through the helmet the astronauts are wearing. Astronauts are the lovely gadget toys one can have.

Draw an Astronaut

Let’s start drawing the astronaut!! 

What do you need?

  1. Our printable astronaut drawing guide 
  2. Paper
  3. Pencil/ marker
  4. Colours

How to draw an astronaut?

Let’s get started!


Draw a neat circle in the middle of paper as the face of the astronaut.


Disturb the boundaries of the circle so that it looks like a square-circle. This will represent the actual face shape of an astronaut.


Now, draw the astronaut’s body. For this purpose, draw two lines slightly curved from the two sides of the astronaut’s face. At their ends, join these lines by another horizontally straight line. The body is complete! 

Draw two legs of an astronaut.  Draw two lines parallel to each other and slightly slanting at each other. These will become two legs of an astronaut. At their lower ends, join these lines by the horizontal straight line.


Draw two curved lines on each side of the leg with their curve downwards. This will become the design of astronaut’s dress. 

Draw the shoes of astronauts by tracing the oval shapes at the lower end of legs.


In the astronaut’s body, draw a straight line in the middle and two curved lines at the sides. 

Also, draw the strips of the oxygen cylinder by tracing two curved lines and drawing small vertical lines in them.  Draw a small circle in the lower end of the astronaut’s body. 


Now, erase the tracings from the upper end of the astronaut’s body that were connecting the head and body. 


Draw a small curve facing upwards in the upper part of the body.  It serves as the round neck of an astronaut’s dress.

Let’s draw the arms of the astronaut by tracing the parallel lines from the lower end of the face on each side. Draw the small club shaped hands which represent the gloved hands of astronauts.


Draw a round helmet around the face of the astronaut.  In the mirror of the helmet, draw a drop shaped figure and a small circle. The helmet is completed.

Now, only one thing remains and that is the oxygen cylinder. Draw two straight lines on each side extending from the middle of the face to the hand. They will look like the astronaut is hanging a cylinder on its back!


Color the astronaut so that the whole drawing looks super beautiful and attractive. We’ve colored it black, you can choose any color but the darker colors are preferred!!

Congratulations!! You’ve completed the How to draw an astronaut in a super easy way.

If you like this article about How to draw an astronaut and would like to know more, please comment below.

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