Mason Jar Luminaries Crafts

6 Fun Mason Jar Luminaries Crafts and More

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Mason Jar Luminaries Crafts and Candleholders aren’t just for the holidays; they can light up every day and are ideal for making memorable dinners. These affordable candle holder and candle jar luminary projects are ideal for beginners. With just a few things from around the house, anyone can construct their decor with these simple DIY candle holders and luminaries! And you’ll love how simple the majority of these ideas are!

If you’re looking for unique candle holder ideas, this list is for you. For every style and type of decor, there are options. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Winter Snowflake Jar Luminary

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Remove all labels from your jars to begin. Lemon essential oil, or any other citrus essential oil, is excellent for getting rid of sticky residue. Then use wood glue to cover the outside of the jars as it has a thick viscosity that keeps the sequins from slipping off and dries completely clear with a magnificent sheen. Select white and silver snowflakes and paste them around the jar. Place it for a few minutes to let it dry. Now you can add ribbon, or glitter tape to cover the neck of the jar. Apply glue to hold the ribbon on the neck and wait for it to dry, then insert a battery-operated tealight and enjoy.

Dandelion Paper Lanterns

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Check out how we can construct these lovely Dandelion paper lanterns out of upcycled plastic water bottles!

We’ll start by removing the labels and cutting the clear plastic bottle down to about 8 inches tall. These bottles will provide structure to paper lanterns. Get a print of a design of your choice on medium-hard card paper which can be folded easily and retain its shape. Cut the design with a cutter and fold the petals up by hand to make the blossoms three-dimensional. When a pattern becomes more complicated, lift the cutting paper with a spatula or butter knife. Now tape the paper around the bottle. Now drop the LED candlelight which is safer than candles into the bottle.

Photo Jar Luminaries

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These photo jar luminaries are easy to make and are ideal for repurposing empty jars or even jazzing up candles. They are effective and can be changed regularly. They’d be ideal for table arrangements for a family gathering like a christening or wedding. What a lovely way to celebrate your next family birthday with these on the table.

You may print the photographs in color, sepia, or black and white, and they all look great with a candle behind them. To begin, select the photographs you want to print on a vellum sheet. Horizontals are preferable since they can be wrapped around the jars. Using scissors or a paper trimmer, cut your images to fit. To use as a seam for the photos, run a strip of double-sided tape down the length of the jar. When wrapping the photo around the jar, the goal is to adhere the photo’s edges to it. Now you can use a candle or LED battery candle to light it up.

Every season, we make these, and the kids enjoy making them, giving them as gifts, and using them regularly.

Mason Jar Luminaries CraftsFairy Lanterns

Make a set of fairy lanterns out of mason jars with frolicking shadows of mythical creatures!

Wash the jars well to remove any greasy residue that may interfere with paint adherence. Spray paint the jars’ exteriors. Green seemed appropriate for a fairyland but you can try with blue and purple as well. Spray a very thin, even layer of paint on the jars to keep them translucent for this project. Drop a candle inside one of the jars once they’re dry to watch how the light comes through. Add another layer of paint if you think one isn’t enough.

Allow the paint to dry completely before moving on to the next stage.

Cut the designs out with scissors after you’ve printed or drawn them. Use transparent glue to stick the designs to the sprayed jars, or print the images on vinyl and adhere them to the jars’ outsides. Place the candles inside and relax! If you have youngsters or pets, LED candles may be better.

Cardboard Tube Village

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It’s a very simple craft that you can perform with kids of all ages; just be careful not to let the young ones loose with a craft knife!

To begin, paint a range of colors on your cardboard tubes and let them dry. With your craft knife, cut out the windows. Our shutters were painted a darker shade of the same color as the cardboard tubes. Using a circle cut out the roofs. With our compass and some pain paper, we practiced a few times. Once you have the circle, cut out a chunk to ensure that you don’t have too much paper and curl it to form the cone, securing it with clear tape. Attach your roof to the tops of your houses with glue.

The dwelling can then be placed over a battery-operated tea light to create a festive atmosphere as the evenings grow darker. We had a lot of fun building them, and they look great in the evening with the tea lights flickering within.

Tin Can Lanterns for Festive Friday

We all enjoy the brightness and sparkle of Christmas, and I am a complete fairy light addict, but nothing beats the soft glow and gentle shimmer of candlelight.

Take a few old and empty cans and draw different designs around the outer surface of the tin with a pencil. Now use nails to hammer small holes on the tin by tracing the design. It is not an easy task and requires guidance or help from elders. These cans with holes do not look good in the daylight but you can color these containers or add glitter on the outer surface. However, if you put a tea light candle inside and dim the lights in the room, they truly come into their own!

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