Paper Butterfly

Simple Paper Butterfly

Want to make beautiful butterflies? Look no further. These paper butterflies are extremely easy as well as fun to make and can be used for multi purposes, such as decorating walls, sticking them onto a greeting card, decorating a photo frame and much more. Kids would love to create these beautiful butterflies out of paper. So let’s get started on the paper butterfly.

Paper Butterfly

Supplies Needed

  • Paper
  • Scissor
  • A piece of thread, wire or a ribbon.

Step One

You will need a square piece of paper, any paper will work. The paper I used is 16cm x 16cm.

Step Two

Cut your paper in half. Take one piece and fold it in half.

Step Three

Open the paper and fold the corners into triangles as showing below.

Step Four

Now fold the paper in an accordion pleat.

Now fold it from the middle.

Step Five

Take the other half sheet of paper and fold it also in an accordion pleat.

Fold it from middle once done.

Step Six

Now take a piece of thread or a ribbon in the similar color to the paper and tie a knot. It’s alright if you cannot find the exact same color thread.

Spread the pleats in order to get the butterfly shape.

And pretty butterflies are ready!

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