Fun Summer Crafts For All Ages (Paper Sand Castle & Puffy Paint Starfish)


Summer Crafts For All Ages

This impressive collection of fun summer crafts for all ages will inspire you and your kids to create and entertain this season! There are many ideas for kids of all ages and abilities, you are sure to find some projects that you want to give a try.

Paper Sand Castle

Traveling to the beach or lake is a family favorite in the summer months. Kids like to smell the cool water on their feet and playing in the soft sand of the beach is an unforgettable childhood experience. When you come home from your trips, the pleasure does not have to stop.

This magnificent sandcastle is a great summer activity for kids to do before or after visiting the beach. This is also a fun and easy way to bring the beach inside.

What you need

  • tan cardstock (we used 12″ x 12″)
  • blue tissue paper
  • tan sandpaper sheets (We found ours at our local dollar store.)
  • scissors
  • school glue

Instructions (step by step)

I want you to collect your supplies. Start by cutting various forms of your sandpaper sheets. Cut out rectangles, triangles, little squares, circles, and any other shape you want. Leave some un-cut sandpaper sheets.

Now set out the tan cardstock, tissue paper, sandpaper shapes, and school glue on a table and let your kids create their sandcastle craft.

Give as many or as few guidelines as you think necessary.

If you are doing this activity with a preschool or primary school child, try to allow them to cut sandpaper shapes by themselves to promote the enhancement of scissor cutting skills.

With the variety of different shapes available, each child will adore nurturing his creativity by creating a unique sandcastle art.

Display the finished sandcastle crafts on the refrigerator, an art wall, or somewhere in the home or classroom where kids can feel proud when they see their work.

Puffy Paint Starfish

It’s an intriguing experience. It’s tough to pick a favorite, but I love vibrant starfish.

They are commonly known as starfish, but their appropriate name is actually starfish. Their name has been changed as they are not really fish, but are closely connected to sea urchins and sand dollars.

After my children had the experience of watching them in their natural habitat last week, and because we like ocean-themed crafts, we thought it would be fun to remember our experience with a craft.

What you need

  • cardboard
  • shaving cream
  • Elmer’s School Glue
  • acrylic paint
  • paper bowls
  • plastic spoon
  • paintbrush
  • scissors
  • Barilla Pastina Pasta

Instructions (step by step)

Start by cutting out a sea star shape in your box.

Put your puffy paint on. For this, combine equal parts of shaving cream and school glue. I used 1/4 cup from each.

Apply a thick layer of puffy paint to your carton starfish. While still wet, sprinkle with Pastina pasta on the starfish. Leave to dry fully.

I like to use acrylic paint for puff paint because it gives it a more vibrant color. Our sea star of puffy paint turned out to be just as colorful as I remember seeing them in the tidal pools, and I like the added texture of Pastina pasta. It makes the sensory experience fun to feel the dried sea star. I hope you enjoyed some of our Summer Crafts For All Ages articles.

If you like this article and would like to know more, please comment below.

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