Saint Patrick Finger Puppet

Fun Saint Patrick Finger Puppet (St. Patrick’s Crafts)

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Let’s make a cute Saint Patrick Finger Puppet and celebrate this day with happiness. This ST. Patrick craft we are going to design today is for beginners as well as for small kids as it is super easy. Nothing can make this day more special than a puppet itself!

Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated annually on 17th of March every year emphasizing and highlighting the death of Patrick. This day gives us sense of greens and makes us love it.

Have some fun doing St. Patrick’s Day Crafts For Kids. Here is an Easy Step By Step Tutorial For Kids to make Saint Patrick Finger Puppet

Saint Patrick Finger Puppet


  • Orange colored sheet
  • Green colored chart paper (it will keep the puppet stable)
  • White colored sheet
  • Black colored sheet
  • Black colored marker
  • Scissors
  • Glue (of your choice)
  • A small clover cut out of golden glitter paper or confetti.
  • Red heart cut out of red glitter paper or confetti (a pompom would work too)
C:\Users\hp\Desktop\holiday 2\patrick-F\Untitled design (14).png

Step 1:

Let’s begin my making a template of a huge rectangle. Draw a strip a little shorter than the rectangle on the basis of its length. These two things will be draw on green colored chart paper. Now grab black sheet and cut a small strip of the same length as the width of the rectangle (in simpler words, the black strip should exactly be the size of the rectangles top as shown in the illustration).

Cut out all of these so in total you get a green rectangle, a green strip and a black strip.

C:\Users\hp\Desktop\holiday 2\patrick-F\Untitled design (15).png

Step 2:

Now grab orange sheet and draw and cut a circle that can fit inside the rectangle. Now draw and cut a smaller white circle that can fit inside the orange circle and can leave some space at the edges.

C:\Users\hp\Desktop\holiday 2\patrick-F\Untitled design (16).png

Step 3:

Now apply glue on the back side of the white circle carefully and apply more on the edges so it can give neatness when you stick it on the orange circle. Now paste the white glued circle in the middle of the orange one.

C:\Users\hp\Downloads\Get your green on!.png

Step 4:

Now begin cutting in a line pattern across the edges of the orange paper. You can look at the picture below for reference and curl them along as you are cutting. This will make the face and the beard.

C:\Users\hp\Desktop\holiday 2\patrick-F\Untitled design (19).png

Step 5:

Now make two holes in the bottom of the green rectangle and cut the circles out. Simply you can punch out circles from the bottom of the rectangle. This will leave enough space for you to insert your fingers inside the holes.

C:\Users\hp\Desktop\holiday 2\patrick-F\Untitled design (20).png

Step 6:

Now apply glue on the back of the beard and paste it on the green rectangle a little above the middle of the rectangle.

C:\Users\hp\Downloads\Get your green on! (1).png

Step 7:

Now apply glue on the green chart strip and paste it a little on the face and also glue the black strip and paste it half way on the green strip.

C:\Users\hp\Downloads\Get your green on! (2).png

Step 8:

Now it is time to make some facial details. Draw cute eyes for the puppet on the white circle which is clearly the face. Also draw a smile.

C:\Users\hp\Desktop\holiday 2\patrick-F\Untitled design (35).png

Step 9:

The last step is to paste the small decorations you cut as requirements. Paste the glitter clover on the black strip; we pasted it at the corner of the strip also paste the red heart as the nose under the eyes and above the smile.

C:\Users\hp\Desktop\holiday 2\patrick-F\Untitled design (36).png

Hooray! You have completed this craft. Now you can go and play with these finger puppets as you make more and enjoy this happy day! Wasn’t this Saint Patrick craft for toddlers fun for you all?

C:\Users\hp\Desktop\holiday 2\patrick-F\Untitled design (37).png

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