19 Amazing Ideas for Olfactory Sensory Activities for Children


In the post, we are sharing Olfactory Sensory Activities for Children. Getting to know the five senses provides many great opportunities for hands-on exploration. 

Whether you’re diving into a full theme of five preschool senses or creatively choosing activities to try out preschool sensory research with you, You’ll love these olfactory sensory activities for kids to explore your sense of smell.

Olfactory Sensory Activities for Children

These DIY Montessori scent bottles are a cheap and easy way to create a fun scent activity for your children.

  1. This sense of smell game is a fun way to learn how smell works, and it’s fun to see how your nose can guess the right perfume!
  1. Did you ever ask yourself the smell of a rainbow? This fun scratch n sniff watercolor painting activity is a great way to get creative and play with unique smells.
  1. This scented edible paint is an excellent activity for toddlers or kids who are inclined to eat their activities.
  1. This fun spicy yogurt painting toddler sensory bin smells just like autumn, and it’s a great way for children to get dirty.
  1. This Spice Painting activity is a great way to allow your kids to paint and smell new scents at the same time!
  1. This fall, the spice and sprinkle painting activity is a perfect smelling activity that you can do using basic kitchen supplies.
  1. This scented tea game activity will make your entire home smell like autumn, even if your kids don’t like the taste of real tea.
  1. This sensorial activity of citrus platter smells like fresh sugary citrus while also teaching your children about touch and smell.
  1. This Peppermint Sensory Christmas Hamper is a fun sensory activity that your children will love!
  1. This scratch and sniff art project for children is a fun way to integrate the 5 senses in your next art project.
  1. This fun flower sensory ring time activity is a great spring activity for your kids that also incorporates the smell!
  1. If you are looking for a relaxing activity for your children, you can’t go wrong with these lavender-scented beans!
  1. This spicy name activity brings a totally new meaning to the term spices.
  1. Prepare some smelly potions that your children will love to experiment with!
  1. These coco water sensory beads are the perfect sensory activities for your children this summer.
  1. This five-sense name activity requires just a few ingredients, and you have fun scratching and sniffing activity for your kids!
  1. This thin motor sensory tray with lavender water is the ideal way to incorporate the smell into your sensory activity.
  1. This play of rosemary-scented water is a great natural sensorial activity that your children will love!
  1. This pineapple-infused lemonade smells like real pineapple and will be hours of fun for your kids!

Hurrah! We are happy that you have reached the end. These ideas are also helpful in ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).

I hope you like our efforts, if so then share with your friends and family. Also, we love our reader’s feedback. Comment below and let us know, what do you think about these activities

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