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Easy and Fun Rainbow Slime


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In the post, we are sharing Cool Rainbow Slime Crafts For Kids. We always have a batch of slime in our place. Yep, always. Slime lasts months and months in the end, so this is one of our favorite fun recipes.

I love reusable stuff. We’ve been on a rainbow recently with rainbow flour paint, rainbow paint with marshmallows, and rainbow sand slime. Since we were waiting for a new batch of mud, I thought it would be fun to make that rainbow batch! 

This rainbow slime recipe is so easy to make and requires just three ingredients.

What you need

  • School glue
  • Liquid scratch
  • Liquid watercolor paint

Rainbow Slime Instructions (step by step)

That slimy recipe is so easy, a kid can make it. We never gauge when making slime. Combine equal portions of liquid starch and school glue and mix well together. Yes, this is as simple as that. There are two ways to make this rainbow slime recipe.  

  1. Make small batches, mixing the color up immediately.  
  2. We have chosen to make a huge bowl of white mud and add color later.

Adding the color later requires some more mixing by hand. The kid was so looking forward to playing with the new slime, and I didn’t have the heart to keep him waiting. He was playing with white mud for over an hour Sunday when we did that. I put the color in later that day.

That went great, right?

They looked forward to digging their hands in the colored mud.

They were too sweet when they asked me to mix the colors. As if I really wanted to make this beautiful rainbow clay and tell them to carefully keep the colors separate.  That would be mean!

Even I was fascinated to watch the colors come together.

They stretched, pulled, and bent the mud in all possible directions, exposing the rainbow.

The kid was particularly fond of rolling the mud into balls and making them bounce.

As I said, we never take measurements. This is not an exact recipe. 

The key to good mud is to mix the hands properly. My children tend to do all the “work”.    If after a lot of mixing the clay has not formed well add a small amount of glue and mix a little more than the colors small amount of the liquid starch. 

When I do this, I fold the mud in itself continuously until it forms a strong, stretchable blob.

Yay! We have made it pretty easily. I hope you love this craft, and we would love to see your comments down below. 

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