How to draw an ice-cream cone?

How to draw an ice-cream cone?

In this drawing tutorial, we will learn How to draw an ice-cream cone. This drawing tutorial is suitable for people of all ages.


Ice-cream is one of the favorite foods of children. In fact, people of all ages love to eat and enjoy ice-cream. The sweet and creamy taste of ice-cream is something beyond love! In summers, eating ice-cream especially gives more pleasure because of its icy nature.

Ice-creams have vanilla, mango, chocolate, almond, caramel , strawberry and many other flavors. All flavors are extremely delicious. 

Ice-cream is served in a variety of ways. Some people like it to be served in the forms of cone whereas other people love it in the form of scoops. Ice-cream cone is so crispy and tasty. It also comprises different flavors. Often, the cone is in the form of waffles.

Draw an Ice-Cream Cone

In this tutorial we will learn how to draw an ice-cream in an easy and simple way. Follow these step by step instructions to draw the ice-cream cone in a simple way.

Let’s learn how to draw an ice-cream in a simple yet easy way!

What do you need?

  1. Our printable ice-cream cone drawing guide
  2. Paper
  3. Pencil/ Marker
  4. Colors

How to draw an ice-cream cone?

Let’s get started!


First, start drawing the ice-cream over the cone. To draw the ice-cream scoop, trace a semi-circle showing the bulge of ice-cream. 

Now, draw two wavy parallel lines with their ends united. This will complete the ice-cream portion of the ice-cream cone.


Let’s draw the cone of ice-cream. Extend two lines, from the ends of the ice-cream, in a V-shaped manner. Join the ends of these lines at an angle. 

This will complete the shape of a V-Shaped ice-cream cone.


Start drawing the curves facing upwards in the cone portion of the ice-cream cone.

 Draw these lines horizontally from left to right.


Now, draw the similar lines but in the direction from right to left. 

These lines will cross the previously drawn lines and give the ice-cream cone a crisscross appearance!


In the bulk of ice-cream, draw some wavy lines to show its density.


Double the criss-cross lines. This will give the cone a more presentable look!


Draw two small parallel lines united at their ends by the curved lines. This will form a small banana shaped figure at one end of the ice-cream scoop.


Draw two similar figures on the other end of the ice-cream scoop.


Color the ice-cream so that it looks yummier!

We have colored the ice-cream pink to show the strawberry flavor, and the ice-cream cone is colored golden yellow.

Congratulations! You have successfully learned How to draw an ice-cream cone. We hope this was a fun-filled experience for you all.

If you like this article about How to draw an ice-cream cone and would like to know more, please comment below.

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