Fun Pillow Games: Tactile Sensory Activities for Autism

8 Fun Pillow Games: Tactile Sensory Activities for Autism


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    In the post, we are sharing Tactile Sensory Activities for Autism. Let’s face it… somehow, your kids will ruin your couch. Whether it’s a permanent marker or a jump, it’s only a question of time. So, here at CraftyThinking, we say that if you can’t beat them… join them!

    All these pillow games are super fun means to build balance, motor control, force, and proprioception.  Try them on your own and tell us what you think! I feel like your kids are going to have so much fun, you’ll probably want to take part in the action yourself!

    8 Fun Pillow Tactile Sensory Activities for Autism

    There are many fun and engaging ways to help children with autism learn about their bodies and the world around them. Tactile activities are a great way to teach children with autism about their bodies and the world around them.

    Tactile Sensory Activities for Autism help children with autism improve their self-awareness, build language skills, and develop motor skills. Here are 8 fun and engaging pillow tactile activities that you can do with your child.

    1. Follow the Yellow Brick Road

    Help your little ones set up the pillows like a road with a few turns between two designated points (we used two stools). The children take turns and jump on the road to see at what speed they can get from point A to point B without falling!

    2. Hot Lava

    It’s a favorite at home. Have your children scatter the pillows around the ground. The floor turns into hot lava and they have to jump from one pillow to another to be safe! It’s also fun to make it into a chase game by having someone become the “lava monster”!

    3. Wreck-it Ralph and Fix-It Felix 

    “My children can play it together without my help.” They decide who is going to be Ralph and who is going to be Felix and then they pile up all the cushions as high as possible. Ralph gets a good start and knocks back the tower. Felix is responsible for piling up the pillows. After several rounds, they change roles.

    4. Jumpin’ Jack Flash

    This is another pillow game that a child can take without an adult. It is enough to lay pillows on the ground so that a section of the ground is completely covered.  (Make sure the area is away from furniture or any other thing they could jump into). Set up a place for them to jump (we use our ottoman), and watch them jump, jump, and fall on the cushions!

    5. King Kong

    Great supervision on this one! Help pile the cushions as high as you wish (depending on your child’s skill level and age) and spot your mini-King Kong as it balances over the ‘skyscraper’.

    6. Tunnel Vision

    Work with your children to place pillows against one another or on other furniture to create a tunnel or bridge to crawl through.

    7. Sandwich Shop

    Sandwich ingredients: cushions and children. Stack children’s layers and pillows as high as possible! Play with a mother or a father!

    8. Jailbreak

    Gather the kids and build a fort around them (four pillows as walls and one or two on top as a roof). You become the guard and it’s the “bad guys” trying to get out of jail. Turn around for a second (or pretend to fall asleep at work), and your bad guys will come out of their cells! Go after ’em, take ’em back, and repeat!

    Wrapping Up Tactile Sensory Activities for Autism

    We hope you enjoyed our blog on Tactile Sensory Activities for Autism. Our blog is intended to help parents and caregivers better understand what sensory activities are available. Also how to implement them in a therapy plan for their child.

    For individuals with autism, these activities have proven to be very helpful and are worth a try! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. If you like this article Tactile Sensory Activities for Autism and would like to know more, please comment below.

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