Wall Hanging Craft

Incredible Wall Hanging Craft

Summers are a month full of masses of heat and sweat. Wall Hanging Crafts, Ice creams, popsicles, and fruits crafts are the best known arts during this warm month. Watermelon is the best treat during summers. The sky is filled with heat and makes everything melt. Sipping iced tea during the hot weather is what we extremely love. Summer is a season that is loved by many because of the long vacation and endless fun. The atmosphere is perfect for Wall Hanging Crafts for indoor and outdoor activities that are special.

Summer is the hottest of the four temperate seasons, falling after spring and before autumn. It is a scientifically proven fact that during this burning month, days are much longer whereas nights are shorter than in winters. However, some of you might be bored because of no idea of what to do. You can pursue this tutorial and find a wonderful craft that can be done easily by all.

Wall Hanging Craft

Here are some summer crafts you can try and enjoy in this hot weather. We will learn to make a wall hanging which will look amazing. Are you ready to create this piece of decoration? It will be a watermelon summer wall hanging!

What you need:

  • Green chart paper
  • Red chart paper scissors
  • Glue
  • Thread or strings or yarn
  • White paper
  • Black paper
Untitled design (25).png

Step 1:

Take the green chart paper and cut 6 rectangles of any size like shown in the illustration, but all six rectangles should be of the same size. This will be the water melon’s skin. The wall hanging is going to look fabulous. (In the illustration, we have shown you how to make 1 but you need to make six.

Untitled design (26).png

Step 2:

Now one by one take the six shapes and cut them from the bottom in an inverted V shape and begin cutting from one corner and end on the other corner. Do the same with the other rectangles as well.

Untitled design (27).png

Step 3:

Now grab the red chart and cut a triangle for each rectangle; this means there have to be six triangles. The triangle should be of the size that the two top corners of the triangle (like shown in the figure) should perfectly match the two top corners of the green rectangle.

Untitled design (28).png

Step 4:

Now grasp the glue and apply it to the top side of the triangle-like done in the picture.

Untitled design (26).png

Step 5:

Now stick the glued triangle to the rectangle and do this for all the cut-outs. Wedge them properly and make the corners meet perfectly so it looks better.

Untitled design (26).png

Step 6:

Now print out the letters: S, U, M, M, E, R on the white sheet, or you can write them on the paper and cut them out. It will be easier to print and it will have a better shape and is suitable for kids. Soon this hard work will turn into a masterpiece.

Untitled design (26).png

Step 7:

Add glue to the letters like we have added it on the letter ‘S’.

Untitled design (27).png

Step 8:

Now place these letters accurately on the red triangles as we have in the demonstration. Only a few steps left and then you will be done!

Untitled design (28).png

Step 9:

Now get hold of your black paper and cut five beans for the six shapes which in total makes 30 beans. They should somewhat look like tiny water droplets. Apply glue onto all the beans.

Untitled design (29).png

Step 10:

Now stick five beans to all the triangles in the shape above the glued letters. The beans should be attached in a round shape.

Untitled design (30).png

Step 11:

Now make holes on the sides of the shapes using punchers or scissors and insert the thread into them. Start by passing the thread from the first hole and taking it to the back and taking it out from the other hole and repeating it.

Untitled design (29).png

Hooray! You have completed this wonderful craft and you can hang it on one of your room’s walls or door or the entrance gate as we are having summers nowadays. You can also check out our other season crafts and try them as well for further decoration!

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