Olfactory Sensory Activities for Kids

2 Simple Olfactory Sensory Activities for Kids: Fruit & Lotion Smell Test


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    These Olfactory Sensory Activities for Kids are an excellent way for children to explore through their five senses. Also, these activities for children would be helpful in ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)

    There is never a right or wrong way to do this, and there is never an end result to be expected. This is one of the greatest things about them!

    This is what makes them excellent for younger children! So even preschoolers and older children have a lot to learn from their senses.

    However, much of this sensory activity has been limited to touch.

    That’s because touching sensory activities are the easiest to implement, and can very well be the most intriguing for children.

    So today, we are digging a bit deeper into olfactory sensory activities for kids. 

    Let’s get started! It might stink a little… but use the nose to find out what it smells like!

    Is it smelly or what?

    How does it smell?

    Do they smell the same?

    What’s that smelling thing? 

    These are all excellent questions to keep in mind when exploring these activities and feel them with your nose!

    Olfactory Sensory Activities for Kids

    Fruit Smoothies Smell Test

    I mixed six different fruits in small quantities and poured each into a small plate.

    I used bananas, blueberries, grapes, watermelon, strawberries, and kiwi.

    From there I labeled every dish 1-6 and had a key for myself, although it was pretty obvious to me which was which.

    The boys each had pencil and paper to write their responses on. 

    We started with #1 and each boy felt and tasted, as well as looked for color and texture.

    Blueberries were harder to guess than I would have believed. 

    These are Henry’s favorite fruits, so I thought it was easy. But he believed it was grapes. When he got to the grapes box, he knew those were grapes, so I asked him.

    If #4 is grapes, then what could #2 be? Do you wish to smell and taste again?

    The watermelon was obvious to them as they looked. He was kind of watery. And George found the seeds immediately. But the flavor confirmed it.

    This activity was really fun to do with kids. 

    Lotion Olfactory

    Take the time to make your life easier and get rid of useless or expired products in your life. Turn them into child-friendly activities if you can! 

    Since I never used ’em, I might as well make room for the things that really matter and make me feel good, instead of taking the place. But I hate dumping stuff. I actually hate it. That’s why we go up so much for our activities. 

    And these lotions could be used for a sensorial activity for George before they’re discarded.

    I was thinking tactile sensory activity since it’s all sticky and such. But George didn’t actually touch the lotions from his hands. He did, but it wasn’t complete, he didn’t put his hands into the bowl to mix it up.

    I placed the basket of old lotions with a bowl and a spoon and let George do whatever he wanted.

    I didn’t go much further than that, but for older kids, it would be a great opportunity to talk about different smells and ask them to describe them.

    If you like this article and would like to know more, please comment below.

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