Funny Face Origami Bookmark

How to make a Funny Face Origami Bookmark with Free Flip Book

This tutorial will walk you through the steps to make a Funny Face Origami Bookmark. It is really easy and can be done in about 5 minutes or less if you have help from the children. All you need is some origami paper and your favorite art supplies.

Supplies Needed for the Origami Bookmark

1. Free Downloadable Bookmark Instructions

Funny Face Origami Bookmark

Origami Bookmark Tutorial Video

Check out our Funny Face Origami Bookmark Video below!

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How to make an Origami Bookmark Step by Step

If you’re looking for a fun origami project, why not try making a Funny Face Origami Bookmark? This classic origami shape is perfect for beginners. Follow this step-by-step tutorial and you’ll be folding origami Bookmark in no time!

1. Grab the paper.

Start with construction paper to begin your origami.

Funny Face Origami Bookmark

2. Fold Diagonally.

Grab the paper by the corner and fold the corner diagonally. Make sure to create nice creases in the paper.

Funny Face Origami Bookmark

3. Bend the paper.

Take the bottom of the paper and bend it upwards like so.

Funny Face Origami Bookmark

4. Fold sections.

Begin folding each section. Repeat the process until you have folded both sides. Then tuck one of the sections in like in the picture below.

Funny Face Origami Bookmark
Funny Face Origami Bookmark
Funny Face Origami Bookmark
Funny Face Origami Bookmark

5. Decorate the face.

Decorate the face by gluing the tongue and the eyes on. Lastly, glue on the teeth.

Funny Face Origami Bookmark
Funny Face Origami Bookmark
Funny Face Origami Bookmark

That’s It! You just created a Paper Bookmark.

Congratulations! Easy Peazy Leamon Squeezy!

Funny Face Origami Bookmark

Free Bookmark Instructions

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Funny Face Origami Bookmark

Wrapping up How to Make a Funny Face Bookmark Craft

Did you enjoyed our article on how to create a funny face bookmark? We hope that you found it useful and that you start using bookmarks more often!

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