Thanksgiving 5 Minute Crafts

7 Easy Thanksgiving 5 Minute Crafts

Thanksgiving 5 Minute Crafts for kids and adults are fantastic! I can’t wait to get started on all the fun Thanksgiving activities as soon as Halloween is done, and there’s no reason your child should be left out. We’ve compiled a list of the finest toddler activities to ensure that they have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving 5 Minute Crafts

There’s something quite enjoyable about turkey crafts. I’m not sure if it’s because of the animals’ attractiveness or because of the important function they play in Thanksgiving that I adore them so much. The flare of their bright feather tails is what makes me adore them so much. These simple Thanksgiving 5 Minute Crafts activities for kids will not only keep your young turkeys occupied, but will also help you decorate your table for your family’s feast.

Bottle Cap Turkey Puppet Project

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching! So, what would we do if we didn’t make a Turkey? For Thanksgiving, here’s a super easy and fun turkey craft to do with the kids. An empty milk bottle cap, feathers, and a craft stick are used to make this adorable puppet.

  • Paint the bottle cap with brown color and wait for it to dry.
  • Glue the brown bottle cap at one end of the popsicle stick.
  • Glue the feathers on the opposite side of the popsicle stick, but the same end.
  • Wiggle eyes should be glued to the cap.
  • Make the beak out of yellow cardstock paper and the snood out of red paper. Glue them to the top of the hat as shown.

And now your kids may play with the bottle cap turkey puppet project! Good luck with your projects!

Turkey Treat Buckets

Anyone, from kids to adults, can make this charming Thanksgiving gift, and it only takes a few minutes and a few resources!

Attach 4-6 feathers to a line of tacky glue that runs along the top outside edge of the bucket. Allow the adhesive to dry completely. Cut a beak and a snood from the sticky craft foam and glue them to the front of the bucket. Put your favorite sweets and candies in the turkey treat buckets. You could also make nice thanksgiving cards by adding a name tag!

These adorable turkey treat buckets also make a terrific centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table, and visitors can take home a tasty party service at the end of the night.

Super-Cute Turkey Handprints Craft

Nothing compares to the joy of making this beautiful turkey handprint activity. This Fall craft for toddlers and preschoolers is a lot of fun. Who doesn’t enjoy making crafts with their hands? Mamas adore them a lot and they’ll be a hit with the kids as well.

Begin by painting the palm and thumb of the child’s hand with brown paint. Then, to make the turkey feathers, paint the other fingers with the appropriate paint colors. After that, place their palm on the paper and spread their fingers as widely as possible. Paste the small finger on the thumb to make it red and let it dry for a few minutes. Now you can paste a googly eye on the thumb. Draw peaks and feet with the marker.

We hope you have as much fun making this turnkey project as we did. Please send us a photo if you succeed. We enjoy watching our creations in action.

Turkey Leaf Craft

We all like picking leaves so much that it almost feels like we never have enough, and we enjoy making with them even more — whether it’s for display, like this turkey project, or all kinds of interesting decorations. There are a plethora of interesting things you can do with leaves of various colors.

We collected maple leaves in a variety of hues for our project. Any color would look great in this craft, but I think yellow and red leaves turned out the best! To make this project idea to a whole new level, you could color the leaves or add texture to them using markers.

Cut two dark leaves into a ring shape one comparatively smaller than the other. Use a small circle as the face part and a bigger leaf circle as the body of the turkey. Paste a bigger leaf on the back of the bigger circle leaf as shown in the picture. Now paste a small circle on the body and add eyes and peak to it.

Thankful Tree

This lovely Thanksgiving project works well as a table centerpiece. You can buy an attractive wooden tree that fits together and then cut out construction paper leaves for the youngsters to write their gratitude lists on. Glue the leaves on the tree for a vibrant display of thankfulness that will help children understand the true meaning of Thanksgiving. After the Thanksgiving blessings, you can even read them around the meal.

Gratitude Leaf Garland

One of the best aspects of Thanksgiving is that it is an excellent opportunity to teach children about thankfulness. Allow them to express their creative side with this simple fall leaf garland that also serves as a gratitude garland. Allow the kids to burn off some energy by collecting leaves in the yard while you prepare the rest of the supplies, which include twine or ribbon, glue or micro clothespins for fastening the leaves, and markers for writing what they’re grateful for. Make a beautiful Thanksgiving decoration by having youngsters write something they’re thankful for on each leaf and then attach the leaves to the rope. Here are some reasons to be grateful this year to get them started.

Painted Pumpkins

Kids with some paints and glitter are a terrific way to get their creativity if they prefer to get a bit dirty. These Thanksgiving crafts will look fantastic as a table centerpiece or porch decoration. Real or craft pumpkins can be used, but be sure to use acrylic paints that are water-based for simpler clean-up and a quick-drying period. You may add adhesive to the paint to help it stick to the pumpkin, but beware, it will stick to your children as well!

You have all the liberty to design and paint them according to your creativity and even you can compete with your friends and family members to check out who paint the pumpkins in a best way.

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