Tactile Sensory Activities for Toddlers

5 Easy To Do Tactile Sensory Activities for Toddlers


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    In the post, we are sharing Tactile Sensory Activities for Toddlers. The tactile system is often the most commonly recognized sensory system in the body. It is also the one that people most often notice if a kid has an overactive or underactive touch system. Everything you touch or sense is part of this system. 

    Today I would like to share some of the best activities for the touch system. These will be especially helpful if your child is overly sensitive or under-sensitive to tactile input. These are some of the best tactile sensory activities for children.

    What is the Tactile System?

    The other name of the Tactile system is the sense of touch. The input from this system comes from the skin.  

    Sensory receptors from our skin send messages to our central nervous system so we can process and interpret this incoming information. It includes temperature, texture, pain, pressure, and tension. Is the item is safe to do so? How does this feel?

    Keep in mind that touch may fall into categories of protective or discriminating sensations. Protective sensations let you realize when something is sharp or warm and not touch it. Discriminatory sensations allow you to differentiate between objects depending on how they feel. 

    This includes being able to reach in a bag and finding your phone based only on the way it feels. Your past tactile sensory experiences help your brain determine what you feel without seeing it.

    Symptoms of Tactile Sensitivities

    Symptoms of tactile sensitivity (hypersensitivity, hypo, and under-responsive) include:

    • Avoid unclean hands, face, or simply mess in general.
    • has problems with certain garments, such as labels.
    • must touch all (brush along walls walking, pick up all)
    • the necessity to concentrate or be bored.
    • avoid cuddling or physical contact with others.
    • unconscious of pain or if hands or face are messed up.
    • May feel like being around people or need to touch something constantly.
    • seem to be unaware of unsafe items that can cause pain or injury.
    • can be unconscious if anything hurts (high pain threshold)

    Tactile Sensory Activities for Toddlers

    There are a lot of other things you can do, but those are some of my favorites. These tactile sensory activities for autism spectrum disorder ASD as well.  

    Sensory Bins with Different Textures

    The sensory bins are an excellent way to present to children a variety of textures in a fun way.

    Play with Playdough or Fingerpainting

    You can make your own non-stick game dough recipe or finger paint! If your child is having trouble touching the paint on the finger, place it in a plastic bag and close it with tape.

    Deep Pressure

    Significant pressure, either by rolling a fitness ball in the back or by squeezing hands, can help obtain this information and desensitize the tactile system.

    Using a Stress Ball 

    Stress balls work great to get some extra tactile input and also make great fidget tools.

    Cream Finger Paint 

    It was one of my favorites to use while I was working in schools and with my own kids. They may write their names, copy shapes or letters/figures. The possibilities are limitless with it.

    Play in the Mud

    I know, we’re all in this together right now. But take out clothes that don’t disturb you to get dirty and enjoy playing in the mud.

    If you like this article and would like to know more, please comment below.

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