Star Flags Decoration

Interesting Star Flags Decoration (Independence Day Crafts for Kids)

What about flags; isn’t it a good idea? That is the thing that tempts us most of holding flags, but what about DIY Star Flags Decoration in the shapes of stars? Let’s make them and decorate our house with this DIY craft!

Independence Day is right in the corner! This 4th July is going to be a day full of the abundance of happiness. What is more effective in showing your love to your country on its birthday?

Independence Day Crafts for Kids

What You Need:

  • White-colored crafting foam paper
  • Blue-colored crafting foam paper
  • Red-colored crafting foam paper
  • Yellow-colored sheet
  • Pink-colored sheet
  • Orange-colored sheet (you can use any colors instead of orange pink and yellow or even only one)
  • Three transparent straws
  • Glue stick and glue tube (or you can simply get one glue which is the liquid tube one)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

In this craft, we will be making the flag of the United States of America in the shape of stars which can well work as a great decoration on this Independence Day if you place it inside a blue, red, white jar or mug! Let’s first see how it is made.

Step 1:

Start by taking your red crafting paper. Doesn’t it feel so soft and relax? What you need to do is to make three soft red stars for our three straws. If you are a great artist, you can do it by hand or you can first cut a star and then trace it out. The stars should be big and of the same size.

In the same way, now grab blue crafting paper and make three stars but they should be smaller than the red stars. Do this carefully. Now grab a white crafting sheet and draw three congruent stars but they should be even smaller than the blue ones. In summary, the red stars should be the largest, the blue ones the second largest, and the white ones the smallest. (We have just shown you to draw the red big stars.)

Step 2:

Now begin cutting the stars one after the other. You can see that we have cut the blue and white ones and are in the middle of cutting the red stars. Have you noticed that the three colors we have picked are the same as the three colors in the flag?

Step 3:

The next step is to grab the straws and cut them to make them smaller but cut them of any size, we decided to make one shorter than the others. You can also do the same.

Step 4:

Now according to the length of your straw cut three strips from orange, yellow, and pink sheets. For two of the straws, we cut a long strip as they were larger and that is orange and yellow.

Step 5:

Now I am going to apply glue on the strips one by one and then place the straws inside start wrapping them.

Step 6:

The next step is to apply glue on the back of the blue star and stick it to the red one. Now apply glue on the white one and further stick it on the blue one. Do this with all the stars one by one.

Step 7:

This is the second last step and in no time you will learn this Independence Day DIY craft. Now grab the ready colored straws and press all of them from the top, flatten the top so things get easier for in the next step. Also, add gluer on the flat area of the straw only on the top.

Step 8:

Now pasty the flag star on the straws. Doesn’t it look amazing?

You have learned this Independence Day craft for toddlers and must have enjoyed it too. You can make plenty of these to play your part on this day and share them out with your friends.

You can check for more crafts on this page and become a skillful artist with us!

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