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CraftyThinking is a loving community of moms, fathers, teachers, and parents passionate about crafting, education, and autism awareness. We also believe every child deserves a quality education, so we provide autism education and information resources.

Printables for Teachers

Stop wasting time and energy creating printables from scratch! Get access to amazing, ready-made printables for teachers, daycares, preschools and kindergarteners for an unbeatable price. Take advantage of this offer now before it’s too late!

Guides for Mothers

We are dedicated to connecting parents with trusted information, from education to health to family, and everything in between.

Here are the 3 best guides that all parents should read!

Autism Education

We provide educational autism crafts which is the perfect way to help your child learn while having fun. In addition, CraftyThinking is also developing educational materials tailored specifically for autistic children.

There are Five Types of Crafts for Autism:

We focus on the specific types of disorders because each individual is different.

There are many different types of sensory crafts, but they all have one thing in common: they help to stimulate the senses.

1. Auditory Sensory Crafts

Auditory sensory crafts are activities that engage the sense of hearing.

2. Olfactory Sensory Crafts

Olfactory sensory crafts are activities that involve the sense of smell.

3. Gustatory Sensory Crafts

Gustatory sensory crafts are activities that involve the sense of taste.

4. Tactile Sensory Crafts

Tactile sensory crafts are activities that engage the sense of touch.

5. Visual Sensory Crafts

Visual sensory crafts are projects that engage the senses of sight and touch.

Fun Family Crafts

Family arts and crafts are a variety of activities that families can do together that are creative and enjoyable.

Spring Arts and Crafts

This time of year is the perfect time to get your kids involved in Spring Arts and Crafts. You can make this a fun family activity by looking around the house for items you can use to create something new.​

Fall Activities

The leaves have fallen and it’s time to get out the sweaters, boots, and scarves. Fall is a great time for family activities. There are plenty of activities to do outside or at home.​

Summer Crafts for the Family​

The summer months are a great time to get your family involved in some fun activities. Take a look at these summer crafts for the family and see which ones you think your family would enjoy.​

Winter Arts

Now that the weather is finally starting to get cold, it’s time to look for some fun winter arts and crafts for the family. It’s always fun to try creative family crafts with the kids!​

Internet Resource Guide

Welcome to our internet resource guide for teachers, parents, and daycare providers! We’re excited to offer a wealth of resources and information to help you support the learning and development of children in your care.

Whether you’re a teacher looking for fun facts and engaging lesson plans, a parent seeking to encourage a love of art in your child, or a daycare provider searching for ways to incorporate art education into your program, we’ve got you covered with a wide range of resources and tips.

Our guides feature everything from drawing for beginners to more advanced art techniques designed to inspire creativity and foster a lifelong love of learning. We hope you find our guides a helpful and valuable resource as you work to support the growth and development of the children in your life.

What is CraftyThinking?

What if there was a one-stop-shop for moms that provided creative and helpful resources? What if there was an online platform that helped people with autism spectrum disorders learn and thrive?

CraftyThinking is just that! – A resource for busy mothers or overwhelmed teachers that provides easy-to-use guides, printables, and art resources to help them live fuller lives.