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Did you ever wonder how many types of crafts you can enjoy with the kids? If not, then let me tell you this, you are here for a big surprise. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different kinds of arts and crafts. Some are super easy and some are tough.

But you don’t have to worry. Here’s the list of some of the most popular crafts listed from easiest to challenging. I assure you, each one of the following crafts is worth the try and will help you spend quality time with your children. 

Easy Types of Craft

Let’s start with the easiest. These crafts are super easy and kids can do most of the work all by themselves:

Balloon Crafts

Did you know that blowing up balloons and putting them on a string isn’t the only way to play with them? With balloon crafts, you can make fun and cool things using balloons and show off your skills to your family and friends that will surely impress them.

It’s specialty!

What makes these crafts awesome is that they are super colorful, creative and bring all the imagination you could have to live. Think of balloon flip-flops or your own at-home hot air balloon. How cool does that sound? You can make these and more and have a fun time doing it.

Bottle Works

Bottle works are unique ways to turn a normal bottle, it can be plastic or glass, into either a toy to play with, something useful around the home, or even something you can sell. They are mostly used to recycle the bottles we use so that the environment can be kept clean.

Why it’s awesome?

What makes these crafts so awesome is that you not only make the environment clean but you also help to save the animals in the oceans where the bottles are thrown. You can make yourself a rocket-powered jet pack and play with your friends or a rocket piggy bank to save the money you get from mom and dad.


Traditional origami consists of wrapping a single sheet of square paper without cutting, pasting, or even marking. While specially selected origami paper is available to simplify the process, you can also cut out square print paper that you will use before starting your particular project. Even without using any techniques other than paper and folding the paper, you will be able to develop sophisticated figures like cranes, frogs, sunglasses, and more! 

Why Origami?

Origami is one of the oldest crafts known and is super easy to learn. It’s really interesting and loved by all the kids.

Button Crafts

These are creative works of art or play made using the buttons you usually have on your clothes. Instead of throwing them out, you can remove them from the clothes you no longer need and recycle them into fun things to play with, wear or even give as a gift to someone.

Why Button Crafts?

These crafts are very colorful because buttons come in all colors. you can make anything you think of as they also come in all shapes and sizes.

Dough Crafts

Dough crafts are crafts made from mixing flour, water, and other ingredients of your choice to make a dough that will be used to create what you have in mind. It’s like creating your crafts from scratch making you somewhat of a master crafter among your family and friends.

Reason to Try It!

These crafts are very simple to make and so much fun. All you need to do is find a recipe that you would like to try and give it a go. You will be experimenting and it will be so much fun to see what works for you. It might be messy too.

Feather Crafts

These are crafts created from real animal feathers or fake fabric feathers made specifically for crafting. When it comes to animal feathers don’t pluck them from the animal as it is quite painful for them. Get an adult to get some for you the right way.

Why it’s Interesting?

Making these crafts is fun and will have you busy for quite some time. They also happen to be very colorful making them stand out. Whatever you make using the feathers is sure to be beautiful and gentle. Bring out your creativity by making things like carnival masks, feather necklaces, and bracelets.

Glitter Play

Glitter is tiny pieces of sparkling material used for decoration and this material can also be used to make crafts. It can also be used to decorate other crafts that you’ve made from something else. The crafts you make from glitter will make your home sparkle and will be delightful.

Why Glitters?

The possibilities of what you can make with glitter are endless. Think of how cool it can be making pretend to play glitter sponge cakes, glowing glitter bottles to have in bed at night, apple-scented glitter glue, or even doing a science experiment that has a sparkly explosion at the end.

Rock Painting

Rock painting is something humans have been doing for thousands of years. But this is different from the traditional one. In this cute and smooth rocks are selected and turned into something more adorable by coloring.

Why Painting the Rocks?

This is an extremely fun craft. Rocks are available everywhere and in different shapes and sizes so when left to the creativity of kids, they turn them into animals, birds, insects and much more. It’s always fun to see what the kids will turn the rocks into.

Pasta Crafts (edible material)

These are crafts for when you just can’t make another trip to the craft store but want to get creative. So you go into the pantry and dig for some pasta noodles to make some easy and fun crafts. These will have you and your friends busy for a long time.

Messy but Fun!

It can be a very messy or non-messy affair but it will be so much fun coming up with different crafts to make out of the pasta noodles. You could wow your friends by making bowtie noodle butterflies, a beautiful stained glass pasta, or a macaroni necklace that you can wear anywhere.

Gift Cards

There are many card ideas available on the internet. Gifting cards is a very popular tradition now. Be it a birthday or any other ceremony, cards are a must. So why not learn how to make one.

Cards Specialty!

Gift cards are very special gifts because they convey the feelings of the person. So it would be awesome to teach the kids how to make some amazing cards that could be useful for them.

Paint Crafts

Did you know you can do more with paint aside from just using it to color things or art? Well, paint crafts are other ways to get creative with paint. Think of it as filling the world with color. These are perfect crafts to keep you and your friends busy.

Enjoying with Paint!

Just let your mind wander and you will be able to come up with incredible painting ideas. Now be warned this can be a messy affair but you will enjoy yourself. For those hot summer days why not make ice paint that will help you and your friends cool off.

Paper Crafts

Paper crafts are unique, simple, and easy things created from paper. These crafts have been around for a long time and it’s usually the first thing that comes to mind when you hear or think of crafting. The material is easily available at home and school and has endless possibilities.

Why Choose Paper Crafts?

Being everyone’s first experience with crafts it’s really easy to come up with different ideas and have a good time while making them. You can even recycle old newspapers or magazines. Have fun with your friends creating unique and creative crafts like paper masks that you can use during Halloween.

Medium Types of Craft

These crafts are easy too but sometimes kids can get confused about what they should do next. So they might need proper directions and guidelines from time to time.

Bead Crafts

These are other creative ways to make use of beads other than making jewelry. They come in an awesome variety and have the possibility of being very versatile. This means they can be used in making so many things. You will probably run out of beads before you run out of ideas.

Why Bead Crafts?

Because the beads come in so many different types, colors, shapes and sizes the list of things you could do with them is endless. Be sure to ask your friends over so that you can work as a team and bring your creativity to life. Think of making a sun-catcher to brighten your home.

Stick Crafts

Sticks are everywhere, so why not use them for their craftwork? There are hundreds of ideas that you can use to turn your sticks into something cooler.

Must Try!

Sticks are very easily accessible and available in different shapes and sizes. So it becomes easier to try out new ideas.

Tin Can Crafts

We all know cans as those metal containers that usually contain food in them but that’s not all they can do. Can crafts be where those used cans are taken and turned into something else that’s useful or fun to play with? This helps to keep the environment clean.


So as you can have fun while playing your part in making sure you keep the space you’re in clean and litter-free. You and your family and friends will have a blast coming up with different ideas of what kind of crafts to do. Here’s an idea: decorate the cans and turn them into unique candleholders.

Cardboard Creations

Cardboards are paper-based materials that are used to put things in or used to create other things and once they are done being used they can be turned into creative things. Doing this continues to keep the environment clean because it won’t be littered.

Why Cardboard?

Cardboards come in all shapes and sizes. That cereal box you just used this morning is cardboard and guess what instead of throwing it out once you’re done you can use it to create a cereal box aquarium or a foosball to play with, how cool is that?

Ornament Crafts

Ornaments are things used to make something more attractive but that’s not all they can do. They can be used to make beautiful and thoughtful keepsakes or gifts for your family and friends. These crafts are usually popular around Christmas time and are used to decorate the tree or wreaths.

The Great Thing About It!

The great thing about making these crafts is that you get to bond with your family and friends and get to work on your teamwork. They also help to start celebrations early and who doesn’t like to celebrate. Make your ornament craft super thoughtful by making snow-filled shapes be memory globes.

Clay Works

Clay works are creative works from clay sand. This is that sticky sand that can be molded when wet. To make long-lasting things with clay you need to dry and bake the clay after you have completed your project. So for this, you will need a parent/guardian to help you.

Why Clay?

Creating with clay is so much fun and the good kind of messy you can be at it the whole day. So if you need a project to pass time with your friends why not do something creative with clay. You can even sell whatever you come up with.

Plant Art

These are crafts that have been created from plants found in nature or man-made plants that have been made out of paper. These crafts also offer a learning experience on how things like gardening are done and help you to appreciate how nature works. You are sure to have so much fun.

Simple but Fun!

The crafts may seem simple but they are fun and will give you a wealth of knowledge that your friends will envy. How cool would it be to see how water is transported from the stems to the leaves and petals? Well, why not try to color flowers with food dye and see for yourself.

Plastic Crafts

Plastic crafts are ways of turning your normal plastic items into something awesome. These crafts are important because they help to recycle plastic and this makes the environment happy. Any kind of plastic can be used in this craft be it a water bottle, cups, spoons, forks, and many others.

The Beauty of Plastic Crafts!

The beauty about these crafts is that the plastic is always available and nearby. You can come up with creative and functional craft projects. When you get done drinking water in a bottle don’t throw the bottle away instead use it to make a no-sew zipper case that can carry your pencils and pens.

Salt Arts

Salt isn’t only used for cooking it can also be used to come up with some fun and creative pieces of art. This is awesome because salt is very cost-effective and is always available. Be careful though it can be messy just be sure to clean up after you’re done creating.

Why Salt Art?

Be sure to wow your friends with all the cool things you can do with salt by having them over and coming up with different creative things to do with it. You can even consider gifting someone bath salts, these are inexpensive and come in a variety so get creative.

Yarn Projects

These are crafts made out of yarn. So in case you didn’t know yarn isn’t only for knitting, it can be used to create cool and awesome home decorations and even toys. It’s a cozy and versatile crafting material. You can make, wear, share and gift the things you make.

What’s More!

You can make all manner of things from yar, which, and, and project so much fun. Get your friends together and make a fleece tassel blanket, yarn earrings, or home decorations like a yarn wall hanging or a wrapped rope bowl to store your keys or other small items around the house.

Zipper Crafts

You know what a zipper is, that metal object that’s used to close your jacket or pants. Well did you know you can also use it to create cool stuff with them? Now you do. Zip crafts are so versatile that there is something for everyone to create.

A Lot of Ideas!

The fun part about zip crafts is coming up with ideas., and one can make endless things to decorate the home, and even funky accessories. Want to make some extra cash why not create some cool zipper headbands and sell them to your friends and family.

Challenging Types of Craft 

These are the hard ones. They are a little tougher for kids to complete all by themselves. Parents must accompany the kids while the kids are working on these crafts. Some of the following crafts require sharp instruments so parents must be alert all the time.


With this craft, you create or decorate fabric using yarn or thread. You can either do this by hand using a needle or by using a machine. Embroidery has been around for very many years and is used to create very beautiful designs on fabric. You can get as creative as possible.

Great Thing About Embroidery!

Seeing that you need to use a needle these projects call for a keen and sharp eye. The great thing about this project is that there’s no mess to clean up afterward and you get to explore your creativity. Also great is that you can sell your beautiful embroidered pieces.

Fabric Scrap Crafts

These crafts are made from what seems to be the useless pieces of fabric that are cut out and thrown out by tailors when they are making things. They make an awesome craft supply because of their large assortment of colors, textures, and patterns. They will have you bursting with creativity.

Why It’s Awesome?

There are so many things you can do with these crafts and that’s what makes it so awesome you’ll never run out of something to do with them. You can print, sew, draw, paint and even glue the fabric to fit whatever idea you come up with. Be sure to wow your friends.

Clothespin Crafts

One of the most easily available and useful craft items is the clothespin. It can be crafted into almost anything. 

Why Clothespins?

Clothespins can be turned into a lot of cool stuff. All you need is some creative idea and you are good to go. 

Glass craftwork

These are the creative ways you can reuse glass bottles and jars to create functional things for the house, lighting, gifts, decorations and so much more. These arts will require the use of other materials and for you to be careful because glass is fragile. Be sure to have fun though.

Glass Craft’s Specialty!

Glass arts are awesome because they come in different levels of complexity from simple to really hard projects but at the end of the day, the completed work is always pretty cool. You can create your soap dispenser using a recycled mason jar or even a tiki torch with an old wine bottle.

Glue Crafts

Glue is mostly used to stick together pieces of our other craft projects but did you know you can also create crafts with it? Well, now you do. The glue comes in different kinds but the one that’s perfect for creating different projects is hot glue as it is very versatile.


Remember to be careful when working with hot glue. These crafts are awesome because they are really durable and so much fun to make. Do you like Harry Potter and wished you could be a witch or wizard? Why not create your hot glue Harry Potter wands and have some fun.

Metal Works

Metalworking involves shaping, cutting, and joining metal material to form an object of choice. This craft has been around since 8,700BCE. Can you believe it? Although they sound complicated there are simple versions of metalworking to do. The material is long-lasting which is great because you want your creative works to last.

The Awesome Thing about Metal Works!

What’s cool about metalworking is that you can do so much with the material, have so much fun, and learn a thing or two. Metal can bend and still retain a shape, try making pipe cleaner crowns to see this in action. You can even make jewelry using this material.

Sand Arts

These are crafts made using sand, any kind of sand works well. This is a great sensory activity and so much fun. So the next time you are at the beach be sure to get creative or carry some sand back home to create art with. There are endless things you can create with sand.

What’s Great about Sand Art?

The awesome thing about sand is you can build, scoop, mash, create, destroy and rebuild with it. Get together with your friends in summer and wow them with your sand creations. You could show them your science side by making bubbling quicksand for them and watch them be amazed and excited.


Woodworks are a great craft that uses wood to create unique and cool things. They are a great teaching activity and allow you to explore nature. You’ll be able to learn what the different uses of wood are and why it is important to care for the environment that provides us with wood.

The Awesomeness of Woodworks!

The awesome thing about woodworks is that you get to grow your knowledge and skill base. You also get to create cool things that you can gift to your friends and family or even sell and make some extra cash. Think of gifting your parents or guardians an I heart you wooden frame.

Electrical Crafts

Electricity is all around us and most of the time we take it for granted. But there’s so much to do with electricity when it comes to crafts. The activities and experiments to do are endless. Just remember to be very careful as electricity can be dangerous if not handled well.

Fun and Educational!

What’s awesome about this craft is it’s a hands-on experience and a learning opportunity that will help you appreciate electricity and all it does for us. There are different types of electricity and this means that the crafts will range from easy to hard but they will be so much fun to do.

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