Insect Printables Paper Bag Puppets: The World of Bugs and Crafts!


Unearth the wonders of the insect world with our Insect Printables Paper Bag Puppets ebook!

Craft 10 detailed bug designs and let your kids or students embark on a buzzing creative journey.

Made by CraftyThinking

Insect Printables Paper Bag Puppets

Are you fascinated by the tiny world of insects and looking to combine it with crafty fun? Our Insect Printables Paper Bag Puppets collection is buzzing with creativity! This 96-page ebook offers 10 detailed insect designs that will captivate both kids and students.

Inside, you’ll explore the insect kingdom with:

  • Caterpillar Paper Bag Craft
  • Butterfly Paper Bag Craft
  • Praying Mantis Paper Bag Craft
  • Grasshopper Paper Bag Craft
  • Bee Paper Bag Craft
  • Ladybug Paper Bag Craft
  • Ant Paper Bag Craft
  • Beetle Paper Bag Craft
  • Dragon Fly Paper Bag Craft
  • Spider Paper Bag Craft

Please note: This is a digital download, ensuring you get immediate access to your insect-themed crafting adventure. No physical product will be shipped. Let the world of insects inspire your next crafting session!


  • Paper bags
  • Printable puppet templates
  • Construction paper or cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Optional: googly eyes, yarn (for hair), pipe cleaners, buttons, etc.


  1. Download the printable
  2. Choose a puppet design
  3. Print the provided templates
  4. Trace the templates onto your chosen construction paper or cardstock
  5. Cut out the puppet parts
  6. Glue the puppet’s face to the bottom flap of the paper bag
  7. Attach other parts (like arms or accessories) to the paper bag puppet
  8. Allow the glue to dry before using the puppet for play
  9. Optional: Enhance with googly eyes, glitter, pipe cleaners, paint, or other embellishments for a standout look.

This product is a digital download only. No physical item will be sent

Soon after payment is received, you will get a download button to gain access and download the file(s).

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