Summer Crafts for Adults

7 Inexpensive and Easy Summer Crafts for Adults


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    Craft designing is a kind of spare-time occupation that requires a special kind of skill or special knowledge of some skills. It varies from different ages of people but also it varies from in different seasons. Here we discuss Summer Crafts for Adults in summer and trending DIY crafts to sell because the summer season is considered being the season to rest so there are some crafts for adults to make their summer season productive.

    Importance of Summer Crafts for Adults

    Craft designing provides a better source of learning for adults it enables them to reflect on their and others’ work critically. It also enhances their creativity and strengthens their imaginations. It also builds their confidence to face their upcoming consequences. There are some crafts which one can make easily under reasonable costs. So here are some summer crafts for adults during summer.


    Succulent Planters 

    During summer when you like to be exposed to the sun then there is a craft for you to try during summer. It is an important summer craft to do cause plants to grow better a bit better in summer then in spring. It is also a great Summer Crafts for Adults you can sell. 

    Succulent planters are beautiful and can be added in home decoration and undoubtfully they add life to every space of one’s home and also provide charm in the surroundings and attract its viewers. There are some materials that we can use to make a succulent planter:

    • Succulent  
    • Glass jar  
    • Robin  
    • Small pebbles and for drainage u need something in the bottom. 
    • Soil will also be used to grow the succulent. 
    C:\Users\laToP\Downloads\arif-hidayat-D2SvRLMzmUQ-unsplash (1) (1).jpg

    The initial way to plant a succulent is to put small drainage in the jar at its bottom after that put soil in the jar and plant succulents in between add pebbles and use the ribbon around the jar to enhance the beauty of the succulent planter.

    Summer Crochet Patterns   

    In summers to get a productive time, one can also design summer crochet patterns. Crochet patterns are best made in summer and we can design and wear colorful and beautiful crochets and one can design these crochets on their own. It only needs bright and shining clothes and during summer one can design beachy and thin clothes to make their summer more valuable. It is a very creative Summer Crafts for Adults Idea. 

    Crochet patterns are also considered to be the perfect solution to wear them in winters if designed thick and warm that is also one of the reasons that some people think that crochets can only be used in winters for clothing.


    Crochet patters are less expensive to be made. Materials which are require design crochet patterns are: 

    • Yarn  
    • Stitch maker (it is optional ) 
    • Draining and yarn needle  
    • Crochet hook  
    • Hook case is also necessary. 

    Paper Chain Wall Hanging  

    Making paper chain wall handing is one of the favorite hobbies of some adults to design during summer. It provides a decent and cool look to the walls. These are designed specially by students for class decoration. Some adults also design wall hangings for their rooms because it looks attractive if made perfectly. Like few other Summer Crafts for Adults, making a paper chain is also very cheap. Materials which we require for making a beautiful paper chain wall hanging are down below:

    • Paper ( choose your favorite colors)  
    • Scissor  
    • Glue to attach the ends of paper strips 
    • Wooden drawl is also required to hang the paper chain on the wall. 
    C:\Users\laToP\Downloads\kisspng-paper-chain-mother-drawing-5b3b81d1eab301.2978177115306265139613 (1).png.jpg

    Here we can imagine that we can get a beautiful craft at reasonable costs. Making a paper chain is also very easy. Here are the steps through which we can produce a beautiful wall hanging: 

    • First of all we need to cut the paper into strips as per our need. 
    • We take one end of our strip and curl it so that both ends join and we use glue to attach their ends. 
    • Now we pass our new made strip from the center of the old strip. 
    • We keep on add the strips until we achieve our desired length. 

    Galaxy Painted Rocks  

    Galaxy rock painting is also liked hobby of adults during summer. It shows the creativity of artists and a desire able hobby for those who like artistry as like other crafts it also has a unique value. It also costs low. Materials which require for painting a galaxy on rock are: 

    • Rock ( flat or round as per need ) 
    • Paint or marker in blue, silver, and purple color. 
    • Black paint  
    • Paint marker  
    • Along towel 

    It is one of the favorite crafts of adults during summer and it is very easy to make: 

    • Pickup  a black colored rock or you can paint a rock into black  
    • Sponge the blue color with the help of along towel  
    • Now along with purple color  
    • Use the silver to make stars or one can use the marker to make a bit big stars. 

    Balloon Garland 

    Balloon garland is very easy to design. These are made for decoration purposes and also like by adults to design. In balloon garlands, balloons are being used in different colors to match the party theme. These are mostly used in birthday parties, for class decorations by students, and ceremonies as well.  One can surely add this craft to make its summer valuable. It is the best craft to sell to generate a reasonable amount and make a living and one of the easy summer craft for adults.

    C:\Users\laToP\Downloads\toy-balloon-garland-birthday-party-wedding-png-favpng-TBezSnHLqbEe1dCFCwG1JmUyx (1).jpg

    Materials which we require to make a balloon garland are affordable. To make a balloon garland we need: 

    • Balloons in different colors  
    • Twine 
    • Scissor  
    • Air blower to fill balloons because it’s difficult to fill all balloons with the mouth. To make a balloon garland one has to keep certain things in mind: 
    • Consider the desired pattern for your balloons and blow them sweetly in order and to make them more attractive and beautiful blow up the balloons with different sizes. 
    • You need to cut the twine as per your desire and bind its both end with chairs or polls to simply make a string. 
    • Cut down three to four pieces of twine for each balloon separately. 
    • Tie the twine with the knot of each balloon. 
    • Tie the balloons with the string as per the pattern you desired. 
    • Put the balloons now closer to each other and tie them against the main string. 

    Birdcage Flower Planter  

    Making a birdcage planter has a lot of fun in its self and it makes beautiful every space. It is a fun craft for adults who like to keep pets like parrots and many more. While making a birdcage flower planter one has to keep this thing in mind that not every plant is friendly for your bird. So, there are some plants suitable for your cage without any harm: 

    • Spider plant  
    • Jade 
    • Aloe Vera  
    • Bamboo 
    • African violet  

    It is also a valuable craft to sell. Materials which we require to make a birdcage flower planter: 

    • Birdcage  
    • Coir liner and ribbons to add beauty  
    • Spray ( the color you like ) 
    • Coconut liners  
    • Primes and Lowes  
    • Plants like lobelia while and Culibrachoa (fuchsia) and we can use small plants and flowers as well. Importantly while designing for a flower cage planter you need to keep the cage size in mind so that there will be a perfect match. 
    • Soil  

    Creating a birdcage flower planter has a lot of fun and easy to make also. 

    • We use coir liner by potting soil in the container. 
    • We use jute made burlap to farm a planting tree. 
    • Also we use moss and wires  
    • Then need a flat container matching the size of birdcage  
    • In the end we use beautiful flowers and plants to decorate the cage and we can use ribbons also to enhance its beauty. 

    Plastic Bottle Hanging Planters  

    Plastic bottle hanging planters look great because picking up a bottle from garbage and turning it into a beautiful planter while giving life to an innocent plant having itself a mystery. This craft is very interesting among adults during summer.  Plastic bottle planters add beauty to every house space. It is one of the useful craft for adults because it reduces the spread of garbage. And it is one of the easiest summer crafts for adults.

    Material which we require to make beautiful plastic bottle planters is following below: 

    • Plastic bottle. 
    • Scissor or knife or any cutting tool. 
    • Beautiful flowers or plants 
    • Soil 

    This craft can be made easily at home during summer when if some on is really scared of exposing into sun. So they can make plastic bottle hanging planters to make their walls look pretty cool and it is very easy to make. 

    • First of all one need some plastic bottle which he/she turn into plastic bottle hanging planters. Remove thief plastic labels. 
    • With knife cut the top part of the bottle. 
    • Fill the top part of bottle with soil and add seeds of flowers as needed. 
    • We fill bottom part of bottle with water. 
    • Now remove the cap of upper part of bottle we lower it down in bottom part. 
    • And we water it on daily basis for its better growth. 

    Benefits of Craft Designing for Adults 

    1. Craft designing releases stress. 
    2. It gives a feeling of satisfaction. 
    3. It improves mental health. 
    4. It enhances self esteem. 
    5. Improves brain and its working skills. 
    6. One can also express himself in a better way by designing crafts. 
    7. Importantly it helps to keep one’s mind active. 

    Craft designing has invaluable benefits for adults. As per studies crafting benefits the mind and it allows adults to get some sort of relaxation because when someone spent its precious time and energy then he/she feels pride. Craft designing has a lot of fun one can achieve in its spare time and it could be done in the comfort of home.

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