Words Related with Art

Words Related with Art (Art Words)


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    I love Words Related with Art because there are so many different ways to view what you’re looking at! Do you ever look at a painting and feel like you can’t understand what the artist was thinking? Or maybe you see a statue and think to yourself, “How did they come up with that?” Well, sometimes art is about creating something that doesn’t have a clear explanation.

    You don’t need to know the backstory or reasoning behind an artwork to appreciate it- all you need is an open mind and some time to stare at it. With that said, today we’re going to be taking a look at some words related with art! Let’s get started.

    Words Related with Art in Alphabetical Order


    Abbaye de créteil/ Abbaye group

    A group of artists gathered in 1906 formed a community in paris.

    Abject Art

    Art that eliminates a difference between subject and object causing horror reactions.


    An old tradition of making art includes rock craving, sculptures, dot painting etc.


    Refers to an idea that is in thought.

    Abstract Art

    An art that uses visual language shapes, colour, form and line for its representation.

    Abstract Expressionism

    A new form of abstract art that was utilized by American artists.


    Is a skill to deal with thoughts and ideas.

    Abstraction Creation

    It is an association of artists to create abstract art to minimize the effect of surrealism.

    Academie in Art

    The first academie in art was established during the renaissance to improve art.

    Academie colarossi

    It is an art school founded in 1870 by an Italian model.

    Academie Julian

    It was a private school founded in 1867 by a French painter.


    It refers to knowledge and learning of artwork.

    Acrylic Paint

    Acrylic paints are made up of acrylic polymer and are used in decorative paintings.

    Acrylic Painting

    Paintings that are made of acrylic paints are called acrylic painting.

    Action Painters

    Spontaneous painters that made their artwork by splashing or dribbling colours on canvas.

    Action Paintings

    Painting that is made by dripping or splashing colours on canvas.


    Its emphasis on  change, Viennese Actionism was a school of art initiated in Austria.

    Activist Art

    An art that shows some action as the term refers to doing. An art that is used to change the world.


    To be found in reality.


    Refers to beauty and represents aesthetic values.

    Aesthetic Movement

    It is a movement of art that emphasizes art for art’s sake.


    Set of rules concerned with the principle of beauty.


    An agency of photography founded in South Africa in 1982.


    A group of black artists who develop their own visual art.


    Afrofuturism refers to the combination of art, history and fantasy to explore African ancestry.


    The work of art that was made due to inspiration.


    This term refers to political propaganda and that is especially in art.

    Air Brush

    A small tool that utilizes air to give a more finished and pleasing look to any painting.

    Air Brushing

    A technique of making artwork in which an airbrush is used.


    A group of artists from 1922-1933 that were gathered during the revolution in russia.


    A rock that was used for craving purposes.it is a translucent gypsum.


    Egg protein used in artwork.

    Albumen Print

    A photographic print that was invented in 1850 that uses photographic film made by albumin.

    Alla Prima

    It was  a technique used by artists to apply wet paint on a paint that is already wet.


    An art that reveals some hidden meaning is known as allegory.

    Allover Painting

    Refers to non geometric abstract painting it uses the surface without differentiating its dimension.

    Allover Space

    It is a space that is mostly used in modern painting to equally distribute the forms.

    Alter modern

    It is an art made in reaction to standardization and commercialism.


    A metal used for making artwork.

    Aluminium Paint

    A paint that is filled with aluminum flakes is called aluminium paint.

    American Abstract Art

    American abstract art was made by American artists who used abstract expressionism in creating their art works.

    American Abstract Artists

    It was founded in 1936 by abstract artists in New York to promote abstract arts.

    American Social Realist Photography

    During the great depression in America in 1930 this photograph displayed the real picture of destruction and poverty in America.

    Analytical Cubism

    A revolutionary movement of art that was started in the early 20th century.

    Angry Penguin

    Modernist art movement that was started in Australia.


    Two or three dimensional artwork in which acute angle is utilized


    Artists who specialized in making animal paintings were also called animal painters.


    A technique in which figures are utilized in displaying moving images.


    It is an art term that is associated with the Brazilian art movement in the 1960s.

    Anti Art

    All those concepts that reject the definition and concepts of arts.

    Anti Form

    A term refers to a late 1960 United States artist who utilized the real life process in creating sculptures.


    An era of human civilization before the middle ages.

    Applied Art 

    An art that is used in designing everyday use objects.


    Inappropriate adaptation of any culture is known as appropriateness.


    A technique in which areas are toned with colours rather than the line.


    A surface decoration using rhythmic patterns.


    Architecture is a knowledge of art used in designing and constructing buildings.


    An archive is a record of an artist’s artwork and his life.

    Art and Language

    It is a group of artists that gathered in late 1960 who use their ideas and combine intellect to produce artwork.

    Art and Craft

    A calibre of producing artwork with hand.

    Art Brut

    An art that does not follow academic pattern tradition of art it is a french term used to refer to raw art.

    Art deco

    It was a style of architectural design that was initiated in France before the first world war.


    It is a skill if creating something extraordinary.


    It is a movement that was established during the second world war and emphasizes all the abstract tendencies in creating artwork. 

    Art Intervention

    It is a performance art that interacts with all previously constructed artwork.

    Art Movements

    It refers to a group of artists that have similar goals of creating art in any specific period.

    Art Nouveau

    It is an international style of creating art.

    Arte Nucleare

    The art work that is made to warn about the danger of nuclear technology is referred to as arte nucleare. 

    Arte Povera

    It is an art movement that was initiated at the end of 1960s, artists inspired by this movement created unconventional artwork using non traditional materials of creating art.

    Art and the Mass Media

    Any literary work that can be visualised.


    Anyone who creates a piece of art as a hobby or as a profession is called an artist.

    Artist Curator

    An artist who also collects and exhibits a work of art.

    Artist Placement Group

    It was established in 1960 seeking to refocus on art.

    Artist International Association

    It was a society of art founded in London in 1933.

    Arts and Crafts

    It is a movement, an international trend focusing on new techniques and style in art and craft.

    Art Workers Coalition

    It is a group of artists that was established in Newyork city in 1969 to enforce the museum of arts for implementing reforms.

    Ashcan School

    It was a movement that established displaying the real life scene in art.


    Pieces of art joined to make a whole, three dimensional artwork is called assemblage.


    A private studio or a workplace of a professional artist is called an atelier.

    Atelier Populaire

    The posters that were influenced by pop art to support the factory workers.


    Qualities of a person or an object that are portrayed in art are referred to as attributes.


     A characteristic of art that cannot be portrayed by machine photographs is termed as aura.


    A quality of artwork that portrays the reality of person, object and places.


    It refers to early color photography.

    Auto Destructive Art

    Gaustav Metzgar a Bavarian artist who in 1939 created art that represents massive destruction that took place during world war 2.

    Autograph ABP

    Non profit art agency that explores the differences of race, cast , creed in their photographs.


    It is the creation of artwork without any particular idea or theme.


    Suppression of consciousness when creating an art piece is referred to as automatism.

    Avant Garde

    It refers to a person or an artwork that is experimental and unorthodox.



    It is an event or a gathering that is wild or ecstatic.


    A surface behind the piece of painting or a drawing. It is coloured or display design as in a photograph.

    Ball Bearing

    A bearing that is to resist friction between two moving objects.



    It is a style of creating art that was established in Europe at the beginning of the seventeenth century. 


    A method of producing and designing  textiles with wax dyeing.


    It is the name of a German art school that was initiated in 1919 that combined art and craft.


    Beat in art refers to the arrangement of different shapes and patterns in a design that shows a rhythm or tuning in them.

    Beaux Arts Quartet

    The group of four realistic painters whose work was displayed in an art gallery.

    Beijing East Village

    1990’s Artistic community that was located in Beijing.

    Belle Epoque 

    A period in French history when world war one started in 1914.

    Ben Day Dots

    It is a photoengraving technique that was used to create printed artwork in the 19th century.


    An international exhibition of art pieces that is held two times in a year.


    Heating a pottery piece without a ceramic glaze is called a biscuit.


    Glue-like component in paint that holds it on the surface.

    Bio Morphic 

    Converting natural occurring things, shapes , structures into something functional is known as biomorphic. As bio refers to life and morphic refers to the shape.


    A pigment used in paints to enrich its darker tone. 

    Black Arts Movements

    1960-1970 activist art movement that was led by African American artists.

    Black Atlantis

    A fusion of black and other cultures.

    Black Audio Film Collective

    An agency formed by seven artists that was initiated in 1982.

    Black Box

    A complex system whose processing is hidden from our eyes.

    Black Maria 

    1892-1893 the world’s first film studio was established in New jersey.

    Black Mountain College

    Black mountain college was established in 1933 to teach experimentation in art, literature and music.


    A short lived firm that designs pottery, fabric, furniture.

    Body art  

    Making designs on body  parts is called body art.

    Bombay Progressive Artist Group

    It was established in 1947 in Bombay it was an art group that was founded by six artists.

    Book of Hours

    A popular book during the middle ages that contains medieval manuscripts that was recited in their divine offices.


    A stylish label that is pasted on a book is called a bookplate.


    A thing made up of a number of different things.

    British Black Arts Movements

    An art movement that was initiated in 1920 to empower blacks in britain.

    British Impressionism

    Artists who created artwork in the influence of French artists during the 19th century.


    A decorative fabric composed with gold and silver threads.


    German born expressionists painters referred to as Brucke.


    The work of painting made by the use of a paint brush is called brush work.


    An architectural style of construction that uses geometric shapes and designs.


    A steel tool used to engrave wood and metals.


    A sculpture that represents the upper part of the human body.

    Byzantine Art

    An artwork inspired by Christian Greek and Eastern Roman empire.



     A print created from a negative is called a C-print.

    Cadavre Exquisite

    It refers to the collection of words and images that are organized.


    Writing alphabets or letters in a skilful manner.

    Camden Town Group

    A group of artists that was formed in Camden in 1911.

    Camera Obscura

    A device used in projecting or sometimes making drawings that function as a pinhole camera projecting an inverted image of an object.


    An established standard through which other things are measured.


    A cloth that artists use for creating an artwork.

    Capitalist Realism

    It was a concept that there is no reality other than capitalism.


    An image or a sculpture of a person that is made in a way to exaggerate certain characteristics for creating comic or satirical effects.

    Carpet Page

    A page containing patterns or designs.

    Cartes de Visite 

    A small photograph invented by a persian photographer named Andre Adolphe.

    Catalogue Raisonne

    Listing of all artwork in different categories is referred to as catalogue raisonne.


    Flammable plastic that is transparent is used for making different objects.


    Suppression of objectionable material is termed as censorship.


    A hard non metallic material used in creating pottery pieces.


    It is a white coloured porous material used in constructing different things.


    Black coloured carbon used in sketching and drawings.


    A tonner contrast between two colours is referred to as chiaroscuro.

    Chine Colle 

    A technique in which an image is transferred onto a surface.


    Chromogenic colour print 

    A photographic or a digital print made by a colour negative.


    A composition of a scene by motion picture photography is called cinematography.


    A person who records a photography film is called a cinematographer.

    Circle and Square

    A group of artists that supports new experimentation in abstract art.

    Cire Perdue 

    Casting of metals by an artist is referred to as cire perdue.

    Círculo y Cuadro 

    An art movement that was initiated in 1929 in Paris.

    City Planner 

    A person who plans the future according to social, environmental issues.


    A display of city life in an artwork.


    Covering an artwork with some layer of coating is known as cladding.


    A great influence of Roman and Greek culture in creating an artwork is known as classicism.


    Assembling different pieces of design or art to create a whole is termed as collage.


    It is a visual property of an art that produces a sensation on the eye that depends on the reflection it produces by emitting of light.

    Color Field Painting

    A style of painting during 1940-1950s that was inspired by Abstract expressionism and European modernism.


    Combine means a work that has both the elements of sculpture and painting.

    Comic strip art

    an art that imitates the style of comic strip is termed as comic strip art.


    Creating a piece of artwork on other’s behalf is termed as commissioned.

    Community Art

    An art that is influenced by or represents a community setting is termed as community art.

    Complementary Colours

    Contrasting colours in an artwork are termed as complementary colours.


    A composition is a piece of art in which different elements are combined to make a whole.


    Shapes in an artwork that have a common centre are referred to as concentric.

    Conceptual Art

    An art that gives more importance to the ideas behind it rather than what it displayed.

    Conceptual Photography

    A photograph that portrays a concept is called conceptual photography.

    Concrete Art

    An artwork without any connection to reality.


    Breaking a complex shape in small patterns to create something big.


    Employment of constructive methods is called constructionism.

    Contemporary Art

    Artwork produced during the second half of the twentieth century till today is called contemporary art.


    Content refers to the theme that is portrayed in an art; it can be an idea or any story that an artist displayed through his artwork.


    It is an outline of a shape or a pattern in sketching or drawing that is used to highlight the edges.


    A rule or a standard of creating a piece of art.

    Conversation Piece

    An early 17th century painting that portrayed the informal conversation of a group of people.


    A dress that is displayed in artwork is termed as a costume. 

    Corten Steel 

    High structural steel that is used for creating an art, it has a layer of rust on it.


    An art that portrays the custom and tradition of the Royal court.


    A skill of crafting/ making things manually is termed as craft.


    Mixing different cultural elements in creating a new culture is called as crelization.


    To extract a superficial image/ pattern from a painting, a sketch is termed as cropping.

    Crypt Group

    A group of artists that came together and formed a group against the other group of artists.


    An art movement that forced the use of geometrical shapes in creating artworks.

    Cultural Art 

    An artwork that displays important facts related to a culture is termed as cultural art.


    A manager of a museum that keeps a record of each and every art piece displayed in a museum.



    An art movement that was initiated during the first world war to display the massive destruction and horror of war.


    In history, Daguerreotype referred to a photograph that was produced on a silver plate.


    Dansaekhwa refers to creating pieces of paintings during 1970 that experimented with different materials used in composing art.


    A decline of the art movement established between the 18th-19th century.


    It is a method of creating art by pressing paint between two surfaces to create a mirror image of an object.


    It is something opposite to collage in which a picture is produced by joining pieces here an image is produced by cutting, tearing away or removing the pieces.

    Decorative Arts 

    An artwork that is useful as well as aesthetic is called decorative art.


    It is to portray some assumptions and ideas that usually display unspoken realities of things.

    Degenerate Art 

    It is an art that is against Nazism. This termed was used by Nazi party for the modern art of 1920s.

    Der Blaue Reiter 

    It was a group of artists that came together in rejection of N.K.V.M.

    Design Brief 

    It is a document of designing a project that is formed by an agreement of client and an artist.


    A person who designs something is called a designer.

    De Stijl

    De stijl is a movement founded in  1917 in the Netherlands. De stijl refers to all artwork produced during this art movement in the Netherlands.

    Die Brucke 

    It refers to a group of artists that try to bridge the gap between the past and present through their artwork.


    An artwork that portrays two pieces in one. Diptych is a painting that has two parts that are joined to make a single whole.

    Direct Carving 

    It is a technique in sculptures in which carved structures are produced.

    Direct Cinema

    It was a method of creating films without using modern equipment.

    Direct Positive

    A positive is a photograph orv an image that is  produced without a negative.


    It was a technique of painting that emerged in the 19th century in which primary colours were employed by artists in creating light effects in an artwork.

    Documentary Art 

    The artwork produced under the influence of the Documentary art movement portrays harsh realities of British life.

    Documentary Photography 

    Documentary photography is a technique in photography that represents events, objects and places in reality.

    Double Exposure

    A technique in photography that portrays ghost effects.


    A skilled person that produces superb drawings is called a Draftsman.


    A process of creating a sketch is called Drawing.

    Drip Painting

    A technique of creating art by dripping paint on a canvas.


    A technique similar to engraving in which an image is engraved on a metal plate with a sharp needle.


    A metal used in making art pieces that can be hammered.

    Dye Destruction Print 

    It is a technique of printing in which dye is bleached to create an image.



    A piece of pottery made up of clay is called Earthenware.

    Ecole Des Beaux-arts 

    Ecole des Beaux-arts is the name of an art school in France.


    Identical patterns produced from the same printing surface.


    A drawing that represents the back and forth shape of a structure.


    An artwork that was produced during the reign of queen Elizabeth. 


    A technique of making a raised surface on an image.


    A technique of producing digital art work.


    Decorating or polishing an art piece.


    A process of coating a layer of glass on a metal surface by melting.


    A process of making prints on a metal surface.


    This refers to increasing or enlarging the existing image.


    A short term printed piece that is not meant to be preserved.


    A technique in which strong acid is employed on a metal to cut it for creating a pattern or a design.

    Ethnographic Art

    A study of culture in everyday life is termed as Ethnographic art.


    To present a work of art to a larger audience.


    Use of consciousness in producing an artwork is termed as Expression.


    Distortion of reality in a way to display an artist’s own imagination is termed as Expressionism.



    A frontal face of a building that is portrayed in a painting.

    Fairy Painting

    Paintings that display fairies and fairy tale content.

    Fancy Picture 

    18th century painting that displays everyday life but in a more imaginary way.

    Fantastic Realism 

    The interconnected work of art that uses both past and present techniques in creating an artwork during the 1950s.


    A work of art that was produced during 1905 to 1910 in which artists use strong colours and fierce brush strokes.

    Federal Art Project

    It was a rehabilitation program initiated by the American government to give work to artists during the 1930s depression.

    Feminist Art 

    The art that portrayed the indifferences women experienced during the 1960s to 1970s.


    A festival of art that was organized in Lagos in 1977.


    Any piece of art that portrays the reality of humans and the real world is termed as Figurative.


    It refers to the human body that is displayed in painting or a sculpture.

    Figure Ground

    Human ability of perceiving an artwork.

    Fine Art

    Any art that visualizes aesthetic beauty is termed as fine art.

    Fin De Siecle

    Fin de siecle this term refers to the art that was produced at the end of 19th century.


    It is a material that is sprayed on any artwork to retain its characteristics for a longer period of time.


    It refers to modern and urban experience or differences between both lives during 19trh century.


    An international community of artists that was established in the 1960s.

    Folk Art 

    An art that portrays community life in a more aesthetic way is termed as Folk art.


    A technique of portraying a human figure in an artwork.


    Selling an artwork that was made by someone other than a seller.


    Nature of a piece of art is termed as a Form.


    It is a study of art by comparing its style and form.


    It  refers to the support utilized in creating an artwork.


    It refers to the art that brings forward creativity from shapelessness.

    Found Objects

    A natural or man made object that an artist keeps with him because of some attachment.


    Portraying the visual scene in an image is called framing.


    It is a kind of wall painting in which a layer of plaster is spread over a wall to create a design or for painting.


    It is a technique of creating artwork in which a surface is rubbed with a pencil or any other tool in order to create an artwork.


    It referred to a technique of creating art with the smoke of a candle.


    It is a representation of the working of an object in an art.


    It refers to the art that portrays modern life and its energy.


    Gelatin Silver Print

    It is a process of printing images by the use of silver coating on it.

    Generative Art 

    The art that is produced by a computer system or any other autonomous system is referred to as generative art.


    A portrayal of real life in an artwork is called a genre.

    Genre Painting 

    A painting that displays the scene of real life is referred to as genre painting.

    Geometry of Fear 

    A sculpture representing tortured or tormented human  animal images is referred to as geometry of fear.

    Geometric Shape

    Portraying subjective, materialistic elements in an artwork artist use different lines, shapes and geometrical angles.

    Geometric Style

    It is a style of Greek art of painting shapes or patterns on vases.

    Georgian Art 

    It refers to all other material art as in architecture, furniture other than painting.

    German Expressionism 

    It was a German art movement initiated in the early twentieth century; under its influence, artwork was  produced due to artists’ inner feelings.


    A coating of gypsum and a white glue on a surface of wood or canvas to give a smooth look for oil painting.


    A pose of a person that is portrayed in a painting.


    An art that is made by a free brush stroke on a paint surface.

    Glasgow School 

    Artists working in glasgow during 1890-1910 are referred to as glasgow school.

    Glass Painting

    Art that is made on a surface of a glass is termed as glass painting.


    It is a technique of producing painting by the use of light and dark shades of oil paints, glaze is a thin layer of paint applied on a painting to give it a professional look.


    A person who works on metal, especially gold, is referred to as a goldsmith and the technique he uses to engrave on metal surfaces is called gold smithing.


    It is a style of creating art that was established during the 12th century.


    A technique of making colour by adding more white pigment to give an opaque look to the painting this technique of painting was employed in the 18th century.

    Graffiti Art

    A wall painting that is made without permission.

    Grand Manner 

    During the 18th century artists made art by mixing classicism and renaissance style of creating artwork. In it grandeur and noble qualities of that time were represented in the paintings.


    A design on any surface that is made to entertain others is termed as graphic.

    Graphic Designing 

    A technique used to make visual images is termed as graphic designing.


    It is an allotropic form of carbon that is used in making pencils that are utilized in making sketches and drawings.

    Greek Art 

    Idealized as well as a natural portrayal of the human body, it give rise to ancient classicism.

    Greek Sculpture 

    The sculptures that portray humans under Greek influence are referred to as greek sculptures.

    Greek Vases 

    The painting was made on vases under Greek influence.

    Green Ware

    The pottery that is not put in the kiln for drying is termed as greenwares.


    A painting that is made by using grey shade in order to imitate sculptures.


    It referred to the surface of drawing or painting.

    Group X

    An art movement initiated after world war 1.

    Grupo Frente

    It was a brazilian art movement initiated in the 1950s who rejected figurative portrayal in art.

    Grupo Ruptura

    A group established by Brazilian artists that break the tradition of Brazilian naturalism.

    Guerrilla Girls 

    It was a group of female artists that was established in the 1950s in New York city. The aim was to represent gender inequality through the artwork.


    A group of artists that go beyond the boundaries of abstract art and display a pure creativity in their artwork, it was a group of artists that formed in Japan in 1954.



    An artwork that was produced during the 5th to ninth century in the Bronze age.

    Hand Stencil  

    It is a kind of blowing paint pigment with the help of something like straw.


    It is a performance art representing art work through humans.

    Hard Board 

    A compressed wooden sheet that is used by artists for making paintings.

    Hard Edge Painting

    It is a more modified version of geometrical abstraction; the artist utilizes vibrant colours in geometrical figures for portraying an art work.


    It is a technique using the most satisfied visual effects in an artwork.


    It is a technique of Using closely spaced parallel lines for shading a drawing.

    Haut Relief 

    It is a technique used by Greek artists for making sculpture; they raise the figure half more than its natural circumference.


    It refers to something related to the Greek era.


    Refers to the artwork that was made during the Greek era that was initiated after the death of Alexander.

    Hierarchy of the Genres 

    It is a representation of different cultures in an art form because of their cultural values.


    It was a pictorial writing character that was initially used by Egyptians.

    High Art 

    Art that portrays something dignified and elevated is termed as high art.


    An object that is decorated with human as well as animal figures that have symbolic meanings is named as historiated.

    History of Art 

    A study of man made objects, sculptures, paintings is called history of arts.

    History of Art Timeline  

    A sequence of art periods or the art movement is named as history of art timeline.

    History Painting 

    It is a portrayal of an event in an artwork rather than creativity it depicts real life scenes and historical events.

    Holocaust Art 

    The art that display massive destruction during Nazi period.

    Horizon Line 

    It is the line in an artwork where the earth meets the sky.

    Hors Commerce

    It refers to those art pieces that are artist personal property and are not for sale.


    It is a property of color pigment.


    Ice Sculpture

    The sculptures that are made with ice are called ice sculptures.


    A symbolic figure or an image that becomes famous is called iconic.


    It is a study of art history especially to understand and interpret the symbolic figures and content used in an art piece.

    Ideal Art 

    The art that portrays something eternal and true is named as ideal art.

    Identity Politics 

    It is an art movement under which an inequality and injustice was portrayed in art.


    An image or an object that is used for worship.


    It is the technique of supplying light, any additional decoration that enhances the beauty and aesthetic value of artwork.


    A painting that portrays the illusions of reality is a real representation of an image.


    Those enthusiasts of the 16th century who claim to see special enlightenment.

    Il Novecento italiano

    It was an artist movement established in  1922 in Milan with an aim to revive historical painting trends.


    It is to represent the physical reality of an object through art.


    To show a person in an art is named as an image.


    Creating a thick layer of paint in an area is referred to as impasto.


    An art movement that was initiated in the 1960s in France that displays the reality of that era in an artwork.


    Creating something that was unplanned in mind.

    Inclined Plane

    A plane that is sloped by some angle.

    Industrial Design

    The process of designing products is termed as industrial design.

    Information Age

    An era that shows a rapid shift to economic industrialization from a traditional life.


    A technique of creating visual ornamental designs.

    In situ 

    It is the work of art that is created on site rather than in an artist’s workplace.


    Three dimensional work of art that visualizes the transformation of perception of space. 

    Institutional Critique 

    It is an artwork that used to critique the institutions.


    It is a piece of artwork that is engraved into a material.

    Interactive Art

    It allows the spectator to be a part of an artwork. 

    Interaction Design

    It is a design that is communicated by technology.

    International Style

    The style of art that breaks all the cultural boundaries and was developed during 1920s -1930s.


    The art movement was initiated in the 19th century. The aim of the movement was to display domestic life through the artwork.


    A thin final layer of plaster on which an artist paints.

    Islamic Art 

    The visual art produced during 7th century artist who lived in muslim territory.

    Italianate Style

    It is a style of creating artwork during the 19th century based on 16th century Italian art tradition.

    Italian Primitive

    The movement in art that was inspired by italian primitive style.

    Ivory Carving

    Shaping or carving ivory to form a sculpture is named as ivory carving.


    Jade Carving

    A carving on an ornamental stone named as jade is termed as jade carving.

    Japanese Art 

    The art that was produced in Japan using different mediums to create an unforgettable design.

    Jasper Ware 

    Decorative pottery piece made up of stones during the 17th century.

    Jazz Age

    A period of history during 1920-1930 in which jazz music and style got popular in the United states.

    Jewellery Art

    It is a creativity that is portrayed via jewellery pieces.

    Jikkin Kobo 

    The work of art that was produced by a group of artists in Japan shows the turmoil of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in their work.

    Junk Art  

    A three dimensional artwork  that is made from discarded material .

    Juxta Position

    Portraying contrasting facts in an artwork is trimmed as a juxtaposition.



    A clay that is used to make porcelain pottery.


    It is an insulated chamber where heat is kept constant to drying and  hardening objects.

    Kinesthetic Art

    The art that portrays body movement is termed as kinesthetic art.

    Kinetic Art 

    An art that displays motion through any medium is called kinetic art.

    Kinetic Sculpture

    Sculptures that show movement are named as kinetic sculptures.


    An apparatus that is used for taking a series of photographs.


    A device used in history in which an image is displayed through a hole.

    Kitchen Sink Painter 

    A group of artists that portray ordinary scenes of everyday lives through their artwork.


    A poor quality art that becomes popular is called kitsch.


    Naked statues made by ancient Greek artists standing erect.


    A wide round jar in history that has a wide opening mouth.

    Kufic Script 

    It is a style of Arabic script writing that became famous because of its use in Arabic writings.


    Laboratoire Agit Art

    Art collective that were founded in Senegal in 1973.


    A shiny coating that is done on a piece of wood.


    Portraying the visual features of an area of land for highlighting its aesthetic looks.

    Lapis Lazuli

    It is a hard rock used in making jewellery.

    La Tene Style 

    Art made by iron age people in the early 5th century is termed as la tene style.

    Life Drawing

    A drawing that portrays human beings in any pose or gesture is called life drawing.

    Light Box

    A box containing a light source to display uniform light on any surface.


    A straight, long and thin mark on a surface is called a line.

    Linear Perspective

    A process of creating an illusion of depth in an artwork is called a linear perspective.

    Line Engraving

    Engraving an image on a metal surface with a tool called burin is called line engraving.


    A design that is made on a linoleum surface is named linocut.


    It is a technique of printing an image with the help o a stone.

    Live Art 

    A performance by a group of artists that are presented on a stage as a work of art.

    London Group

    An art society based in London that gives more opportunities to the artists to exhibit their artwork.

    Lost Wax

    A technique of making models by the use of wax.


    It is a style of American painting established during the 18th century that portrays real landscapes.


    Magic Lantern

    It is a historical image projector that was used for displaying an image onto a surface.

    Magnum Photos

    It is a cooperative initiated in 1947 to show the independent nature of photography.

    Male art

    The art that represents the male features and characteristics is termed as male art.


    A geometrical figure having symbolic significance is called a mandala.


    The school of artists that exaggerated the style of Mannerist in their paintings.

    Marble Sculpture 

    Sculptures that are made by a hard rock are called ad marble sculptures.

    Marine Art

    An art that is inspired by sea life is called marine art.


    It is a style of creating artwork during the late renaissance era that shows the characteristics and manners of life during that period of time.


    An artist that uses late renaissance style of creating art is named as mannerist.


    It is a model for creating a sculpture.

    Market Photo Workshop

    A school of photography founded in 1989.


    The things that are used for creating an artwork are referred to as material.

    Matter Painting

    A technique of creating an art with a thick paint that has lots of materials added to it.

    Medieval Art

    Artwork produced during the middle ages is referred to as medieval art.


    It refers to the binding medium that is added to a paint to make it settle on a surface.

    Memento Mori 

    It is a work of art portraying fragile human life.


    It is a term coined by a dada artist to characterize the artwork produced by scrap objects.

    Metal Work 

    The artwork that is produced on metal is called metal work.

    Metaphysical Art

    A twentieth century Italian art movement that was influenced by the artistic style of Giorgo gi chirco who used geometrical shapes in the artwork.

    Mexican Muralist Movement 

    It was a movement initiated to promote mural paintings during the 1920s.


    It is a print that is made on a copper plate.

    Middle Ground

    It refers to the main focusing area in a painting.


    It is the quality of an artist to imitate the scene, object in an artwork. 


    A smaller imitation of a scene or an object.


    It is an artwork that does convey only what the artist wishes to convey.

    Minjung Art

    Art influenced by the artistic style of an artist ivy mujung.

    Mixed Media

    It is an artwork that is composed by using a variety of mediums.


    It is an art composed of only one colour or a variation of one colour.


    An image that is printed by a metal or a glass plate.


    A collection of images in an artwork that have some resemblance.

    Modern Moral Subject

    It was a satirical style of painting that was used by an English artist William Hogarth to display the manners of his age.

    Modern Realism

    A style of displaying the reality of things in an artwork.


    An experimentational style of creating artwork that is completely a withdrawal from past traditions.


    An art piece that is created by joining different segments to a more complex piece of art.


    It refers to an art movement that was established in Tokyo in the 1960s.


    A print that is made in a single attempt by a reprintable block.


    An image that is printed by a polished plate.


    A collection of images that are combined to represent a single artwork.


    An artwork created in style of historical architecture, sculpting and engraving.


    A picture that is made up of small tiny pieces.


    Recurring patterns that appeared in an art are termed as motifs.

    Mughal Art

    The style of painting used by the artist is specifically placed in south asia and especially northern india that display the culture of their era.

    Mural Painting 

    A piece of an artwork that is directly applied to the wall.


    A person that inspires an artist to create an art is named as muse.


    A place where the artwork is displayed publicly is named as a museum.

    Mythological Painting

    Paintings that are based on historical themes are referred to as mythological paintings.



    A group of artists that produced artwork during 1888- 1900s who used vibrant colours patches to make simple drawings.

    Nail Art

    A technique of decorating nails is referred to as nail art.

    Naive Art 

    An artwork produced by an untrained artist is referred to as naive art.

    Narrative Painting 

    It is an artwork that depicts a story.


    First script of islamic writing that was probably initiated in the 4th century.


    It is a style of Arabic script writing similar to that of calligraphy.


    It refers to the artwork that is closer to nature and displays the things that are as in real life.


    The art that is characterized by its quality of presenting nature in its true form.


    A group of artists that established in germany the aim of which is to regenerate german art.

    Negative Space

    The space between and around the object portrayed is referred to as negative space.


    It is a movement started by the african and caribbean students in paris.


    Neoclassicism was a western cultural movement. The artists during this movement were inspired by classical antiquity. The art produced under this influence was referred to as neoclassical.

    Neo Concrete 

    It was a Brazilian art movement initiated in 1959.

    Neo Dada 

    A movement of art initiated to regenerate the art work as was created by the Dada.

    Neo Expressionism 

    A style of art that was initiated in the 1970s. The artist inspired by this moment created their artwork using vibrant colours.

    Neo Impressionism

    An art movement that was initiated by Georges seurat in 1886, the artist attempted to view ideals and the real in their artwork.

    Neo Plasticism 

    It is the art movement that shows the relationship between lines and colours in their artwork.

    Neo Romanticism 

    It refers to the artwork that displays an imaginative aspect of reality.

    Neue Sachlichkeit

    It was the art that was produced in Germany in  the reaction against expressionism.

    Neue Slowenische Kunst 

    These were the art pieces made in slovenia in 1984.

    Neue Wilde

    The term was used in Germany to represent the regeneration of expressive paintings during the late 19th century.


    A tone of colour created by mixing complementary colors is termed as neutral.

    New British Sculpture 

    The term is used for the work of young British artists who created sculptures during the 19th century.

    New English Art Club 

    An art club founded in 1885 in London.

    New Figuration

    Late 19th century revival of figurative art in Europe and America.

    New Generation Sculpture   

    The sculptures that were produced in the 20th century by british sculptors are named as new british sculptures.

    Non Objectivity 

    The art that is characterized by not representing natural objects.

    Non Representational Art 

    An art that depicts no real life images is referred to as non-representational art.

    New Spirit Painting

    In 1980 revival of expressionist styl;e in painting started what was referred to as new spirit painting. 

    New Topographics 

    The group of photographers that mostly photographed black and white images.

    Nouveau Realisme 

    The artistic movement established in the 1960s the artists influenced by this movement use collage excessively.

    Nude Art 

    The art portraying naked human figures is termed as nude art.



    The four sided pillar designs as Egyptian pyramids.

    Objective Abstraction

    An abstract art formed by british artists in the early 19th century.

    Oceania Art

    It refers to the artwork created by the natives of pacific islands. It contains the element of religion and supernatural beings.


    A life work of an artist is termed as oeuvre.

    Offset Lithography

    A technique in which the image is transferred to a rubber blanket through metal plates.

    Oil Paint

    The paint containing oil that dries slowly gives the artist time to portray the image.

    Old Master

    Those European artists that worked during the renaissance era are called old masters.


    This term is used to refer to Victorian artists.

    Omega Workshops 

    It was initiated by Rogerz fry the aim of this workshop was to support the artist and sculptors to earn their living by their artworks.

    Op Art 

    An artwork that was formed by using optical illusions.

    Opaque Paint

    The colour of paint used to give bright colours.

    Open Source

    The art that shows freedom is referred to as open source.

    Optical Color Mixture

    It is a technique to display different colours by using its different tones on an image instead of mixing two shades.

    Order of Architecture 

    It refers to the style of buildings.

    Organic Art 

    Art that represents irregular shapes is called organic art.


    The art that depicts the eastern world is called orientalist art and the artist who made it is named as an orientalist.


    Elements added to an artwork to enhance its appearance.

    Overlap Effect

    An effect created in an artwork to give it a three dimensional effect.

    Ottonian Art 

    Art that was produced during the german reign in ottonian dynasties.

    Outsider Art 

    Art that is produced by an untrained artist is termed as outsider art.

    Over Painting 

    It refers to the technique to paint on a cover of already painted artwork.



    the terms that are characterized to express the qualities of an artwork.


    It is an artwork that expresses the artist’s emotions in an artwork.


    A hard surface on which an artist mixes different colours to paint.


    A coloured medium in the shape of a stick with a binder used to create an artwork.

    Pan Africanism

    A mid 19th century ideology to express unity with Africans is referred to as Pan Africanism.


    A painting that is made on a wood panel.


    A movement of a camera to scan a moving object is termed as panning.


    An art paper is referred to as a paper for making an artwork. It is a smooth surface paper that is coated with a china clay.

    Papier Colle 

    A technique of making collage with papers.

    Participatory Art

    An art that is created to engage the public.


    A greenish coating appeared on a bronze sculpture called Patina.


    Pendant is one out of two paintings that are made in pairs.


    A change of mind when an artist created a piece of artwork.

    Penwith Society of Art

    A group of abstract artists that formed a group in 1949.


    The technique of representing a three dimensional object on a two dimensional surface is termed as perspective.

    Photo Book

    A book containing photographs is called a photo book.


    Aan image by a photographic material is called a photogram.


    The art of making photographs is called photography.


    An image on a metal surface that is produced by a photographic negative is referred to as photogravure.


    Sharing news about photography is called photojournalism.


    A collage made by the photographs is called photomontage.


    A real life painting in which an image is painted in a way that looks so real.

    Picture Plane

    A surface on which an image is painted or drawn is referred to as a picture plane.

    Picture Generation

    Artist affiliation with pop art and conceptual art.


    An ideal landscape view presented in an artwork is called picturesque.


    A surface that is flat within a painting.

    Plaster of Paris

    A medium to casting mold that contains  gypsum plaster is known as plaster of paris.

    Plein Air

    An act of painting in an outdoor setting refers to plein air.


    A heavy weight slab that supports the sculpture or a statue.


    A kind of dot painting technique in which small coloured dots are used to make an image.

    Polaroid Print

    An image that is instantly formed because of exposure to the camera.


    An image having multiple colours is called polychromatic.


    A painting that is divided in sections.

    Pop Art

    An artwork produced during the 1950-1960s as a reaction to the postwar era.


    It refers to the Case for loose sheets.


    A painting that displays the head and upper body of a person is referred to as a portrait.


    Sit in a particular position for making a photograph or for painting.

    Post Impressionism

    The twentieth century artwork that is produced in the reaction of expressionism.

    Post Painterly Abstraction

    A term that was used for the new developments in the field of art at the end of the 19th century.

    Post Colonial Art

    The artwork produced after western colonialism.


    An artwork that was produced in the reaction of modernism in art.


    A 19th century cylindrical toy that has twelve images to display a sequence of images.

    Pre Columbian

    An artwork that was produced in the late 15th century by the Caribbean peoples.

    Primary Colours 

    The red, blue and yellow colours are called primary colours.

    Process Art

    A process of creating an art is referred to as a process art.


    It is to use ideas in the designing process.


    It refers to the dimension of an artwork.

    Provoke Era

    It was an influential era in the history of photography.

    Psychedelic Art

    It refers to all the art movements of the late 1960s.


    The art movement that influenced French painting during the 1950s.



    The rayographs are the photographic prints that are made by laying the objects on a photographic paper.


    The art style began in the 1910-20s.


    It is to represent reality through art.

    Rebel Art Centre 

    It was a centre founded in 1914s where artists sit and discuss the artwork.

    Relative Apparent Size 

    It is to represent the length of an image to explain the distance.

    Relative Position 

    A position of an object with reference to the other object position in an artwork.


    A historical object that has survived for a long period of time.


    Revival or regeneration of medieval art style under the influence of 16-17th century artists.


    A copy of a painting is referred to as a replica.


    A polymer that is used to create an artwork.

    Resistant Art 

    The art that is used to protest and that carry strong ideas is referred to as resistant art.

    Return to Order 

    European art movement that was started after the world war one that refuses avant garde artistic style.


    It refers to the decorative style of architecture.


    It refers to an architectural style of Europe during 11 century.


    Artistic movement initiated in the 19th century that promoted use of imagination in an artwork.

    Rural Naturalism

    It was an artistic movement established in the late 18th century that displayed the scene of real life.



    An exhibition of art that is set by a living artist to display his art.


    It refers to the size of an artwork.


    A painting portraying a scenery is called a scene.

    School of Altamira

    It was an art school founded in 1946 the goal of this school is to promote scientific knowledge via art.

    Scottish colourist 

    It refers to the four painters who produce post impressionistic artwork.


    A picture that is produced by printing technique is termed as screenprint.

    Secondary Color

    A colour that is produced by mixing two primary colours.

    Self Portrait

    It is an artistic representation of himself.

    Serial Art

    An art that adheres to a strict rule is referred to as serial art. 


    It was a high quality image that is also called silk screening. 


    It was a renaissance technique of creating artwork that used fine shading producing soft colour tones.


    It is a technique of creating darkness by blocking the light source on a painting.


    An image made with a dark colour that is black mostly in a white background.


    An imitation of a person is referred to as simulacrum.

    Site Specific

    Work of art created for a specific site is referred to as site specific.

    Situationist International 

    It was an international organization initiated by Avant garde artists.


    A rough design of a drawing or a painting is referred to as a sketch.

    Social Sculpture 

    It refers to the power of art to change society.

    Social Turn 

    The return to social art is referred to as social turn.

    Socially Engaged Practice 

    It refers to socially engaged art.


    It refers to the quality of a substance dissolving in another.


    It refers to the art movement founded in Italy in 1949 with an idea to display colour, sound and time in artwork.


    A technique of presenting circles in artwork.


    A piece of plastic or a sheet that is used to make a design.


    A simple image of an object or a person is referred to as a stereotype.

    Still life 

    Portraying the still object found in daily life is referred to as a still life.


    An art that is produced by using lots of dots.


    It is a type of photography that records each and every incident of everyday life.

    St ives School

    A group of artists living and working in st ives during the 20th century.

    St john’s Wood Clique 

    A London based group of artists that were gathered by a photographer David Wilkie.


    A movement initiated in the 19th century with the aim to depart from conceptual art and create figurative work.


    It refers to the creation of art work by altering shapes, colors in an artwork.

    Subject matter

    A content that is depicted in art is named as a subject matter.


    An art that demands an intellectual and encouraging participation of the spectators.


    It was an art movement that focuses on the use of basic geometrical form in art.


    It was an art movement that stresses the use of the unconscious mind in the creation of artwork.


    The artist portraying symbols associated with different cultures is referred to as symbolism.


    It refers to something made of symmetrical parts.

    Synthetic Cubism 

    Is a style of producing artwork by using shapes and colours, portraying depth in them.


    It refers to the technique of producing artwork by synthesizing form, colours and ideas.

    System Art 

    Portraying the natural system in an artwork referred to as system art.



    It was a style of creating abstract paintings that were made in the early 19th century. 


    It is a technique of painting initiated in Europe during the 15th century.

    Tertiary Colour

    Colours that are produced by mixing primary and secondary colours.


    It is the quality of the surface of an artwork.

    The Blk Art Group

    It was an association of young black artists formed in 1979 who were influenced by black art movement.

    The Photo Secession 

    It was a movement initiated in the early 20th century that promoted photography.

    The Seven and Five Society

    It was an art group established by seven painters and five sculptors.


    It refers to the mixture of colours made by adding white.


    It is the quality of combination of different colours used in painting.


    It refers to the shade of colours.


    It refers to the art movement that started as a departure from avant garde art.


    An artwork that has three sections is referred to as a triptych.

    Trompe l oeil

    It is a method of creating artwork using optical illusions.


    It was an art movement initiated in Brazil in the 1950s.

    Turpentine Burn 

    It is a solvent that is used by painters.


    It is a design used to write a letter.



    It is a former layer of paint that provides a surface layer to initiate painting.

    Underground Art

    It is the art portrayed outside the conventional frame.

    Unit One 

    A group of artists gathered during 1933-1935.

    Useful Art Association

    It is the movement established with an aim to prove the usefulness of artwork in society.



    It is the quality of dark and light colours in a painting.

    Vanishing Point

    It is a point that is displayed in a painting to show the farthest distance it is like a point where two lines meet.


    A term refers to the 17th century still life painting.

    Vantage Point 

    A point from where a thing looks beautiful.


    It is a portrayal of real life or natural objects.

    Vernacular Photography 

    A photograph that shows a real life scene is termed as vernacular photography.


    It refers to a two side painting or printing.

    Virtual Reality 

    It is a reality that is displayed in an artwork that shows something similar to real life.


    A skill of appreciation for artwork.


    It refers to the thickness of paint that is utilized in creating an artwork.


    It is a glass cabinet in which artwork is showcased.


    It is the unit in which we measure length, width and height of an object.


    An artist movement inspired by cubism and futurism established during 1914-1915.


    War Artist

    The artists that display the events and happenings during war are named as war artists.

    Warm Colors 

    The colours that are associated with the sun as they evoke warm emotions are referred to as warm colours.

    Washington Colour School

    It was a visual art movement established in the 1950s.

    Water Colour

    Paints that are used by an artist to create a painting are composed of water soluble binder.


    A faint image produced under the painting or a sketch that becomes prominent when viewed in light is referred to as a watermark.

    Wax Print Cotton

    It refers to the colourful fabric worn in Africa.

    Wet Collodion

    It is an early photographic technique to make a photographic image.

    White Cube 

    Contemporary art gallery established in London.

    Wiener Werkstatte

    It was a company producing art and craft established in venice.


    A print or a design made of wood is called woodcut.



    A process of creating photographs by using electrically charged metal plates.


    The terms refer to the engraving art technique used by artists probably in the 1st century.



    It refers to a group of young British artists that exhibited their work in 1988.


    It refers to the discoloring of artwork due to excessive use of oil varnish.



    A cylindrical drum shaped device to present sequential photographic images.


    The art that represents animals.

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