Tactile Sensory Activities for Children

3 Fun Tactile Sensory Activities for Children


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    Our favorite Tactile Sensory Activities for Children make a great convenient game for children of all ages! Sensory activities are so important to children and offer numerous educational and developmental advantages. We like simple sensorial game ideas.  Perfect when you enjoy keeping your kids busy!

    Tactile Sensory Activities for Children

    These are a few best activities for ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), let’s have a look at them. 

    Feet in the sand

    This activity is ideal for proprioception, sensory integration, finger isolation, strengthening of the leg and foot muscles, and motor control!    Do you have any kids walking on their toes?    This activity would address many of the possible reasons for toes walking, including sensory processing concerns, lack of force in the muscles that push the toes up, and proprioception.

    What you need

    • A large plastic container
    • Sand
    • Small ocean animal figurines
    • A large sheet or towel

    What to do?

    Place a large sheet or towel on the ground to protect yourself from too much sand!    Fill the container with about 3 inches of sand.    Scatter oceanic animals on the surface of the sand.

    Sitting in a chair (low enough to keep children’s knees and hips at 90*), Have your child without socks use his or her feet to gently bury all figures.

    Give the bin a little shake to mix things up, and now have him use his feet to find them! If you have a bigger animal (we had a big whale in our possession), try to bury it with sand.

    Crayon-less Holiday Coloring 

    That’s true, I said no crayons!    This coloring activity allows children to color in another way…. fingerprints!    This is a great way to incorporate the individual strength of the fingers in a way that kids will adore! Worry less about the mess… try this activity just before bathing!

    What you need

    • Holiday coloring book
    • Washable ink pads

    What to do?

    Choose a holiday coloring book and various colors from washable ink pads. Allow your kids to choose their favorite photos and let them “color” using their thumbs, one print at a time. Try using a different color ink for every finger!

    Digging for Summer

    Just as my children and I like to play in the snow, after a few months we aspire to a little warm sunshine again. Do you want sensory activities for children? This fun activity allows kids to remember spring and summer and cheer on the changing seasons!

    What you need

    • 9×13 baking dish
    • white 8×10 paper
    • markers
    • flour

    What to do

    On the white paper, draw images from spring and summer (butterfly, bird, grass, swing, sun, flower, rainbow, ant, etc.) 

    Keep a list of things you have drawn at your fingertips. Place the paper in the cooking dish and cover it with a layer of 1-2 inches of flour as snow. Tell your kid you’ll find summer through the snow.

    Call one of your summer objects to your toddler and let them explore the flour, move it to try to find the picture of the element you called.

    Once they have found the right image, make sure that the flour fully covers the paper before calling the next image to find it. Repeat the procedure till your child has found all the photos!

    We have tried to cover tactile sensory activities for autism, if you like it you can share with your friends. 

    If you like this article and would like to know more, please comment below.

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