Paper Mache for Kids

A Simple Guide to Making Paper Mache for Kids


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    You want to make paper mache for kids, but you don’t know where to start. Nothing is cooler than paper mache! Use this guide to learn how to make paper mache with your kids! It will be fun and easy.

    What is Paper Mache?

    What is Paper Mache? Paper mâché is a popular creative technique that combines paper and pastes to make various items. In paper mache, wet paper and other materials are layered onto a blank surface, such as a balloon or bowl, to create a three-dimensional object.

    Using an adhesive to moisten the paper functions as a binding agent. The outside shell of the paper hardens as it dries, allowing it to be painted or embellished. Similarly, you can make multiple crafts using recycled paper and simple paste.

    Historical Background of Paper Mache

    This centuries-old craft has been used to make a wide range of products across the globe. There was a time when Papier Mache was referred to as “chewy paper” since it was a blend of pulp and paste that hardened when dried.

    • However, despite the name, this technique didn’t arrive in France until the seventeenth cent. Before that, the method had been used as long back as 200 BC in China and other parts of the world.
    • This technique was employed to make snuff boxes and battle helmets in ancient China.
    • The ancient Egyptians employed paper mache to create death masks made of linen and plaster.
    • This method was utilized on furniture in the 18th century in Europe as a less expensive alternative to ornate plaster and carving wood.

    Paper mache is no more commercially available for decorative objects because contemporary materials such as plastic have overtaken it.

    How to Make Paper Mache

    Paper mache is a great way to create unique and interesting sculptures. It is a simple process that anyone can do at home with just a few materials.


    • Paper
    • Flour
    • Water
    • A bowl
    • A paintbrush

    Paper Mache Instructions

    • Cut the paper into small strips.
    • Mix the flour and water in the bowl to create a paste.
    • Dip the paper strips into the paste,
    • and then brush them onto the surface you are working on.
    • Continue adding layers of paper until your sculpture is as thick as you want it to be.
    • Let the paper mache dry completely before painting or displaying it.

    Paper Mache For Kids: Candy Bowls

    Making Paper Mache Candy Bowls with the help of a balloon is a great idea for kids. It is somewhat tricky for kids but gives areal happiness when it’s done. You may help your kids to do this project.

    Making paste for paper mâché

    First of all, prepare easy paper mache paste using water and flour. Add one part water to one part flour in a small bowl. Make a fine paste of the flour and water by thoroughly mixing the two ingredients until they resemble wallpaper paste in texture.

    How To Make Paper Mache Candy Bowls with a Balloon?

    To make a paper mache bowl, Use balloons to wrap paper-mache balls in before allowing them to dry before popping them. Here’s the instruction to make a paper mache bowl using the balloon below!

    1. Get the size of bowl you want
    2. Blow up a hot air balloon.
    3. Circle the top of the bowl with a Sharpie pen by drawing a line around the balloon.
    4. Cover the balloon with newspaper, then apply paper mache paste coating of Mod Podge and let dry.
    5. Then repeat the process over again. Continue this process for as many levels as you’d like.
    6. Make a ring out of cardboard and stick it to the bottom of the balloon with masking tape. Masking tape is used to bind a cardboard circle to the ring’s bottom so it may be cut to size.
    7. Let the paper mache dry after you’ve applied many coats.
    8. Once the balloon has been popped, you can paint it in any color or pattern.
    9. To complete, use a clear varnish.

    It would be stunning as the focal point of your Halloween decorations!

    Paper Mache For Kids: Halloween Bowls

    Make a Halloween bowl out of paper mache for your little ones this year! A new experience for us working with paper mache using balloons was a blast. We decided to use a bowl rather than a balloon because it’s much more convenient.

    A bowl is ideal for children who are just starting to learn the art of paper mache. The paper mache instructions I will provide you can be adapted to a more intricate paper mache project.

    How to make Paper Mache Bowl using a Bowl?

    Paper mache paste and old newspaper strips are necessary for any paper mache craft or project.

    Paper Mache Paste Supplies

    • 1 % of Water
    • 1/100th of a Cup flour

    How to make a paper Mache Bowl?

    Follow the instructions below to make a paper mache Halloween bowl using a simple bowl compared to a Balloon.

    Make a Paper Mache Shape from a Small Bowl

    Use a plastic bowl as a paper mache bowl design for your newspaper project at the beginning. Cover the bowl in Saran wrap or another plastic wrap to keep the contents from spilling out. It’s easier to use the bottom side of the bowl as a design when it’s turned upside down.

    Cut strips of old newspaper

    Mount old newspapers by breaking them into strips for the paper mache craft. Alternatively, you can use scissors or a newspaper cutter to make pieces.

    Make a paper mache paste

    Prepare Your Paper Mache Paste by Mixing All Ingredients. Make your paper mache paste by blending water and flour in a 1:1 ratio.

    Dip and cover

    Cover your space to work with more newspapers or a plastic sheet to keep the mess minimum when making paper mache. To remove any excess paste, dip a paper strip, slide it through the paste, and run your fingers over the sticky newspaper strips. The initial layer of paper mache should be laid on the bottom of the bowl design with small pieces of paper.

    Flatten any air bubbles that may have formed in the paper mache mixture as you continue adding strips to the bowl design. Use the edge of a wide bowl to scrape off any extra flour mixture from your paper mache paste while you work.

    Layering strips of paper mache

    As you continue to add more or a few layers, the better it will look. It took about five layers to cover the bowl and make it robust completely.

    Let paper mache completely Dry

    Leave the bowl of paper mache to dry for a few hours. The amount of time it takes for your product to dry depends on the environment’s size, humidity, and temperature.

    Remove the Template

    Gently remove the bowl when the paper mache has dried by pressing down on the edges. Give it a little squeeze, and it will come out of the plastic bowl. Dislodge the dish you covered by pulling on the plastic or saran wrap.

    Decorate Your Paper Mache Bowl with Color and Pattern

    Painting and embellishing the bowl can begin as soon as it has dried the previous night completely. After our paper mache sculpture had dried completely and popped out of the plastic shape, we grabbed our craft supplies and made do with what we had.

    Paper Mache Ideas For Kids


    Make dinosaurs made out of paper mache. The days of making Paper Mache For Kids crafts like these fantastic dinosaurs are long gone, but we think we’d be extremely proud of ourselves if we did anything like this now.

    Volcano-themed ideas

    Are you interested in making something that’s more than your average paper mache craft yet has a little sparkle? Rather than teaching your children to construct their paper mache volcano, why not let them learn from another child?

    There are a few shaky moments in this activity, but the passion for your children to build their paper mache volcano using chicken wire is infectious. Be Careful!

    Trinket bowls

    Trinket bowls made of paper mache are another excellent option. We construct these little trinket bowls in paper mache crafts using cookie cutters – or biscuit cutters if you are in the UK – which we call “biscuit cutters.”

    Cool Ideas for Paper mache For Kids

    Unicorn Head

    This paper towel-decorated unicorn head is one of our favorite Paper Mache for Kids crafts yet. To make this Unicorn head paper mache craft, we recommend constructing the basic head form from chicken wire and covering it with newspaper squares.

    Pumpkin idea

    Is there anything you’re looking for in terms of advanced paper-mache projects? Paper mache pumpkins are a perfect example of how far you can go with paper mache crafts. Make your papier-mache pumpkin using a balloon and two rubber bands.

    Easter egg ideas

    Crafts using paper mache and a chocolate egg for Easter are also a fantastic option for youngsters. The Easter egg will look fantastic on your Easter lunch table!

    Use gold crêpe paper & silky ribbon to beautify an Easter egg hunt prize or table centerpiece! Using paper mache and a little balloon, you can create an egg-like shape. Use a glue stick to adhere paper circles to the egg shape. And add a bow at the end.

    Tiger papercraft project

    It’s hard to imagine a better paper mache tiger to symbolize our spiritual identities. With our entire lives dedicated to making things, we’re always around. Try to design as your favorite animal. Similarly, you can make different animals, including Tigers, zebras, and other animals.

    Tips For Paper Mache Kids Art

    1. If your kid does not want to stick their fingers into the paste, which is typical for some children, don’t make a big deal about that. It’s normal. You may need to assist them. You can use your fingers to wipe away the extra paste after they’ve placed the paper in the paste. It’s fun for kids to work together.
    2. Paper mâché can be messy, so wear old shirts or aprons when working with it.
    3. The paper mâché takes a couple of days to dry between layers, so teach your kids to be patient.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What age is appropriate for Paper Mache For Kids?

    Ideally, children should be 5 years or older. At the same time, I believe that children in the early to mid-years of primary or elementary education will benefit the most from paper mache craft projects.

    Is paper mache better with glue or flour?

    Glue is preferable to tape because it generates a superior adhesive than flour, and glue-based Paper Mache is also less prone to decay or mold than flour-based Paper Mache, which is the case with flour-based Paper Mache. Additionally, the Glue dries clear, allowing you to paint your Paper Mache product with greater success later on.

    What are two Types of Paper Mache?

    Paper mache can be done in two ways: using pulped paper or with ripped paper strips. If you’re building something like a piñata or a mask, you’ll probably want to go with the pulp type of paper mache because it’s easier to mold and shape than the strip form.

    Wrapping Up Paper Mache For Kids

    In conclusion, Paper Mache For Kids is a great activity to spend time with your students or children. It’s easy to do and requires few materials. Plus, it’s a great way to recycle old newspapers.

    I hope you like Paper Mache For Kids and if you want to learn more please comment below.

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