Cute and Adorable Paper Hedgehog

Since the fall season is all of ours absolute favorite season. I am more than excited to share this simple craft with you. So you can make the best happy memories with your families by creating this Adorable Paper Hedgehog project this fall season. Today we will work on making a paper hedgehog that will be super simple and delightful. The beautiful red, orange, and yellow colors of the fall season are around the corner so we must start preparing for some fall crafts for toddlers.

Hedgehogs are cute little animals that are always very active in the nighttime and contain about five thousand spines. They have good memories and can recognize their owners and anything that is food. They are surprisingly intelligent! Hedgehogs are born blind and can cuddle with their owners and are at ease with them!

Paper Hedgehog

This explains their cuteness! Why not try making one and see how it turns out. With you all, making one, it would turn out great!

Garb all the things you need which are mentioned below and get started on this project to enhance your creativity.

What You Need:

  • Skin & Brown colored sheet
  • Black marker
  • Stick glue
  • Scissors

Step 1:

Cut a circle from the brown-colored sheet and a semi-circle from the skin-colored sheet.

Step 2:

Now fold the brown circle from the middle and cut it on the bend formed by the folding. This will make two semi-circles.

Step 3:

Form a cone with both the semicircles as we have done by taking on the corner and moving it to the back and sticking it there with glue.

Step 4:

Now cut small lines on the cone’s open surface. This will look like the spines of the hedgehog which you can spread all over.

Step 5:

Now make a similar cone from skin paper as you did in step 3. This will be the face which we will later paste on the hedgehog’s body.

Step 6:

Now apply glue on one of the brown cones as we have done. You are going to love the masterpiece.

Step 7:

Now stick the back of one on the cones inside the other and also paste the white cone on the first one.

Step 8:

Now color the tip of the skin paper cone with a black marker to make the nose of the hedgehog. Also, make the eye using a black marker. You can make the eye thoroughly black or you can also leave a small circle inside the eye empty as we have done.

Congratulations, you have learned these hedgehog fall crafts. Now you can make some more and scatter them everywhere in your houses and lawns. You can also make hedgehogs of different sizes. If you are a teacher, you can assign this project to your students and make lots of it. In fact, why not you paste them on the walls of the classroom and make the room more entertaining and welcoming for all!

Make sure you look for more fall crafts from us here and try them as well as you will love them.

If you like this article and would like to know more, please comment below.

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