Werewolf Craft

Fun Halloween Paper Crafts: Werewolf Craft for Kids


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Do you love Halloween Paper Crafts? If you do, then you will love this Spooky Werewolf Craft for Kids! From Goblins and Vampires to Ghosts these Halloween Crafts are sure to bring a smile to your child’s face.

Check out this fun Werewolf Crafts! Use our Werewolf Craft Template and get creative making your own Halloween Paper Crafts. Kids will love creating a Werewolf puppet and telling stories!

Materials Needed for the Werewolf Paper Crafts

1. Printable Werewolf Template

Werewolf Craft

How to Make a Werewolf Paper Bag Puppet?

This fun paper bag Werewolf Crafts is perfect for kids of all ages! All you need is a paper bag, Werewolf Cut Out Template, some markers, scissors, and glue. So, gather your supplies and keep reading for the simple step by step instructions.

1. Download the Printable Werewolf Template

Then print the Werewolf template.

Werewolf Craft

2. Cut Out the Pieces You’ll Need.

Use scissors to cut out the sections for the Werewolf Paper Craft.

Werewolf Craft

3. Attach the Werewolf Body

Glue the body of the Werewolf to the bottom part of the paper bag

Werewolf Craft
Werewolf Craft

4. Add the Werewolf Mane

Place the mane on top of the werewolf’s body

Werewolf Craft

5. Attach the Wolf’s Head

Glue the head of the werewolf to the upper part of the paper bag

Werewolf Craft

6. Glue the Eyes

Add hair to the upper sides of the head. Then attach the eyes.

Werewolf Craft
Werewolf Craft

7. Add the Nose

Place the nose between them. Next glue on the mouthpiece directly below the nose

Werewolf Craft

8. Glue the Teeth

Glue the teeth on the top and bottom of the mouth

Werewolf Craft

Thats it! You just created our Werewolf Crafts

Werewolf Craft

How did your kid’s crafts Werewolf turn out? What color did you use to make your Halloween Crafts out of paper? Don’t forget to share your Werewolf Craft with us.

Look at These Halloween Werewolf Art and Craft!

Our Werewolf Art and Craft activities are designed to be fun and educational. Helps children develop fine and gross motor skills. It is a simple way for kids to learn about the Halloween.

These adorable paper bag puppets will be a hit at your next Halloween-themed birthday party! Your child will love to make a puppet show with this Werewolf art projects. If you want to add some extra excitement to the puppet show, try incorporating music or movement into the performance.

What are Werewolf Crafts for Kids?

What is a Werewolf Paper Bag Puppet? A Zombie Paper Bag Puppet is a spooky Halloween themed paper puppet made from a brown paper bag.

What are Werewolves?

Werewolves are people that transform into wolves. They are often depicted as being vicious and bloodthirsty, but there is no evidence that they actually exist.

We hope you enjoyed our Halloween Werewolf Crafts!

We hope you enjoyed our paper bag Werewolf puppet for kids! If you liked this article about Puppet Werewolf for Preschoolers, please leave us a comment and let us know. We’d love to hear from you. In the meantime, be sure to check out our other fun kid’s crafts on our website.

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Werewolf Paper Bag Puppet Instructions

Werewolf Craft
Werewolf Craft
Werewolf Craft
  1. Download the Werewolf Template
  2. Print, and cut out the pieces.
  3. Trace the template onto the required colored paper and cut it out.
  4. Glue the bottom of the werewolf to the bottom part of the paper bag
  5. Place the beard on top of the werewolf’s body
  6. Glue the head of the werewolf to the upper part of the paper bag
  7. Glue the eyes hair to the upper sides of the head
  8. Then place the nose between them, and the mouthpiece directly below the nose
  9. Place the eyes on the hair, glue the nostrils in the middle of the nose piece, and the tongue in the middle of the mouth
  10. Glue the teeth on the top and bottom of the mouth
  11. Congratulations! You have completed the Halloween Werewolf Crafts!

Let’s Show Them Off!

Did you make this craft with your children, grandchildren or students? We’d love to show them off on our social media! 

Just take a picture of the completed craft and post it in the comments below and use #CraftyThinking.

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