Beautiful Paper Tulips Crafts For Spring Season

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Spring is a beautiful season that attracts us with the bright and eye-catching flowers that bloom hearing the news of the spring. These Paper Tulips fill us with delight as we see them and make us imagine all the good things that we have received and come across during our life!

We all love flowers, so why not make them. Creating 3 D flowers will make the project even more special. We have all heard about the friendly tulips and we adore them!

Paper Tulips

Tulips are known for their beautiful and bold colors along with symmetrical shapes- that is also a reason that I love tulips. Tulips symbolize deep love and you can give them to your parents as well. So if we are making tulips today, we can later present them to your parents and see them being more than happy!

Are you ready? Let’s begin with this fun-filled journey! Collect all the material you need by looking at the list below.

What You Need:

  • Red-colored paper (you can use any color of paper of your choice)
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
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Step 1:

To begin, grab your red-colored paper (or any color of your choice) and draw six tulips on it. You can get it printed too! The first step seems very easy and it is and so will be the other steps.

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Step 2:

Cut out these tulips one after one, resulting in six beautiful tulips. Wonderful! They look amazing! Let’s carry on this project to make good memories.

C:\Users\hp\Downloads\Untitled design (55).png

Step 3:

Now fold all the tulips one by one as we are doing. At this point, you might be thinking that what are we doing, but later you won’t be ready to take your eyes off the masterpiece.

C:\Users\hp\Downloads\Untitled design (50).png

Step 4:

Now take one of the folded tulips and apply glue on one of its sides so that the middle point of the tulip in step 2 is on your left-hand side. Now stick the other tulip on the first one and carry on.

C:\Users\hp\Downloads\Untitled design (72).png

Step 5:

Now open this formed figure and you will see a 3D tulip. Isn’t it beautiful? Good work, you are doing great!

C:\Users\hp\Downloads\Untitled design (45).png

Step 6:

Draw two leaves on a piece of green paper, but I do not recommend drawing veins inside the leaves.

C:\Users\hp\Downloads\Untitled design (56).png

Step 7:

You can make two or three more tulips like these of different colors, but you can also have the tulips of the same color. I chose different colored tulips to make the craft look more attractive. Now stick these four tulips on a sheet of black paper or any other color like we have done to create the feeling of a nice background.

C:\Users\hp\Downloads\Untitled design (43).png

Step 8:

Cut four strips (cut the number of strips of your tulips). Glue these strips under the tulips for them to act like stems.

C:\Users\hp\Downloads\Untitled design (42).png

Step 9:

Now cut the steps according to the background sheet like we have done and paste two leaves with each flower to fill up space. We have already given the details of the leaves in Step 6.

C:\Users\hp\Downloads\Untitled design (41).png

You can fold the top of some leaves to add more dimensions and details so it looks much more attractive.

C:\Users\hp\Downloads\Untitled design (39).png

Congratulations! You have completed this spring craft for toddlers and I am sure you love it. You can try more crafts from our side and you will adore them too! Just like the first step, all the steps are super easy and you might have noticed this pattern.

C:\Users\hp\Downloads\Untitled design (73).png

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