Easy DIY Squirrel Poster

Let’s create a Squirrel Poster that emphasizes the idea of fall and greets this season! We can also add an animal or object that represents this season. These cool fall crafts will polish your way of thinking and make you more skilled in arts.

Fall is a month we all love for the crisp and crunch. We love taking our seats out at the time of sunset and watching the beautiful sky fill up with orange. Fall is known for pumpkins and falling leaves. Leaves begin to turn orange, red, yellow, and brown from green and less light is found because days are shorter.

Squirrel Poster

What You Need:

  • Orange, red, white, green, brown, and yellow-colored paper
  • Golden sticker glitter sheet
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Black marker
D:\Desktop\poster\Untitled design.png

Step 1:

First, take your green and white paper and cut the white paper from each side in equal proportion as we have done. Now white paper should look smaller than green paper.

D:\Desktop\poster\Untitled design (1).png

Step 2:

Now apply glue to the back of the white paper and stick it on the green paper proportionally. It will create a green border frame on the white paper.

D:\Desktop\poster\Untitled design (2).png

Step 3:

Now cut a squirrel out of orange paper and its tail by printing it or you can even draw it. We chose this animal as it represents the season of fall. You can also print or draw some other fall objects, such as hedgehogs, scarecrows, or jack-o-lanterns.

D:\Desktop\poster\Untitled design (3).png

Step 4:

Now cut leaves of different shapes from brown, orange, yellow, red, and green colored paper. Make as many leaves as you want to of these five colors. We have cut six leaves.

D:\Desktop\poster\Untitled design (4).png

Step 5:

Now carve letters F, A, L, L onto the sticker side of the gold glitter paper and cut it out. You can trace these letters on the golden sticker sheet or you can draw them directly on the sheet. The golden letters look beautiful.

D:\Desktop\poster\Untitled design (5).png

Step 6:

Now remove the sticker of the letters from the back and stick the letters near the bottom of the white page.

D:\Desktop\poster\Untitled design (6).png

Step 7:

Now glue the tail and the body of the squirrel together and stick it some distance above the letters on the right side like shown in the illustration.

D:\Desktop\poster\Untitled design (8).png

Step 8:

Now randomly scatter the leaves in the space, keeping the leaves away from the letters and squirrel. Also, leave some space above the four golden letters. Now, one by one, glue the leaves in place.

D:\Desktop\poster\Untitled design (9).png

Step 9:

Above the letters, we have left space so with marker, write ‘hello’ as we have written. Inside the leaves draw the veins as a curved line with a spiral on the top and two arrowheads in the middle of the curve.

D:\Desktop\poster\Untitled design (10).png

Step 10:

Now draw the happy eye of the squirrel as a curve pointing downwards. Don’t you think that there is bare space left? Let’s add something to eat for the squirrel! Make a nut and glue it with the squirrel’s paw. If you have drawn a jack-o-lantern, you can make another one and glue it near the first one!

D:\Desktop\poster\Untitled design.png

Hooray! You have learned to make a fall poster. You can make more posters and share them with your friends or paste them on your door to welcome fall. The quotation on the poster clearly says: hello fall. You can use some other words too.

Later on, you can attach a rope on the back of the poster or punch it from the top and hang it anywhere you wish to!

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