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Empowering Learning Through Arts

Crafting Education

At CraftyThinking, we specialize in offering Printables tailored for teachers, parents, and child care providers.
Our collection ranges from Coloring Books, Learning Activities to beginner “How to Draw” tutorials.
Explore our Arts and Crafts section, featuring Paper Crafts, Paper Bag Puppets, Handprint Crafts, and more.

Explore, learn, and craft with us!

Arts and crafts and Drawing enhance cognitive growth, boost creativity, and refine motor skills.
They foster problem-solving, encourage self-expression, and nurture patience.
With our resources, unlock these invaluable benefits for every child.


Autism Empowerment

Essential Autism Resources for Parents

Equip yourself with vital knowledge on autism (ASD), from understanding symptoms to crafting sensory experiences. Our platform is tailored for parents, offering:


CraftyThinking Is My Passion

Hi, my name is Sarah Johnson. My passion for arts and crafts goes beyond the canvas. I’ve dedicated myself to curating resources for mothers, teachers, and child care providers.

Together, we’re turning simple crafts into lasting memories. Join us in this creative journey.

Sarah Johnson

Moms’ Guide: Crafting and Caring

Motherhood Mastered: Crafting, Caring, and Connecting

At CraftyThinking, we cater to the distinct needs of mothers, offering resources to brighten and simplify your journey.
Explore our guides, tips, and art projects crafted especially for moms..

CraftyThinking has been a beacon of inspiration for me. As a parent and teacher, it’s transformed the way I engage with my children and students. Every learning resource feels like a bridge, connecting me to moments of joy, creativity, and understanding.
Kimberly Burge
Fishers, IN

Quality You Can Trust

Art Supplies for Arts and Crafting

Every masterpiece begins with the right tools.
We recognize the significance of quality art supplies in bringing creative visions to life.
Whether you’re a budding artist, a seasoned crafter, or just diving into the world of DIY,
Having the right supplies can make all the difference.

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