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Art is not always needed to decorate the walls. There is an immense variety of art and craft rugs to decorate your floors, too. The city of Morocco is famous for art and craft rugs. It is the place where the vast variety of beautifully designed art and craft rugs is introduced. Art and Craft rugs have a thick contour with a heavy pile up length that is made to meet the needs of snow-capped and hilly areas. These art and craft rugs are used for decoration, as saddle blankets and carpets. 

Designs of Art and Craft Rugs

These art and craft rugs come in various designs such as diamond shaped designs, Turkish motif designs, patched designs and the floral architectural designs with many bare areas carved in them. These art and craft rugs are known worldwide for their elegant texture and best designs. The designs introduced on the art and craft rugs were ancient and passed from weaver to weaver. These designs mainly convey the signs of fertility and nourishment. 

Types of Art and Craft Rugs

There are many types of Art and craft rugs. The names of these art and craft rugs are after the name of the area in which they are carved or after the name of some tribe. Some of these famous art and craft rugs are the Beni Ouarain rugs, Imlil rugs, Vintage Berber Rugs, Boucherouite rugs, Tibetan wool rugs, Zanafi Rugs, Azilal hand knotted rugs, Cactus silk rugs and many Tassel rugs. 

Colors of Art and Craft Rugs

Craft room rugs offer the most beautiful and widest color range for the embellishment of rooms and Bungalows. These craft room rugs are fantastically made with vibrant and delicate hues. Most of such craft room rugs are colored navy blue that acts as a symbol of power and vigor and some are colored aqua green to add peace elements. Thus, each colored craft room rug symbolizes a specific meaning. These beautiful color patterns have made the craft room rugs a masterpiece for everyday bedroom and home decorations. 

Natural colors blended with dyes give a different type of freshness that attracts the buyers towards these craft room rugs. The whimsical patterns drawn by color schemes on these craft room rugs are a source of attraction they own. In these craft room rugs, often the contrasting color patterns are used to highlight the details of the embroidery and floral patterns. 

The craft room rugs and many other art and craft rugs are usually colored with indigo, henna and cochineal shades. Each color has its own story to tell. The color red symbolizes vigor, yellow color represents eternity and green stands for peace. The unique mixture of such colors and texture is phenomenal experience one can have on these art and craft rugs.

The craft room rugs are specially designed by using natural and trendy colors with quality patterns that are available to roll out in any space giving the space a light environment and best look. Such colorful craft room rugs bring a vision in the place where they are laid down.

Discounted Art and Craft Rugs

The main market for the discounted art and craft rugs is in the Morocco city. The Mountains of Atlas is another famous area for these discounted art and craft rugs. Both of these areas have the natives that weave the best Quality art and craft rugs for sale. The quality and discounted art and craft rugs are made from the natural wool and natural colors. 

Every year, many rugs festivals are held having the art and craft rugs for sale and from here the buyers can have the discounted art and craft rugs. Wayfair and many other rugs stores offer a wide variety of discounted art and craft rugs for sale. You can shop from any of these websites for the most versatile and discounted art and craft rugs. 

Morocco is popular for introducing the best extensive and breathtaking collections of discounted art and craft rugs for sale. Antique art and craft rugs with delicately woven material are one of the hallmarks of the rugs manufacturing industry. The Imlil area of Morocco is considered the home of discounted art and craft rugs for sale. The natives are experts in weaving the beautiful designs of the discounted art and craft rugs with efficiency.

Each art and craft rug has a unique style of weaving patterns and floral designs that distinguishes it from the other styles. The most prominent part of the world for introducing the discounted art and craft rug is “Fes”.  The city was considered the homeland for the thousands of dedicated weavers and embroidery studios. These features made the city a hub of artistically carved discounted art and craft rugs.

Vintage Berber rugs present the reflection of cultured art and craft rugs for sale. The Berber tribes designed these discounted art and craft rugs, and embellished with multiple designs and colors which represent the beauty of Atlas Mountains and Bohemian patterns. These art and craft rugs are woven with pure wool from the sheep of the Atlas Mountain and then blended with the natural colors. The uniqueness of these art and craft rugs for sale is the element that gives your desired Bungalow the attention and look it deserves.

Bungalow Rugs

The beauty of modern bungalow rugs lies in the fact that they transform the drab corners of your bungalow into the lively spaces. These modern bungalow rugs and bungalow mats are hand knotted by the craftsmen and craftswomen in a unique fashion. The bungalow rugs are especially enriched with amazing colorful designs and luxurious materials that complete the look of your bungalow. The Boucherouite rugs are one of the fantastic art and craft rugs which are made using the vibrant and basic colors and intricate designs like zigzags and laced borders. These art and craft rugs are a perfect match to your bungalow and a must to grab decoration. 

The modern bungalow mats and rugs are incorporated with ancestral myths using various images and symbols. These art and craft rugs were the way to preserve the cultural personality of a specific area. Each symbol symbolizes a different meaning. Triangles, rectangles and saw shaped figures made the bungalow rugs most captivating. A camel shaped track is usually carved by the weavers on these art and craft bungalow rugs to symbolize a flower.

The modern bungalow rugs have power to lighten the whole atmosphere and this is the reason behind their popularity and use in the bungalows nowadays. These art and craft bungalow rugs along with the Beni Ouarain and other types of art and craft rugs are made from the pure wool, cotton, nylon and plastics. The ground material is carefully mixed with the dyes in order to give a contemporary look to the bungalow mats. These ever evolving designs of the bungalow mats and rugs have made them a beautiful outfit for every bungalow and living place!!

The aqua green color is usually added to the modern bungalow rugs to give them the touch of ocean tides and water current. The featured highlights of shimmery dyes are introduced on the basic pattern to give these modern bungalow rugs even a more complete look. Such modern bungalow rugs are versatile to roll out either in your bungalows or in your workplaces. 

Art and Craft Area Rugs

Art and craft area rugs are exhibitions of art and culture of that specific area. These art and craft area rugs add a touch of romantic culture and smooth trend to the rooms and offices. The art and craft area rugs are made up of shimmering silk blended with fine bamboo and natural sheep wool. Then, this whole mixture of art and craft area rugs is decorated with the different colors and patterns to make it look just gorgeous enough! The smoothness of wool on this art and craft area rug is further enhanced by layering organic material. The Abrash technique is used for adding colors to the vintage art and craft rugs.

This technique beautifully blends the dyes and natural colors to give the depth-looking and unique color variations on the art and craft area rugs.

These art and craft area rugs are designed by using different markers and each of them conveys a meaning. The Berber art and craft rugs used lozenge shaped symbols to idealize females, a large diamond motif used to symbolize guardians warding off evil and sometimes the geometrical figures are added to give these art and craft area rugs an intriguing finish. X drawn on the art and craft area rugs is a symbol of a body with arms and legs spreading outwards. Snake and fish skeletons are sometimes carved on these art and craft rugs to indicate holy persons and more often the finger patterns are woven as a sign of protection.

The monochrome dot patterns, edged patterns, laced borders and addition of a variety of geometrical figures have made the art and craft area rugs worth looking at. The impeccable and stunning color palettes are a perfect touch in the beauty of these hand knotted art and craft area rugs.

The latest collections of art and craft area rugs are embellished with many striped and patched designs. These versatilities give a refined touch to your living and work places. Ethnically hand knotted with wool and viscose, then blended with bamboo and shimmer, and finally crafted with beautiful patterns and geometrical figures, the whole ensemble of these art and craft rugs is awesome. 

These antique and beautiful art and craft area rugs are equally used in homes, hotels and offices. The fauna and flora inspired color details are carved on some art and craft rugs to refine their stunning look. Collectors love these art and craft rugs pieces because of their exotic beauty, distinctive designs and appealing looks. These art and craft area rugs can anchor any place in an exclusive curated style.

Mission Style Rugs 

Mission rugs are a symbol of quality in the race of art and craft style rugs. The mission style rugs are decorated with many symbolic motifs to give these art and craft style rugs a versatile look. Such mission style rugs are a perfect addition to the living rooms to give them a dynamic appearance. These mission style rugs are designed in accordance with the art and craft movements of William Morris, Charles Voysey, and Frank Lloyd Wright. These mission style rugs are art and craft inspired rugs.

William Morris art and craft rugs are one of the famous mission style rugs. Morris mission style rugs are made up of looms containing pattern and dyed with the Staffordshire dye works, reviving the blue hues from the indigo plant and red hues from the madder root plant. These designs of the mission style rugs became popular after the Victorian Era. 

The mission style rugs comprise a beautiful layout of figures and colors. Central panel contains repeated columns of diamond shaped figures representing the power of feminism. The sides of panels of these art and craft rugs are decorated with squares, X shapes and various dash-marks representing the male power.

These mission rugs are hand knotted with the wool of Tibetan and New Zealand and highlighted with shimmery bamboo material, these  art and craft style rugs are definitely a masterpiece of art and craft. The geometrical figures, striped and customized designs are also hand carved to enhance even the minor details of the mission style rugs.

 The vibrant color-way and sometimes the basic yet light hues are usually introduced in the mission style rugs to fit your place. Colors vary from the lighter to the darker shades. These art and craft style rugs are an injection of beauty and texture into any space. The whole presentation of mission style rugs is assembled with care and elegance to complete the look of an artistic panache.

These mission style rugs are weaved so gracefully that they form the basic foundation of rooms and living places.  These art and craft rugs are an addition of comfort to our places. 

Peking Handicraft Rugs

 To complete your friendly and family space these antique handcraft rugs are considered a must addition. The quality of such art and craft rugs is awesome from the wise selection of material to the process of weaving to the addition of natural colors and synthetic dyes. The Berbers and people of other rug weaving tribes herded the sheep in the mountains of Atlas and the wool from these sheep was used in handicraft rugs. This delicacy of work and the super quality made these handicraft rugs a trustworthy name.

Handmade with the wool and then handcrafted with the highlights and other patterns, the whole package of these handicraft rugs is stunning. From ages people are using these beautifully carved art and craft rugs with the sleek furniture designs to complete the look of their homes.

The handicraft rugs are carefully glistened with the bamboo and shimmery materials to give them a contemporary look. The colors used mostly in the handicraft rugs indicate fertility, spryness and greenery thus inducing a kind of freshness that changes the look and environment of your place entirely. These handicraft rugs will give you a residential feel you want!

The quality of handicraft rugs is second to none. Many weavers and dedicated craftsmen work diligently to introduce the beautiful layouts in the handicraft rugs. These handicraft rugs are woven with the pure wool to make the art and craft rugs super authentic. Natural colors are preferred to the artificial dyes in the manufacture of handicraft rugs.

 These handicraft rugs are more durable than the other art and craft rugs. It is always advised to shop the handicraft rugs in order to have a longer lifetime and a supreme manufacturing quality.

Art Nouveau Rugs

Art Nouveau is one of the most refreshing and attractive varieties of art and craft rugs. These art nouveau rugs are commonly used in the living rooms and bedrooms where they lighten the atmosphere with their beautiful art and craft rug designs. These unique art and craft rugs are designed after getting the inspiration from the Nouveau art movement. 

Art Nouveau originated in the early 90s. The style of these Art Nouveau rugs is focused on the natural elements, vibrant colors, charming floral patterns and the flowing lines carved within the bordered frame. 

Art Nouveau rugs have striking floral architecture that signifies the beauty of these art and craft rugs. The designs of these Art Nouveau rugs originated from the different plant species and these art and craft rugs have become basic elements for the decorative layouts. All of these Art Nouveau rugs are hand knotted by the craftsmen and craftswomen, so they have a longer duration than the synthetic art and craft rugs made from the nylon and propylene. 

The fine quality New Zealand wool is used in the manufacture of Art Nouveau rugs. This super quality wool is adorned in the bold flower patterns to ensure the uniqueness of these Art Nouveau rugs. The uniqueness and shine brought in these art and craft rugs from the use of New Zealand wool adds a luxurious look to your desired place. All the structural elements of these Art Nouveau rugs signify nourishment, prosperity and balanced life. 

These Art Nouveau rugs include a vast variety of color palettes to suit any of the desired decoration styles. Mostly, the mate colors with the Earthy and soft tones are used in these art and craft rugs. Art Nouveau rugs are available in variable size ranges to match the wooden, tiled or any other flooring. 

If you are looking for a durable and unique quality art and craft rug, this art nouveau rug is definitely the best choice. 

Craftsman Area Rugs 

Craftsman rugs impressions always last! That’s what craftsmen rugs follow. The craftsmen rugs are finely woven with best quality material that built their leading customer following and the longer duration for use. A new thing introduced in the antique, zanafi , art nouveau and other art and craft  rugs is “Sabra,” which is commonly called “cactus silk” or “cactus fiber”.

The natives of Atlas Mountain are experts in weaving such silk craftsmen rugs efficiently. This art and craft rug material is collected from the filaments of Agave or Aloe Vera plants.  It is comfortably designed with low pile-up space and then simply blended with basic and natural colors to portray an elegant and decent look. The yarn dyed natural colors used in the craftsmen rugs come from botanical pigments.

Cactus silk is the main distinguishing feature of the craftsmen rugs. The silk is carefully woven by the area craftsmen so as to assure its supreme quality. The fibers of silk material in these craftsmen rug are so elastic and shimmery that a natural decent look is assembled. These quality craftsmen rugs are a perfect match for the homes and workplaces.

The craftsmen rugs are similar in designs to boho styled art and craft rugs. The undersurface of these craftsmen rugs is the quality marker that buyers use before purchasing the rugs. Craftsmen rugs are more ethnic and durable than the other art and craft rugs because they are not dried in the Sun and have vibrant long lasting colors. 

Craftsmen area rugs are woven by the craftsmen and craftswomen of Berber tribes, craftsmen of Italy and craftsmen of various cities of Morocco. Such craftsmen rugs are capable of transforming the aura of your place. The final finished product is surprisingly soft, durable and sleek.

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