Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Best Toilet Paper Roll Crafts Ideas For Kids

Have you ever tried to recycle the toilet paper rolls that are considered trash by everyone? If not, I am here with amazing toilet paper roll crafts ideas that you can perform with your kids and have a fun and exciting time. 

Arts and crafts are very important, they make us more imaginative and help us socialize better and make new friends. Some of my best friendships were formed while I was being creative. They can also improve our coordination skills and help us relax. But it can be hard to decide how to be creative, there are so many different options like painting, creative writing, and DIY art projects. The next time you have toilet paper rolls do not throw them out. Here are some ideas for empty toilet paper rolls:

Difficulty: Easy ‌(Simple Crafts‌ ‌)‌

There are a lot of easy and cool things to do with toilet rolls that kids can try unsupervised. Here are some of them:

Toilet Roll Art

Toilet paper rolls can be used as a canvas. To make this craft you just need a pair of scissors and some acrylic paint. You can paint and draw funny drawings on toilet paper rolls. Practice different painting techniques without using any expensive sketch papers. Have fun and use a lot of colors.

Why should you try art made from toilet rolls?

Painting is a very important form of self-expression. When painting you can represent the world around you or even create new worlds. The best part about toilet paper roll art is that you do not have to worry about it not being perfect. You should invite your friends over and have a friendly painting competition. 

Wall Art

There is an infinite number of wall hangings and wall art that you can make from toilet paper rolls. The only materials that you will need for this project are scissors, glue, permanent markers, sparkles (optional), and toilet paper rolls. You can cut the toilet paper into any shape you want and glue the shapes together. After decorating with the markers and sparkles.

Personalizing your room.

Would you like to make your room feel homey and unique? Then custom-made bog roll art would be right for your bedroom. Wall hangings will showcase your personality and they are quick and easy to make. 

Creative Bookmarks

Do you enjoy reading? If so then you know how frustrating it is to forget what page you had reached. You will use scissors, markers, glue, colorful papers, and cardboard tubes to make this tissue tube art. Cut the cardboard tube into a long rectangle and decorate with some markers and colorful paper. You could add some glitter to make it shine.

Why make bookmarks?

Making bookmarks from tissue paper rolls gives you a wide range of options. Also taking the time to make a bookmark that you love might motivate you to read more. Homemade bookmarks are cheap since they are made from readily available material. You can even sell some bookmarks to your friends. 

Gift Box 

Gift boxes can be expensive, so why not make your own? A gift box can be made from recycled tissue paper rolls. To make a simple gift box you will need tissue paper rolls, scissors, a glue stick, and wrapping paper. Roll the paper on the tissue paper roll and glue the ends. Easy, right?

What makes this gift box great?

Gifting is a very important part of our lives. We use gifts to show that we care, show appreciation and also apologize. Therefore, gifts need to have a personal touch. Homemade gift boxes help the gift feel more personal. Plus, there are endless ways to decorate homemade gift boxes. You should also make some gifts made from toilet paper rolls.

DIY Flower Crafts

With glue, some paint, scissors, and tissue paper rolls you can make your favorite flowers. You can cut the toilet paper roll tube into different figures and join them using glue. You then decorate the flowers using paint. There are so many different flowers to try.

This craft will be so much fun.

You can collect your local flowers for this project and try to make them and then use the flowers you create for house decoration. This craft is fun because it is colorful and imaginative. You could even create some new flowers. 

Pencil or Crayon Holder

Pencils and crayons are always left lying around so learning how to make a simple pencil holder is fun and important. Here are some easy steps. Cut the roll into the desired length and then wrap it using wrapping paper and glue. Paint the inside of the toilet paper roll. Cut another roll into a circle and then glue it onto the bottom of the pencil holder.

Why learn how to make a pencil holder?

Pencil holders are not only fun to make but will also organize your house, you will not need to look for lost pencils anymore. These holders can also be used for markers, chalks, and pens. Make multiple pencil holders and gift them to your friends and family.

Unique Games with Toilet Paper Tubes

If you have friends coming over and you are not sure about how to entertain them, you could try to create some games using toilet paper tubes. You and your friends will have a lot of fun coming up with rules. Be sure to recycle the tubes properly once you are done playing with them or keep them for future crafts.

Why craft activity is beneficial.

Coming up with games will help you be more creative and teach you how to be a team player. It will also teach you how to think critically and come up with solutions. Can you think of any games? This is a very fun craft to do with toilet paper rolls.

Toilet Paper Car

You can use toilet paper rolls to create a car. It is really easy, you cut out a hole on the tissue paper tube for the sitting area and then install the wheels. You can use plastic bottle tops for the wheels. Decorate the car as you wish using paint.

You have to try this craft.

Buying a model of your favorite car would be very expensive so you should make your own. You will have so much fun playing with the car and you can make as many as you want. You can even come up with ideas for new cars. 

Model Plants

There are an uncountable number of plants on our planet. If you love nature you have to try this project. You can get a book with plant pictures from the library and try to recreate them. You could also create some of the plants in your backyard. This could be a fall craft for kids using toilet paper rolls because trees are so beautiful at that time.

Educational and fun.

This craft will educate you on the many different types of plants, their parts, and how they function. Since there are so many plants this project will keep you entertained for days. Making plant models could also give you a better appreciation of our planet.

Toilet Paper Rolls Food Models

Food is something that we all enjoy, so why not make craft activities fun by making different foods?  Make your favorite fruit or snack. You should also paint the toilet paper models to make them look more realistic. Go into your kitchen for ideas. Use a kitchen roll for this art and craft.

This craft is awesome.

You will have a lot of fun turning ordinary toilet paper rolls into your favorite food. You can use the food you have created as toys to play with. This craft is easy to make because it involves foods that you are already familiar with.

Difficulty: Medium (Need Directions)

The following toilet paper roll crafts ideas are a bit more complicated than the previous ones. Younger kids need to be guided. They can be fun activities for adults to do with kids.

Toilet Paper Roll Puppets

Creating puppets is a fun way to create characters. Puppets can be used to represent both people and animals. An easy way to create them is to draw them on a computer, print them and then glue them onto a roll. You can also download free printable toilet paper roll puppet templates.

This craft is a fun way of expressing yourself.

Puppets can help you tell stories to your friends and family. You can use them to represent different characters in a story and form all kinds of interesting dialogue between them. Puppets will improve your storytelling abilities and expand your imagination. You should make some puppets and invite your friends to your puppet show.

Animal Figures

Toilet rolls are very flexible and can be cut into many different shapes. You can join these shapes and make many animals including butterflies and lions. If you are an animal lover this craft is for you. You can even make models of your pets and all your favorite animals. You will make the cute toilet paper roll art when making this craft.

Why make animal figures?

Animal figures are very easy to make and will keep you entertained for a very long time. You will get to learn about different animals by making them. Animal figures can also be used as toys to play with, especially by younger kids. So get a pair of scissors, some glue, and toilet paper rolls, and get started.

Cartoon Characters

Did you know that you can make your favorite cartoon character? The easiest way is to use an empty toilet paper roll. You only need some paint, markers, white paper, acrylic paint, and a toilet paper roll. Use the markers and paint to make a painting of the cartoon character on the paper and then glue it on the roll.

Time-consuming but fun.

Would it not be exciting to have a model of your favorite character in your room? You can also make your favorite superhero or television character. The drawings do not have to be perfect. Come up with a few characters of your own too, be creative, and let your imagination go wild.

Christmas Holiday Décor

Christmas holidays are undoubtedly some of the best times of the year for a lot of people. Christmas ornaments can be made from toilet paper rolls. If you do not know what ornaments you can make from toilet paper rolls, some ideas are Santa Claus and elves.  

Christmas crafting is very special.

Christmas is a time for families to bond and I cannot think of a better bonding method than making fun crafts as a family. Colorful and bright ornaments can be made from cardboard paper. Do not forget to share your ornaments. Tissue paper rolls can also be used to make decorations for other holidays.

Journal Decorating Kits

Do you keep a journal or a diary? Journal decorating kits are very expensive. It is much cheaper to make your own. Cut a toilet paper roll into half and then write or paint something and glue it onto a journal page. This can act as decoration and organization for the journal.

Fun and creative.

Creating your decoration items makes a journal feel a lot more personal. Making your journal creative motivates you to make more entries and be more consistent when it comes to filling it. There are many journal decoration ideas for crafts with toilet paper rolls.


You will need a lot of toilet paper rolls for this one. You can make any type of house that you want. It can be a tiny mansion, a castle, or a fairy house. Make tiny dolls to go into the houses. And do not be afraid of going crazy with the colors. You can have pink or purple colored roofs.

Why dollhouses?

Dollhouses are fun and creative methods of playing. They can help you understand how houses are designed and aspects like scale. You can make multiple houses for multiple dolls. Experiment with different house styles and see which ones you like the most. Have fun making the houses quirky and unique.

Model Village

Making a model village is a creative project that will take time. With a village, you can add shops, hospitals, and even tiny people. This craft project will need a lot of creative thinking and a broad imagination. You will need to think of how a real village and township function. You can even create a model of where you live.

Why a model village is fun

A model village needs a lot of creativity. This project is engaging enough to capture your attention for a long time and entertain you. A model village craft will also help with your coordination skills. Be sure to add some elements of nature to your project.

Toilet Paper Roll Tiny Book

Since a toilet paper roll is sturdy enough you can use it to make tiny books. Cut several toilet paper rolls and sew them together. You can use hot glue to bind the pages together if you cannot sew. You can write into these books using any type of ink.

Why make a tiny book?

You can use the book that you make to jot down rough ideas or write short stories. These tiny books can also be used as sketchbooks or notebooks. They are cheap so you do not have to worry about spoiling them. Paint the covers into different fun colors.

Toilet Roll Toys

There are so many different toys that you can make from toilet paper rolls. For this project, I recommend having a group of friends or siblings to help you. Everyone can pick a toy and make it. These toys include toy planes, sailboats, train cars, and even a pair of binoculars. 

Creative teamwork.

You will bond with your friends while making and playing with different toys. Everyone should make something different so that you can have a wide selection of toys. This craft is particularly fun because it will bring joy long after it is over.

Handheld Fans

If you live in a region where it is often hot you know how important it is to have something to cool you down while playing or doing outdoor activities. You can make a simple fan using hot glue, paper, some craft sticks or normal sticks, and a toilet roll.

Useful toilet paper roll project.

When you have a fan you can have fun playing without worrying about heat. Most fans can be very costly so a cheap homemade fan can be a good option for those hot summer months. A fan will be destroyed during play so it makes no sense to buy an expensive one.

Difficulty: Challenging (Supervision) 

For these tube craft projects, the child will need a lot of supervision and guidance. They most likely will not be able to do them without an adult present.

Model of Your Family

Family is the most important part of our life. You can paint portraits of your family members and glue them onto a toilet paper roll to make these models. Each family member should have one roll. Another way to make this project is to print pictures of your family and glue them onto a toilet paper roll tube.

Heartwarming craft.

Having models of your family members will bring you closer to them. You can display these models in your bedroom or your locker at school. This craft is even more fun because you can do it for all your loved ones and your friends. 

Unique Costumes

Halloween costumes can be made from tissue paper roll tubes. Since the material is so sturdy and flexible you can make different costumes. You can cut different shapes and join them as you wish. Do not forget to paint them in your favorite colors. You can also look at your favorite comic books for inspiration.

Why make toilet roll costumes?

Customized costumes are a lot of fun to make. They are also extraordinary and more valuable since they take a lot of time to make. Also with a customized costume, you can make something that you truly love. You can also use these costumes at theme costume parties.

DIY Cards

Card making is a beautiful art. We use cards to communicate and send personal messages such as invitations so homemade cards are always pleasant to receive. Toilet paper rolls and an inexpensive material that can be used to make cards. You can also decorate the cards that you make using washi paper and glitter.

Fun and creative

It is very easy to learn how to make cards. There are so many card designs and patterns that you can use. This craft will be very fun and colorful. Be sure to send friends and family who live far away from some cards. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Mirror Decorations

Mirrors can be used as decorations. To use mirrors as décor items, we need to customize them. You will need hot glue and empty cardboard paper tubes for this craft. Cut the toilet roll tube into your desired shape and pattern and then paint it into many fun colors. Hot glue the pieces onto the mirror and you have a décor item for your room.

Quick toilet paper roll craft.

This is a very fun project that will entertain you for a long time. Mirror décor will make your room more beautiful. You can make as many mirror decorations as you want and then sell or gift them to people.

Phone Stand

To make a simple phone stand you only need one toilet paper roll. Measure the phone and then cut out a hole in the roll. You should then glue round papers at the ends of the roll and then add four sticks to make it stand. You can make different sizes and shapes.

Innovative craft

This craft will help protect your eyesight since the phone will be away from your eyes. You can also use it to take pictures using a phone timer. Do not forget to decorate the phone stand to your taste. Make a few and give them to your family members.


Wreaths are mostly used to decorate front doors. You can also hang them over the television stand and use them to take your room décor up a notch. Some wreaths are also used to decorate during parties and functions. Making wreaths is very easy especially because you can cover up mistakes.

Why make wreaths?

Wreaths are very fun to create. You can make different shapes and colors. They are also very easy to decorate using paint or sparkles and glitter. They are also a very fun project for multiple people to do. Toilet paper rolls can create the most unique wreaths. This is a toilet papercraft for adults too.


One of the most fun toilet paper crafts to make is a lantern. Using toilet paper to make lanterns usually results in the most beautiful and unique lanterns. You can place different colored led lights inside a toilet paper roll to create unique lanterns.

Imaginative and colorful.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating toilet paper roll lanterns. You can make amazing color combinations and paint them on the outside to give them a unique look. Use these lanterns to decorate different rooms in your house.

Seed Planters

Growing things is usually a fun and fulfilling process, however finding a cheap and quality planter for seeds can be difficult. You can use toilet paper for this just to ensure that it is waterproof. Toilet paper planters can make very good beginner planters.

Useful and educational.

If you love growing things from scratch you have to try this craft. It is inexpensive and educational. You can get someone who is educated on planting seeds to help you. This craft will build your patience while you are waiting for the seed to grow.

Birdhouse and Bird Feeders

This is another fun idea for toilet paper rolls. If you have a new pet bird and you have not yet bought a birdhouse you can try this project. Make the birdhouse big enough for the bird to move with ease and comfort. You can also place a few bird feeders out in your backyard for wild birds. Be sure to decorate in bright colors to attract the birds.

Why make this?

Birdhouses can be expensive so making one might be a good option for your bird. You will also be able to customize it. Putting bird feeders in your backyard will attract beautiful and colorful birds to your backyard.


Mandala is an art that consists of an array of symbols and it can be very colorful. To create it, cut out pieces of toilet paper roll tube to create different symbols. You can come up with entirely new symbols or look for inspiration online.

Why create mandala art?

Mandala art is prevalent in some cultures so in the process of learning how to make mandala art you will learn about those projects. Making mandala art also requires precision that will teach you to focus better.

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