Paper Popsicle

Fun Paper Popsicle Ice Cream Craft

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Ice Cream Crafts

What’s more invigorating than ice cream during a warm summer day. Paper popsicle craft is a great activity during summer breaks.

It’s excessively easy to make since there are a couple of steps and not a great deal of cutting. This makes it incredible for crafting with preschoolers and toddlers. This is one of the easiest tutorials but the activities in this craft are full of creativity as it offers freedom to play with the rainbow colors.

Paper Popsicle

So, let’s start with the simple yet fun-filled activity: Paper Popsicle

What You Need:

  • Different colors of paper (red, yellow, green, red, orange, pink .etc.)
  • White colored sheet
  • Stick glue and tube liquid glue
  • Ice -cream stick (popsicle stick)
  • Scissors
  • Beads and decoration material
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Step 1:

Firstly, grab your white-colored sheet and make a popsicle shape on it. It should be like a much round rectangle.

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Step 2:

Now cut out the shape you drew in Step 1 carefully so it looks neat and cooler. Aren’t the steps easy? As we move on, they will get even easier and you will be able to show your creative art and craft skills while making this decoration piece for summers.

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Step 3:

Using all the papers that you have, cut out strips of different colors one after the other. Make them of any size as they may vary and will surely look good this way!

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Step 4:

Next, apply glue to all the strips and paste them with any pattern one by one. We chose them to be crossed so we can make multiple of them later with different colors, designs, and patterns.

C:\Users\hp\Downloads\SUMMER CRAFTS (6).png

Step 5:

Now begin cutting the colored strips according to the shape of the popsicle you designed in the initial step. To make the task even easier, turn the paper upside down and then begin cutting as it will be vivid how much you need to cut. Is it easy? I am sure it is as the steps are carefully monitored and made to fit the best for kids!

C:\Users\hp\Downloads\SUMMER CRAFTS (7).png

Step 6:

Now it is the time to add decorations to our summer ice cream and make it look even more delicious and eye-catching! Collect several beads or pearls and proceed on with this assignment. I found a letter S while I was looking for some pearls and realized how cool it would be to use it for the ice cream as the letter S represents the season of summer!

C:\Users\hp\Downloads\SUMMER CRAFTS (8).png

Step 7:

This is the last step and then you will be done with this summer craft idea. Now attach the popsicle stick on the backside of the ice cream and you can do this with glue.

C:\Users\hp\Downloads\SUMMER CRAFTS (9).png

Congratulations! You Did It!

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