Different Types of Art Markers

Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Art Markers


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    Different Types of Art Markers are used in many ways. In math, they may be used to solve equations or find the answers to word problems. In art, markers can be used for drawing and painting. Markers come in a wide variety of colors and sizes so that they can be matched with their respective uses.

    It is difficult to make an artwork shine without proper tools and equipment and art markers are one of the important tools. Trend in painting also changes with time where artists used to draw with pencils and paint brushes. Now they use art markers because they are more easy to use and give long lasting effects. Art markers save time of mixing color tones and getting the same color shade every time.

    Artist and Art Teachers Love Markers

    They do not dry as paints get when mixed on palettes and artists can easily take them anywhere they like. Art teachers also prefer art markers in their classroom as beginners can hold them easily. They do not create a mess and dries quickly on the surface. And these art markers are good for outdoor projects and for travel purposes, they give real image and photo effect to the painting.

    There are numerous art markers available in the market and in the hand of an artist an ordinary marker becomes a professional one.

    How Many Types of Markers Are There?

    There are more than you might think.

    Perhaps it’s time to brush up on your knowledge of the different types of markers available and how they can be used! There is oil-based, water-soluble ink that washes away with soap; fat based (to make colorful drawings); pigment powder which stains skin or paper – like crayons for grownups 😉

    Different Types of Art Markers

    If you are searching for a good art marker for your artwork here I have presented a list of art supply markers and given a brief overview of their characteristics . That will help in your selection process.

    Each type of art marker has its own features that differentiate it from the others.

    Types of Marker According to Their Base

    There are three types of markers available in the market that have compositional differences as they have different bases.

    • Water based markers/ removable markers

    As the name suggests these markers are a mixture of water, glycerin and color pigment.it is important to let them stay for a long time so they get dry. These markers are not permanent and can be easily washed off. Kids love to work with these markers as they have no smell like that of alcohol based markers.

    • Alcohol based markers/ permanent markers

    These markers are permanent and are easy to use. They are made of alcohol base that diffuses in color pigment and have a stingy smell. It is good to use them in an open or well ventilated place to reduce the aroma. One of the advantages of these markers over others is their quality of re-filling and if they get dry you can make them usable by injecting alcohol in them.

    • Oil based markers

    These markers are used to paint on metal or ceramic surfaces. Their color pigment is permanent and cannot remove easily and have a long lasting effect. These markers have different tip shapes and sizes and you can easily select one for your project type from a wide variety available in the market.

    Types of Markers According to Their Tip Size

    Tip is actually a nib of marker that leaves a color pigment on the surface of paper. According to the tip sizes there is a range of markers available in the market. If you are going to make a specialized pattern or drawing you can easily choose one from these.

    • Extra fine marker

    These markers have an extra fine tip and are used to make thin lines and to give details to your artwork they are 0.03 mm thick.

    • Fine tip markers

    These markers as the name suggests have a fine tip almost 0.1 mm thick and are mostly used to make fine lines and outline of a figure. And there are ultra fine tip markers that have 0.2 mm to 0.4 mm thick tip. These ultra fine tip markers are used to create a more detailed work and give a more charismatic look.

    • Medium tip markers

    These markers are somewhat more thick than the pointed tip markers. These markers are used as a filler in drawing and painting; they are not used to detail an artwork as those extra fine tip markers that have a thickness ranges from 0.3 mm to 1. 25 mm.

    • Broad tip markers

    These markers have extra large tips. These markers are used to fill the gaps in painting or a drawing as these have a broad tip so these markers save time of filling up a large area.

    What Are the Different Marker Tips?

    Marker tips come in many different shapes and sizes. There’s the standard round tip, which can be used for general writing or sketching out your ideas on paper. Then there are felt tipped pens that provide added pressure when drawing large lettering with smooth strokes of color. Oil Pastels have been around since 18th century BC where artists would use them to create soft sketchy effects without being too heavy handed about their stroke detail

    Types of Markers According to the Tip Shape

    There are three types of  markers available in the market according to differences in their tip shape. 

    • Bullet tip markers

    These markers have a rounded edge and are easy to use when making a sketch; the bullet tip helps to make a smooth pattern. These markers have a round shape and are good for drawing and sketching.

    • Slanted tip markers

    These markers as the name indicates have a slant tip. Most professionals use these markers for drawing and painting as tips help to make shapes whereas a slanted surface helps to fill up the patterns. These markers are mostly used in calligraphy and other artwork that include some writing.

    • Brush tip markers

    It is a marker that has a brush-like tip. These markers are similar to use like a paint brush, exert little pressure  for fine lines and if need a thicker line exert a large pressure on it. These markers are widely used as filler.

    Some marker brands give other varieties as given;

    • Double ended markers

    These markers have two different tip shapes in one same marker where one end has a pointed tip while the other has a chisel tip. They are easy to carry and need less space where you have to take two markers. This double ended marker helps to save your time and space.

    • Colorless blending markers

    Some brands give blending markers; these markers are colorless and have no color pigment, these markers are basically used to fix the mistakes in an artwork, they remove the errors and help to highlight and polish art specimens. These markers come in double ends and are available in all tip sizes and shapes.

    Fine Tip Markers

    These markers are perfect for any artist who needs their work to be done quickly and accurately. The fine marker tip allows you to create detailed images. While at the same time still being able to use them on paper. Create great detail without getting too close so that the colors don’t blend together or smudge easily.

    Not smudging trying to remove excess ink from an area with little space around it. Which can happen if using other types of pens. Other marker pens are typically wider than most people would like. In order to get more “ink” onto whatever surface we want writing upon. A fine detail not found among these types of marker tips! This tip type of markers are perfect for arts and crafts. They have a fine point, allowing you to draw intricate details with precision sharp lines that is unparalleled by other normal ballpoint pens or brush like tips on regular paint tubes!

    Permanent Markers

    Permanent markers are an essential tool for artists of every skill level. Beginners who are just trying out their hand at drawing figures on paper to more experienced professionals who draw or write. Different types of permanent marker give you the ability with its quick drying time that allows children’s’ fine motor skills by making it easy-to use without ever worrying about smudging or wiping off your work entirely! Permanent markers tips provide a fade resistant and lasting way to make any object. They can be used for all sorts of things like labeling, drawing on paper products such as books or tents; creating numbers that will never come off!

    Water Based Markers

    Painting with water based ink markers is a great way to create masterpieces on any surface. They’re versatile, easy-to-use and they don’t leave behind any residue! If you’ve never used them before or are just getting started in art then I highly recommend using this type of brush. It will allow anyone the ability make beautiful work without being hindered by difficult techniques required when working with other types/kinds of paintbrushes.

    Water-based markers are a popular choice for beginners because they allow you to draw without worrying about drying too quickly, which means your work will not disappear when it’s touched. A lot of people prefer these kinds of pens because there is no chance at all that what we’re drawing could wash away with water from our cup or bottle!

    Oil Based Marker Tip

    Oil based markers are best sellers and are really popular for their large ink capacity, color variety and durability. Unlike water based ones which dry up after about an hour of use (or less). This type of brush pens last much longer with its consistency coming from oils rather than water mixed together like other types do!

    Making art with oil based markers are easily erasable but they can also dry out your work so beware. These types of different tips have the most intense vibrant colors and use less ink. Which makes it perfect for intricate drawings with professional quality and many shades or hues, as well as any type of graphic design you might be creating! The downside is that these heavily pigmented products may wear down quickly over time if used often.

    Marker Pens

    The marker pens are typically black and have a thick tip. They’re usually used for drawing lines, writing in text books or on various other surfaces such as paper bags so you can identify what your shopping list looks like without having any marks left behind when it’s time to go grocery shopping!

    The marker pens are typically black and have a thick tip. They are the types of marker usually used for drawing lines, writing in text books or on various other surfaces such as paper bags. You can identify what your shopping list looks like without having any marks left behind when it’s time to go grocery shopping!

    If you’re looking for a stylish way to write your next poem, the markers pens are perfect. With their sleek shape and vibrant colors they have been known as “the crayon of writers”.

    Copic Sketch Markers

    The Copic Sketch Marker is a must-have for any aspiring artist. The marker features an innovative tip that ensures perfect control and fluidity. Copic Markers brush tips are great while you sketch out your ideas on paper or canvas, making it easy to capture exactly what’s in front of you with precision!

    Copic Sketch Markers are a staple of the professional artist’s toolkit. They can be used to quickly and easily sketch out images, people or objects with incredible detail. Copic marker tips are great for any project that requires sketches–like crafting an anime character! The Copics come in sets containing various colors which allows you more control over your art.

    These small, versatile instruments can be used on paper, cloth or marker paper. They produce rich colors that blend together easily and they’re perfect to practice your drawing skills and trying out new techniques. Copics even work really well if someone wants create an illustration entirely from black lines–the sketches will always show through clearly thanks to their brilliance shine pigment core which lights up nicely under UV light anyway but looks cool too by just using regular old LED lighting fixtures.

    Bullet Tip Markers

    A bullet tip marker is a small, sharp object that you can attach to the end of your writing utensil. This will help keep it from rolling away and also give an interesting look for whatever project needs decorating! Bullet marker tips are perfect kind of marker to use for drawing attention-grabbing illustrations. They can be used on anything from signs and posters, billboards or even t shirts!

    Bullet tip markers will improve your workflow and help you stay organized. The size is perfect for small hands. Which means that the tool won’t get in their way as they work on drawings or crafts with these nifty little gadgets! If there’s one thing we know about kids- they’re always drawing something so it only makes sense to have this type of marker tips.

    Slanted Tip Markers

    Slanted tip markers are a great way to add some variety and creativity when drawing. For example, slant your marker so that it is easier for you see what’s being made on the page. Without having any excess ink running all over or getting trapped underneath strands from other colors! There are slanted tips that can be used for writing on bar counters, tables edge and dance floors.

    The Marker tips is at an angle ensures better control of your voice when drawing something in 3D space. Slanted tip markers are a great way to quickly and easily create different types of lines, including guidelines. The surface area that they can cover is really impressive as well!

    Brush Tip Markers

    Markers with a brush tip are often preferred by graphic designers and illustrators. They allow the artist to create marks on any type of paper. Including illustration boards or photo papers for printing purposes. Even though there’s no difference in quality between them other than their appearance!

    Brush tip are perfect for any artist who wants to create detailed drawings. The fine point of these markers make it easy and smooth, which is great if you want the colors or textures on your artwork/drawing be more prominent than what’s going in front them!

    Double Ended Markers

    Double ended markers are an excellent tool for artists of all levels. They can be used to draw or color in two different ends at once. Which means you’re less likely to get too frustrated if things go wrong while working on your masterpiece! Double-ended Markers allow artists of any skill level the opportunity perform their creative work more easily.

    Giving them access not only one but two writing surfaces so there’s no need waste time switching between brushes and pencils when trying write something new down quickly before moving onto another spot – just flip over what needs fixing up top instead.

    Colorless Blending Markers

    If you’re an artist, the colorless blending markers will be perfect for your work. Vivid colors and beautiful lines come together in a swirl of pigment when used with any liquid or gel based medium. Colorless Blending Markers have incredible flexibility! So that no matter what type is being used on top there’ll always be some kindling to help bring out shapes more vividly than ever before!

    This pen also feature fine point tips which mean clean sharp borders between one shape meets another without worrying about bleeding through from beneath; just delicately shade where needed then blend away seamlessly using pressure applied at different angles depending upon whether thicker textures are desired.


    Hope it helps you in your selection process and you can easily get one for you. I will recommend trying all those markers before buying as marker selection completely depends upon the artwork design and the selected pattern.

    If you like this article and would like to know more, please comment below.

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