Why I Love Arts and Crafts

Why I Love Arts and Crafts?


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    The reason behind Why I love arts and crafts is simple and somehow logical too. I love art and craft activities as they take me to the world of imagination, forgetting everything in the world. I can  fly high with my own wings. I love art and craft as it satisfies me and I feel relaxation after creating something new and extraordinary.

    What is Arts and Crafts?

     Art and craft can be defined as: “All those simple, yet decorative items that are solely made with one’s own hand or by using simple manual tools are named as art and craft”.

    Art and craft is simply a hobby.It is acquired by most people worldwide. I love art and craft too. Creating unique things with my own hand makes me feel self satisfied.

    All kinds of handmade decorated objects such as paper models, paintings, sculptures, drawings, 3d models, stone and beads items, handmade jewellery all are included in the list of art and craft. Art  has power that educates, transforms and inspires and illuminates.

    History of Arts and Crafts

    Why I Love Arts and Crafts

    Art and craft is as old as the world itself. As human beings love to use their hands to make different things and they always use simple manual tools to make different valuable handicraft. Creativity is a blessing of God and it is also inspired by history.

    Egyptian art and craft

     When we go through the history of art we see it started long before the 4th century when ancient Egypts used to make sculptures and drawings. The Egyptian relics discovered by archeologists contain many elements of their craftsmanship. The Egyptian pyramids are a symbol of their architectural style. The pieces of pottery found were engraved with different figures and symbolic drawings.

    Greek art and craft

    This was the era that was much influenced by Egyptian craftsmanship. Greeks used to make sculptures and paintings on stones, temples and on pottery. Many relics are found which prove that they were keen observers. These historical monuments show their skills of art and craft.

    Indus valley civilization arts and craft

    Archeologists found many relics including jewellery items, seals, gold ornaments, pottery, engraved sculptures that show their craftsmanship. We can say that the art of writing and calligraphy basically started in that era. Archeologists found many relics that were decorated with figures and some kind of languages engraved on them. Much evidence was found that shows their use of colours to decorate these pieces.

    Early modern history of art and craft

    Many pieces of handmade paintings are found that show the skills of the artists in the early modern era. Much of the valuable work was created during this era including paintings, drawings, sculptures and handmade jewelry.

    Why I Love Arts and Crafts

    Art and craft in modern age

    Today many different techniques and tools are utilized for making handicraft, it has become a hobby nowadays. There is no restriction of age to create a piece of art. Not only adults, oldies and even preschoolers love art activities. In the modern age people use different items like paint, clay, cement, fabric, ribbon, tissu, stone and beads to create their own artifacts.

    Seven Reasons Why I Love Arts and Crafts

    Things we made with our hands require creative instinct. We start learning to make new things in our preschool age. Preschoolers draw different things using crayon, water paints and oil paints. They learn to make different figures with clay.

    Naturally some children are creative by birth. They craft new things and make models using clay, polymer sheets. Some are painters by birth. They use this blessing by creating new pieces of drawing. They are keen observers of nature and use different colors to show the beauty of nature.

    The reason why I love art and craft is similar to those who are creative and love to make new things.

    Why I Love Arts and Crafts

    Self Satisfaction

    Creating new things gives me satisfaction. It makes me feel that I am a creator of something that is really admired by others. Using hands to make new things is a natural phenomena as in the past people had no machines but with simple tools and by using their own hands they craft new things, therefore making new things satisfies the natural instinct.

    “ Color is the power which directly influences the soul”.

    Personal development

    Creating new things is something very important in our development, it helps in the growth of motor skills. When I create and make new things by painting, cutting and pasting, coordination of my hands improves and it strengthens my muscles..

    Communication skills

    When I create something by using the power of imagination, I am actually communicating my ideas.

    The picture that I draw with oil paint or water paint actually reflects my thought process. After drawing, painting or engraving we communicate our thoughts with others. We tell them the reason for our creation and it helps to improve our communication skills.

    Boost self confidence

    I love art and craft  activities because they improve my self confidence. I have realized that a few years back I was a shy person, the reason was that I was less creative. Now I use  to paint, drawing  increases my self confidence, It increases motivation and keeps me fit.

    Improve math

    Children learn math phenomena, when they create something they have to measure the length and size of objects. They learn  different shapes by making them with their own hands. It really helps them and improves their math. They can calculate more easily than those who are less creative. It is not wrong to say that the power of art and craft open the minds.

    Develop creativity

    When I create something by painting or by sculpturing, my brain starts working, thinking about a new color scheme or new pattern. Therefore, art and crafts enhance creativity. As Albert  Einstein said “ creativity is intelligence and having fun”.

    Increases Learning 

    Art and crafts make us learn new things. Man learns by making mistakes and by trial and errors without doing wrong one cannot learn to make things right. I love art and craft as it makes me learn new skills. As B. Brown once said, “There is no innovation and creativity without failure”.

    Why I Love Arts and Crafts

    Seven Most Loveable Arts

    Children love to draw and it is taught in schools. Children learn to draw different shapes and figures. By coloring their drawings they feel satisfied and somewhat relaxed that can be seen on their innocent yet charming faces. Art and craft activities are always fun creating and motivating and also loveable.It helps children to learn new things beyond their formal education.

    There are a number of art and crafts children can adapt as their hobbies and can spend their leisure time in them.

    Not only children but adults also adopt different arts to keep them physically fit. Crafting is also good for elderlies.

    There are number of loveable things one can do:

    Why I Love Arts and Crafts

    Paper craft

    Papers of different colors and textures are used to create different things. We can mold, bend, shape, cut and glue them according to our required pattern. We can create two to three dimensional objects with paper.

    Rock painting

    Archeologists discover rocks that have different figures and designs on them. Rock painting is pre pre-historic adaptation. Nowadays different colors and paints are utilized to create different shapes on the surface of rocks. 

    Flower making

    Flower making is a valuable art. It is widely admired and people learn it intentionally.

    Flowers can be made with paper, ribbons, and fabrics. These flowers are used to adorn our houses and our dresses.

    Oil painting

    Color has a power and by painting an artist uses his power of imagination. It gives an outlet to the brain. It helps in brain growth and development. Painters are artists who present the colors of nature on canvas.


    It is another valuable art and craft. It is visual art. Sculptures are made with wood, clay, cement, metal and ceramic. The sculptures are freely standing models. Making sculptures is prehistoric access. We can observe different historical sculptures.

    Why I Love Arts and Crafts

    Jewelry making

    Jewellery making is also a valuable art. From ancient times it was made with metals, gold, silver and stones of different colors. Now jewellery is also made with clay. Handmade jewellery is very expensive and  adorable.

    Knitting and crocheting

    Adults love to knit and elderly people enjoy making different colorful patterns with crochet. It is a skill which they have to learn. It stimulates their muscles and keeps them agile. This art requires simple tools.

    Objectives of Learning Arts and Crafts

    Why I Love Arts and Crafts

    There are so many objectives behind learning art and craft.

    Learn to appreciate artifacts

    Children as well as adults learn to appreciate artifacts across cultures. They can understand history as well. They relate their origin that helps to boost their confidence. Their thinking pattern changes and they become more observant.

    Increase dexterity and development of motor skills

    The major objective behind teaching art and craft is to increase agility, make children and adults active. They can easily coordinate their muscles. Their motor skills develop and grow. Making origami with paper or painting something, molding a figure using clay make them super active.


    Major objective behind these fun activities is to make children and adults more social. They learn to work in a team. It also helps them in development of leadership qualities. They learn to help others and become more social. 

    Skill development

    Learning art and craft develops skill in children as well as adults. They can utilize these skills and become economically stable.

    Arts and Crafts for Children

    Children love to make new things using their hands as it makes them learn new skills, helps in development of their motor skill and enhances their msle coordination. During school time they learn art activities with formal education. These activities help them to express their feelings. They learn to work in a team and become more social.

    Children can draw, paint, bake, sew, make flowers with fabric, ribbon and tissue. They can make things using waste items or scrap.

    Benefits of art activities for young learner

    As in early years of development children are more eager to learn new things as they have a sharp brain . They memorize and reproduce what they learn more easily than older people. Therefore art activities become a fundamental part of the learning process. 

    Why I Love Arts and Crafts
    • These activities help in growth and development.
    • It increases their self confidence.
    • Grow their motor skills, increase their hands and eye coordination.
    • Art helps them to become a social human being. 

    Arts and Craft for Adults

    Not only children love to create something, adults also ages 15 above feel satisfaction when they create something new. There are a number of  art activities adults can easily choose according to their skill level like:

    • Painting
    • Molding/ sculpting
    • Cooking/baking
    • Sewing
    • knitting/crocheting
    • Flower making

    Benefits of art and craft in adults

    There are numerous benefits of art and craft activities in adults. There is no boundary of age to create something. Adults can keep them physically fit and more agile if they keep them involved in these fun activities. Some benefits of arts and crafts in adults are:

    • It boost their self esteem
    • Art and craft enhance their communication skills.
    • It helps them to cope with stress, anxiety and pain.

    Arts and Crafts in Old Age

    Art and craft is beyond time and age. Elderly people feel emotional relaxation when they create something.

    It increases their brain stimulation. It works as relaxation therapy in senior people as it reduces stress, depression and feeling of anxiety. Studies have proved that those elderly who participated in art activities show more positivity in their behavior and have low feelings of loneliness. It also keeps them physically fit and boosts their stamina.

    Why I Love Arts and Crafts

    Emotional satisfaction with art activities 

    Elderly people feel emotionally satisfied when they create something. They spend time with their grandchildren while making new things. Knitting and crocheting things increases their muscle coordination and their brain neurons stimulate when they think of new patterns.

    Arts and Crafts During Pandemic

    During pandemic art and craft activities helps me and make me emotionally and physically fit. In quarantine and social distancing people usually adopted art and craft activities. These indoor activities keep them motivated. I used to paint, draw and mold figures using clay. It increases my self confidence and reduces my stress. Art and craft activities are a kind of mental and physical exercise. 

    We love arts and crafts


    Why we love arts and crafts? We love arts and crafts beacause they are enjoyed by people of all ages. For kids, crafts can be a fun and creative way to spend an afternoon. For adults crafting can be a relaxing hobby or a chance to express their creativity. Arts and crafts can also be used to DIY projects around the house or to create decor for your home.

    Arts can be as simple as painting a picture or as complicated as building a piece of furniture. No matter what your skill level, there is an arts and craft project that is perfect for you. So why not try your hand at arts and crafts today? You might just find that you have a hidden talent for artful creation!

    Why Do We Love Arts and Crafts?

    If you want a child to be a genius, you have to keep him busy by arranging art and craft activities for him. Art and craft activities make them calm, relaxed and focused as well. As people grow and mature they always require art activities that act as a therapy. It helps to take them back to their careless childhood. These activities have numerous benefits for their physical and mental health.

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