January Arts and Crafts

What Are Some Fun January Arts and Crafts?

Have you ever considered noticing what impact can art and crafts make on your child’s mind? A child’s growing period is between 3-13 years which requires absolute attention from their parents. Get as creative as you can with your child and bring out the creativity of your young star. Kids that do crafts at an early age proved to be more visionary and artistic since their young minds have been trained to think out of the box and create new ideas. 

Doing January arts and crafts is considered a waste of time by a lot of people, or is not believed to be a consequential requirement while upbringing a child. In reality, when children are on break from their schools, they’re just on their own. No extra effort is put in by parents to teach them to play new games or indulge them in fun craft activities. It is the parent’s responsibility to help them find their talent and help their minds grow by allowing them to express their creative thoughts by physically performing arts and crafts.


Get involved with your children and help them create new ideas. Such wholesome effort not only increases the confidence of the young minds but also motivates them to do even more. Doing arts and crafts together brings the family closer and strengthens the bond of love and communication. Spending time with family is equated with having a family member physically present in the home. This, however, is not true. Spending quality time with your family entails full attention and collaboration while participating in a scheduled activity. It is not enough to simply show up, participation and engagement with others, and giving your best to make the activity fun is equally important.

 So it’s time to look at some of the best January crafts and also understand why they are the best!

What are different types of January Crafts to be done with Family?

Let’s start with the types. Do you know January Arts and crafts are of many different types? The best types of crafts that can be done with children include Functional, Decorative, and Papercrafts. The purpose of crafting is to excite the children and let them think and develop their creativity through these different types of crafting ideas.

Decorative Crafts

Decorative crafts mostly include crafts like wall hangings and lightning. You can also make jewelry crafts for kids in a variety of funny and unique ways. You may gather all sorts of bits and bobs hidden in dusty crates or tucked under beds, and give them new life. These simple decorative crafts allow kids to be creative while creating a variety of crazy and strange designs.

January Arts and Crafts

It also includes making snowmen and winter hats using an old, unused piece of cloth or using any other material. The purpose is to develop the imagination of children and built-in them a feeling of a strong bond among their family.

Paper Crafts

Paper crafts, as the name suggests, involve the use of paper. Many children’s first exposure to paper crafts is in preschool when they print designs of their hands-on paper using paints. Paper crafts are the easiest out of all. You can make a fun kid’s project out of old newspapers and magazines. This way you can also teach them how to recycle.

January Arts and Crafts

Paper origami is one of the most favorite activities of children. They love to make different animals using paper. Paper masks, plates, and cards are also included. These crafts are all fun and exciting and are loved by kids.

Functional Crafts 

Functional crafts are all about creating a useful piece of decor as a final product. It is an art of beautifying objects that can be useful in your everyday life. These arts and crafts may include decorating the jars. 

January Arts and Crafts

You will observe how happy jar decoration makes your child because it helps them to physically demonstrate the ideas of their mind. Functional crafts are all about teaching your kids to make a useless thing into a useful product. 

How January Crafts with Family Influence Children? 

What makes one young mind different from the other concerning creativity? All young kids are the same and begin to learn together, but all have different imaginative capabilities. Arts and crafts with family push out and enhance the weak ideas of kids. Here are some more precise aspects that will be affected by January Art and crafts.

Motor Skills

When children get creative using their fingers, they are honing their fine motor skills by using the little muscles in their hands. As babies learn to use both hands at the same time, their bilateral coordination improves. The kids paint, color, glue, and cut, using the coordination of their hands. If this activity is performed by the kid alone, the motivation level remains zero and there is no encouragement.

January Arts and Crafts

Conversely, when a kid is surrounded by the family. The sound of applause and screams of encouragement helps the kid to learn faster and thus improve the motor skills even quicker. The faster their fine motor skills improve, the more they will be able to accomplish independently.

Fine motor abilities are required to perform smaller, more precise motions, which are typically performed with the hands and fingers. They differ from gross motor abilities as they involve higher accuracy. This is a skill that children will continue to strengthen throughout their childhood, and arts and crafts activities can help them develop such skills.


Art and crafts help children learn a wide range of skills, from speaking and reading to listening and understanding. When children create art or crafts, they have the opportunity to discuss their work, which improves their communication abilities. They learn to make questions. “What color is used for the sky?” or “how should I draw the horse? This process of learning and improving verbal communication is further promoted with the help of their family around them.

January Arts and Crafts

Parents teach them new words, and they use their listening skills to obey verbal directions. “How did you come up with that color?” It is best for growing children to be a part of the conversation as when they go to schools they have a better interaction with friends and teachers. This helps them make new friends and also to perform better in school when they go back after the January break.

Literacy is the foundation for a child’s capacity to communicate and socialize. It entails learning about sounds, words, and language, and it can be cultivated through speaking and listening, reading, and rhyming at an early age. Children who are encouraged by their families to enhance their literacy abilities by participating in fun, and playful activities prove to be more quick learners than those who have no family support. 

Math Fundamentals

Basic math abilities are sometimes overlooked when it comes to arts and crafts activities and is not considered as important as other skills. Math abilities, on the other hand, are regularly employed and have a good impact on the development of arithmetic skills in preschool children.

A family’s support gives the kids a chance to count and lets them learn to recognize and different shapes using different objects. Kids can learn to organize their art tools, and even measure the lengths and sizes of various art materials. Good thinking and problem-solving skills are required to learn math, which art and crafts activities can easily teach them. 

January Arts and Crafts

A child learns better if they are surrounded by their family members. The kind of boost family gives, is irreplaceable.


Art encourages children to express themselves creatively, which is vital throughout their lives. Art and crafts are the best way of self-expression and this allows youngsters to express their feelings and vision. It also encourages children’s mental development by allowing them to try out new ideas, and methods of thinking.

January Crafts

Children learn faster with the ones they know. Creativity is somewhat different from intelligence. It is part of inner-self and what kids learn.  Creativity is about thinking, investigating, discovering, and imagining, and then incorporating those ideas into physical forms.


Participating in creative sessions can increase a kid’s self-esteem, independent of their talent or desire for artistic expression. The arts have been proved to strengthen a sense of social identity and can inspire goal-directed behavior. A sense of accomplishment provided by the art and craft activities allows them to take pride in their work. It not only increases their self-esteem but also encourages them to do more.

January Crafts

Making art is a wonderful, safe method to teach children that it’s okay to make mistakes. Parents can teach their children new innovative ideas from the mistakes they make. Kids get to explore new things while simultaneously honing their “self-control skills”. This aids in the development of patience, which is something that all children require assistance with. 

Best Indoor January craft activities for families! 

Parents are usually interested in figuring out crafting techniques that can keep their kids engaged. Craft activities are a lot more fun which is doubled with the participation of the entire family. To remove the boredom of kids, some indoor craft activities are much needed. It is best to support your kids in such activities as those moments are the best of their lives. Let’s have a look at some of the indoor January craft activities. 

Winter Dollhouse 

January Crafts

No matter where you live, there is a high probability that you have shoe boxes in your house. Well, why not use those boxes for something productive? Shoe boxes can be used to make beautiful dollhouses for your kids. You can involve your kid in its making. They would use their ideas to make it more interesting. So for the winter holidays, we believe that this one is a good craft activity with the family. 

Snow Jar 

January Crafts

Now, this one is something new and full of colors. Ever wonder why most of the kids’ toys are based on the snow? Kids often wonder about the sky and its mysteries. So the best way to make their imagination practical is by making a snow jar. This jar can be filled with colored snow and you can use multiple shiny papers to make it more beautiful. It requires a lot of effort but be happy as your kid is going to love it. 

Paper Crafts 

If you are trying to figure out interesting and easy crafting activities then the paper can be your best partner. Kids often get bored when they are indoors. So it is better to give them a good activity. Your kids can make paper snowmen or boats and then color them as they like. This will help them in their mental growth and you can also play with them. 

Pop-up Books 

January Crafts

Now, this is an activity that would even require your expertise along with your ids. Kids usually love doing activities that involve their parents. So pop-up books can be made with your kids that might include weather, sports products, cartoons, and much more. They can even carry that book till their adulthood to remember the fun they had. 

Ice Sculptures 

january crafts

Wondering how to have fun with ice? Why not use the winter ice to make beautiful sculptures? You can play with your kid and engage them in this fun activity. You can make them colorful and as a decoration as well. 

Hope these indoor craft activities would be helpful for you and your kids. Let’s now have a look at some of the best outdoor crafting activities. 

Best outdoor January craft activities for families!

Well, you might be thinking about certain activities that can engage your kid and support them in physical and mental development. Art and crafts are important for kids as they can boost their spirit, have fresh air and the feeling of inspiration inculcates in them. The outdoor activities directly involve the kids with nature and the available material outside. 

It is best to engage your kids in outdoor craft activities once in a while as it can contribute highly to their growth. The multiple activities they perform require active use of mind and body which as a result boosts their growth. Moreover, the presence of the entire family gives them the necessary confidence. Here is a list of some of the best outdoor craft activities that can be done with family. 

Snow Painting 

january crafts

Have you ever tried to remember how much you were obsessed with colors in your childhood? Well, the same is the case with kids as they love to play with multiple colors. Once you give those colors and brushes, you would feel that they try their best to create their imagination on snow. In winter, painting snow is the best for kids as it is a source of fun and joy for kids. 

Printing through Soap Foam

january crafts

One of the most wonderful outdoor activities with the family is printing paper using soap foam. Kids love forming bubbles and popping them. So why not engage them in a healthy activity? Kids make one of the cutest printed pictures using a cloud of bubbles to express their arts. They get mingled with colors and express their joy through paper. 

Patterns of Nature Materials 

january crafts

Kids love to play with multiple materials that can be found outdoors. You can see those making mandalas which is a circular path of patterns usually made from leaves. It makes the kid use his imagination and convert unnecessary things to useful things. Land art attracts the kids most and the joy they express is on another level. 

Rock Painting 

january crafts

No matter what age your kid is, he loves painting. It’s like that they can express their inner colors on outer objects. Finding suitable rocks and painting them is not an easy task. Your kid is probably going to take some time painting and your whole family can contribute as well. It makes outdoor craft activities more joyful than doing them alone. 

Leaf Printing 

january crafts

The purpose of the outdoor craft activities is to engage the kid in an activity that can make his spirit boosted to a whole new level. You can play with the kid by taking part in his exercise. Leaf printing is another activity that is liked by a kid a lot. They have to paint the leaf and then create an image of the leaf on paper. You can also do this on a pair of shoes or shirts to make it more attractive. 

Nature Crafts Making

january crafts

There are multiple crafts that you make with your kid. Take the example of a pumpkin snowman. People do it all of the time. Your kid would love to make a face out of the pumpkin. It also requires physical exercise as making a face through the pumpkin has never been an easy task. I don’t think there can be any activity more joyful than this one.

How does doing Crafts with Family Influence Parents?

Have you ever asked your kids why they love to do arts and crafts in school? But when it comes to practicing at home, they show the least of interest. It is probably because of the support and encouragement they receive from the teachers. School provides an environment where a child can be expressive and imaginative. So parents should also try to make that type of learning environment at home. Here are some of the benefits that parents can experience by giving some time to art and crafts with kids.

Escape from Routine 

january crafts

Both parents of the modern world are working. They spend the entire day working and dealing with their boss’s anger and handling the troublesome colleagues. Parents constantly work hard to provide a good living for their kids. But when they come back they neglect their children and do not give importance to spending quality time with them. They seek peace, but little do they know, real peace and happiness reside in the smile of their kid.

Parental Bonding

january crafts

Kids adore spending time with their parents, and what better way to spend time together than doing arts and crafts? You get to spend quality time with your children and can share what you’re doing. A healthy conversation with your children while you engage them in arts and crafts also builds memories that will last a lifetime. You can explore ideas and topics while you’re crafting together with your kids. You are free to express your thoughts, feelings, and concerns. This is the best time that you can use to create a special bond with your kid, since technology is bound to grab children’s attention when they grow up, the bond you have built now will remain forever.

Playing their favorite games with them, finding the last puzzle piece, deciding the right choice of colors to fill in the drawings and paintings, and helping them to bring their imaginative ideas into physical shape. Activities like these make you the best friend and best partner of your kid. The encouragement they seek from friends and teachers, they can find it in you. 


january crafts

Do you know why your kid can be a good teacher? Well, children being completely innocent always work with a positive approach. If you are depressed and sad, their smile gives you strength and motivation. You might have observed, when they’re busy in their arts and crafts, they don’t get frustrated if they mess up any painting.

 Instead, they make another random stroke using their brushes and keep going. They might not know what they want to make, but they still go on with it because they find happiness at the moment. When you watch your kid doing that, you learn! You understand the importance of the present moments.

Stress Release

january crafts

Stresses of modern life and the way technology is infiltrating your lives, family ties are becoming increasingly difficult to come by. In no time, the younger generation would end up moving further away from their families. Young minds can be trained and taught. Giving them more time, and showing interest in the activities that involve their happiness can bring them closer to parents.


As you can see, there are numerous reasons for your child to try January art and crafts activities that will benefit his or her development. Make your child’s vacations productive by spending quality time with them and teaching them new arts and crafts. It’s important to understand that whenever parents spend time with kids, the enjoyment level is increased by x100.

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