Paper Feathers

Create Magical Paper Feathers

These paper feathers are so quick to make and requires only paper and scissors. If you want more of a glam feather then use glitter paper or gold foil cardstock. These feathers looks lovely as a gift topper.

Paper Feathers

Supplies needed:

  • Paper
  • Scissor

Step 1:

Take a sheet of paper, the size is completely up to you. You can take a sheet of paper and cut it according to the height you want your feather to be.

Step 2:

Fold it in half and cut a shape of a feather. You don’t need to be perfect about it because there is no science to this. It will look better if it’s not perfect.

Step 3:

Keep the feather folded in half and cut your feathers at an angle from the outside edge from bottom to the top tip.

Step 4:

Now open the feather and cut three to four strips from the bottom of both sides of the feather as showing below.

Step 5:

With the help of your fingers, slightly turn the feathers outwards to give it a realistic shape.

And lovely Paper Feathers are ready!

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