Easy Saturn Crafts For Preschoolers

Easy Saturn Crafts for Preschoolers


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     Saturn Crafts For Preschoolers Activities always help to keep the children motivated and agile. They not only keep them physically and mentally fit but also keep them self satisfied. Preschoolers always love to craft different yet interesting things.

    Children always love stars , the moon,  planets, galaxies and the solar system. They love to make drawings of them and fill colors in their drawings. Saturn crafts is one of these art and craft activities that children love and enjoy. Preschoolers love to craft Saturn or a complete solar system.

    “Saturn” is the sixth planet from the sun and according to NASA research it is at a distance of almost 1.4 billion kilometers from the sun. its surface is not solid like that of our earth’s. It is mostly gaseous and has thin rings of grain like small particles around its surface.

    It is mostly known by all because it is the second largest planet of the solar system and is mostly known as a “gas giant” or “ring planet” as it is made up of two gases hydrogen and helium.

    Five Fun Facts About Saturn 

    Saturn is a planet in our solar system other than Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, Earth, Uranus, Venus and  mercury. It is a huge planet and the second largest in the solar system, the first is Jupiter. Saturn glittery rings make it more attractive and appealing.

    There are numerous facts about saturn:

    • Saturn is the biggest planet not as big as jupiter.
    • It is cold .
    • Density of Saturn is less than water.
    • It’s volume is greater than earth.
    • It is made up of gases and has no earth-like space to stand on.
    • Saturn has rings like other planets but its rings can be clearly seen from earth.
    • NASA researched that a day on Saturn is 10 hours and 14 minutes.
    • It is very slow in speed as its year is more than 29 Earth’s years.
    • This planet is named after a Roman God Saturn, and saturday is named after planet saturn.

    Easy Saturn Crafts For Preschoolers Ideas

    Preschoolers always love to craft planets and as Saturn rings look attractive they really enjoy making Saturn craft. Here are some easy craft ideas for mankind Saturn.

    1. Space Sewing Kits for Kids
    2. Cd craft.
    3. Cutting and pasting.
    4. Paper plate saturn.
    5. Balloon craft.
    6. Clay craft technique.
    7. Styrofoam or thermocol model.
    8. Saturn with plastic balls.
    9. Drawing saturn

    Space Sewing Kit for Kids

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    • This craft kit includes a full set of 9 solar planets
    • (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune)
    • 2 space patterns (Rocket, Astronaut)
    • which can be displayed individually or strung along with ribbon as a garland.
    • DIY Craft Kit comes with safe scissors and
    • plastic sewing needles without any sharp parts.

    Cd Craft Saturn Model

    Saturn can be craft easily at home using simple things like

    • Cd
    • Styrofoam ball
    • Paint 

    The process of crafting Saturn with Cd is very simple. The only thing you have to do is to paint the Styrofoam ball, you can paint it with any color you like. When the paint gets dry, adjust this ball in the middle of the ball and fix it with some adhesive.

    Cutting And Pasting Saturn

    You can easily craft Saturn by using cutting and pasting technique.

    Things that are required for Saturn craft project will be as follow:

    • Papers of different color
    • Scissor
    • Glue
    • Chart paper or a wall hanging poster

    Now draw a  circle on a piece of paper and rings on the other paper. Kids can easily choose different color paper according to their choice.

    Now cut the circle and the ring, adjust them on a chart and paste them, here the Saturn is ready. You can hang the chart or a poster on the wall and easily present it in the classroom.

    Paper Plate Saturn Activity

    Paper plate is an easy Saturn craft activity. All you need is:

    • Paper plate
    • Colours

    Draw a circle in the middle of the backside of the paper plate then cut half of the circle and fold the plate from the middle, join both of its corners, now lift the half cut circle from the middle.

    Colour the circle and the rings. Saturn planet is ready to display.

    Balloon Craft Saturn Activity

    Saturn can be easily made in preschool project with the help of balloons, the things you will need are:

    • Balloon
    • Newspaper or papers
    • Glue
    • Colours
    • Cardboard
    • Scissor

    Blow up a balloon and cut the newspaper in strips of small sizes. Now paste the newspaper strips on the surface of the balloon with glue or any other adhesive, then put it aside for drying. When it gets dry, color the balloon. Now take a piece of cardboard and draw a circle on it greater than the size of the balloon and cut the rings, now color the ring different from the color of the ball and let it dry. After some time, fix the ring on the balloon. Now tie it with a thread. Your 3d Saturn project is ready to display. Kids can easily make other planets of the solar system  with the same technique.

    Saturn Clay Craft

    Preschoolers can make Saturn easily for their school projects with clay. 

     they  will need the following for this project:

    • Clay of different colour
    • Cardboard
    • paints

    Make a ball of a big size with clay. Keep it aside for drying. Now make thin rings with clay of different colors other than a ball and fix the rings on the ball and keep it aside so that it gets dry.

    You can also use cardboard cutting as a ring of Saturn and after coloring it fixes it on the ball made with clay. Saturn can easily be made by this technique.

     Kids can also make other planets of the solar system by making big and small balls with clay and then fixing them on a hard surface. They can make a complete solar system project with this technique.

    Styrofoam Saturn Model

    Preschoolers can craft Saturn easily with Styrofoam balls that are easily available at any shop.

    The things required in this model are:

    • Styrofoam / Thermocol ball.
    • Oil paints
    • Sticks 
    • Thermocol sheet

    All you need is to color these balls and fix them on a hard surface. Take a ball and color it using oil paints then let it Dry. After sometime when ball gets dry adjust a cardboard circle on it and paste it with glue or other adhesive, keep it aside for sometime until it gets dry. Now you can fix them on wire  or sticks  and then place these  wires or sticks on some hard surface that can be a Thermocol sheet, to make these planets stand on the wire.

    All other planets of the solar system can also be made and fixed like saturn.

    This looks like a 3d model of the solar system.

    Saturn Craft with Plastic Balls

    Saturn can be crafted with the help of plastic balls, children can select the balls of different sizes to make a complete solar system.

    The things required for this project are:

    • Plastic balls
    • Oil paints
    • Cardboard
    • Scissor

    Drawing Saturn

    Children can draw Saturn with different kinds of paints that will make them happy and help them to be more creative.

    Objectives Of Learning Solar System Project

    Art and craft projects are very beneficial, their are number of objectives involved in teaching children through these activities, some of them are:

    Creating Interest In Science

    Science projects help children to understand scientific concepts more easily. Saturn projects or other related projects as solar system projects motivate preschoolers to take interest in natural phenomena.

    Physical Fitness

    Art and craft projects keep children physically fit as most of their body muscle is utilized during this activity. They feel more active. It is a famous adaj that “ a healthy body has a healthy mind”.

    Physically fit children have well developed minds.

    Development Of Cognitive Skill

    Cognitive skills are basic skills that our brain uses while reading, thinking, memorizing, and paying attention to something. If these skills are developed and grow successfully. It helps children to retain the facts more easily than those who have weak cognitive skills.

     Solar system projects or any kind of art projects help to enhance cognitive skills in children. The major objective behind these projects is to develop cognitive skills more effectively.

    Enhance Learning

    Saturn projects make learning easy as children utilize their hand and all of the motor skills and their five senses get involved in making these projects, therefore, they can learn the facts about science more easily.

    Visual Processing 

    Sometimes children use to draw the solar system instead of crafting it with Styrofoam, cd, cardboard or clay. Their visual senses get involved when they draw something. Painting, drawing and sculpting involve visual processing, and this helps them to memorize science facts more easily.

    Increase Confidence

    The other most important factor behind these projects is to increase self esteem and self confidence in children of all ages.

    When they create something new and interesting they confidently present it to others, as a result they learn self control and express their feelings more effectively.

    Increase Knowledge About Scientific Facts

    Preschoolers as well as kindergarteners love to get involved in these solar system projects. These projects not only increase their knowledge about science facts as well as they get motivated to discover more phenomena of nature.

    Benefits Of Science Projects In Preschooler

    Science projects promote innovation and creativity in toddlers as well as preschoolers. These projects help to nurture creativity in the children.

    There are numerous benefits of these art projects:

    Enhance And Develop Motor Skills

    Almost all of our muscles and senses get involved when we craft something. Motor skills are learned skills and our eyes, hands, fingers, feet, toes get involved in precise movements. children learn different things by practicing them and art projects help them to improve these fine motor skills.

    Helps In Memorizing Science Facts

    “Things end but memories last forever”, is a well known quote and a fact. We learn and memorize those things more effectively, that we do with our hands and spend much time on them. Cerebellum is the biggest part of the brain that stores memories and it stores those facts more easily that neurons transmit and neurons transfer information when they are triggered by doing something. Science projects trigger neurons more effectively.

    They Learn Teamwork

    Children cannot make art and craft projects alone; they always require help for making big projects. So children learn to work in a team. They help others and get help.

    Boost Confidence

    Creating and doing things make one more confident. Being responsible for creating a project and getting involved in making something definitely boosts confidence in the child.

    Children feel self satisfied and happy when they create something. They felt responsible and by doing things they learned problem solving.

    Increase Agility

    Making and creating something keeps children active and physically more agile. They explore the world, observe things and become more active if they get involved in creating science projects. They not only learn and memorize scientific facts more easily, but also increase dexterity.

    Enhance Muscle Coordination

    “Practice makes a man perfect”, as earlier as children get involved in art and craft activities their muscles and eyes coordination improves and with practicing again and again they learn to do things perfectly.

    Improve Communication Skills

    Science projects help to improve communication skills. Children can express their ideas more effectively. When they create something they communicate with others the facts behind their creation and it not only boosts self confidence but also it develops leadership qualities in them.

    Increase Self Satisfaction

    Art and craft projects make children more self satisfied, they feel more relaxed and with extreme happiness they show these creations to their elders, their teachers, their guides and fellow children. That helps to increase self satisfaction. They feel themselves as a valuable human being and love to do things more responsibly and more effectively.

    Conclusion on Easy Saturn Crafts for Preschoolers

    Not only Saturn art project or any other solar project increase motivation in children but all kinds of art and craft activities help children to learn things more effectively, their memorization improves. They can make decisions more effectively. They learn problem solving. 

    They become more physically and mentally fit. As it is a well known fact that creativity triggers a genius in an ordinary man. Hence, as early as possible children should get involved in these activities to better represent themselves. It motivates them to do research in the field of science. See things more effectively from a scientific point of view.

    If you like this article and would like to know more, please comment below.

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