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Finding inspiration for a craft project can be difficult. But, fear not: we’ve got you covered! Let’s take a look at some of the most creative and cute craft quotes about crafts. Whether it’s your first time crafting or you’re an expert, these quotes will make you laugh and maybe even inspire your next project! If you are looking for some creativity or just want to laugh, these quotes will be perfect. I have compiled a list of the most creative and funny craft quotes that I could find.

Importance of Art And Craft Quotes In Our Life

Craft quotes can help you inspire your creative soul. Craft/Creativity can be defined as the ability to use our imagination and ideas to do something. Craft is one of the most important traits that we possess as human beings, and it is thanks to creativity, we can achieve success in life. When we meet challenges and obstacles, our creativity allows us to see the hidden opportunities in them.

We are all creative.  But due to doubt and other limiting thoughts, we sometimes find it difficult to express who we are.

Craft quotes can help give you the push you need to start your creative pursuits, whether writing a play, preparing a presentation for a client, or just being more creative in your everyday life.

In addition, quotes about creativity can help you stay motivated when your creative activities take longer than expected and help you persevere until you cross the finish line. And lastly, they can give you the courage to finish your creative projects and share them with the world.

Here are some powerful quotes about creativity that will spark your imagination and inspire you to be true to yourself and your dreams. We will discuss some of the quotes that other craftsmen and artists say. 

This collection of quotes on Craft is for you!

Inspirational Craft Quotes

Inspirational Quotes

Art is the visible edge of the Craft. Craft is how you express your vision.”

– David Bayles.

Either you can benefit from the Craft, or you can keep it locked up and risk dying with it.

-Vidal Sassoon.

A craft can’t be learned quickly; you have to put in the time.

– Kylie Minogue.

The essence of Craft is creating something by hand.

– Sarah Chatterton.

This was the Craft. Many people respond strongly to that movie.”

– Robin Tunney.

Within a man, new ideas dry up as soon as he talks about techniques.

– Raymond Chandler.

I cannot create a persona. I have to be myself and hope that people like it.

Pete Buttigieg.

The art / craft sense was rolling in. They were educating and helping children.

Sydney Gurewitz Clemens.

A reflection of the artist’s emotions and a work of art and senses, is its world.

Hans Hofmann.

Making a living by working against your Craft is impossible.

George Herbert.

You are doing divine and immortal work if you do your work with unconditional love and devotion.

Seema Brain Openers.

When you compose, write, or create you should always come up with great ideas…

-Lady Gaga.

The artist is composed of two men, the poet and the craftsman. You are born a poet. You become a craftsman.

Emile Zola.

Learn your Craft and put time into it. There seems to be an urgent need for success, way before one is prepared.

– Lucinda Williams.

And for any Craft, I believe that observing others’ work is the best way of learning.

– Wole Soyinka.

Craft is work into which the designer has poured a little piece of their soul.

– Sarah Dukes.

Funny Craft Quotes

Funny Quotes

Creativity’s bigger enemy is good sense.

– Pablo Picasso.

The artisan must sharpen his tools before starting his work.”

– Chinese Proverb.

A true artist cheats for the sake of beauty.

– David Hockney.

I can’t imagine how anyone could become a director without knowing the Craft of cinematography, the thought came to me.

– Nicolas Roeg.

My answer to people who tell me they plan on going scrapbooking is to suggest that they make it themselves.

– Amy Sedaris.

Writing a poem requires some Craft. This trick is what lets you do it.

– Anne Sexton.

As far as sharing, bonding, or scrapbooking is concerned, women are clearly at an advantage…”

– Sandra Tsing Loh.

Creativity Craft Quotes

Creativity Quotes

Making mistakes is part of being creative. The art knows which ones are worth keeping.

Scott Adams, the Dilbert Principle

Art begins with audacity. Art and Craft is an essential part of the painting.

Winston Churchill

That reflects reality art is not a mirror but rather a hammer that shapes it.

Berthold Brecht

Artists paint their nature into their pictures by dipping their brushes in their souls.

Henry Ward Beecher

Art is meant to disturb, science resources

Georges Braque

Our perceptions are the source of all our knowledge.

Leonardo da Vinci

Painters are happy because they will never be alone. They will be accompanied by light and colour, peace and hope to the end of the day.

Winston Churchill.

A career in the arts can spoil many talented cooks.

Paul Gauguin

The visible is not reproduced in art but made visible.

Paul Klee

It’s not just a hobby. It’s a way of life. Every strand of your life is influenced by it.

A Boogie with da Hoodie.

Creativity can never be exhausted.  It’s as simple as that. The more you have, the longer you use it.

Maya Angelou.

People are looking for something different and not mass-produced and value the creativity and skill into something handmade.

Emily Winter.                  

Master Your Craft Quotes

Master Craft Quotes

Your Craft is the only thing you should believe in.

Frank Langella.

If your Craft represents who you are, it is comprehensive.”

Marine Oamaru.

A heartless art is merely a craft.

Eric Gibbons.

Craft/creativity can be found as naturally as the sun, and it can be as essential as nourishment.

MaryAnn F. Kohl.

Craft is not related to this that is how I think; it’s how I live.

Paul Sandip.

Passion has been essential to the accomplishment of anything in the world.

Georg Wilhelm Hegel.

A piece can be completed with ninety per cent craft, but the final ten per cent is art.”

Stephen Graham Jones.

Undoubtedly Craft is an application of skills, and it may yet involve skilled hands.

Malcolm McCollough.

The Best Art & Craft Quotes

Art & Craft Quotes

The most useful aspect of art is its ability to serve as a distant early warning system for the old culture.

—Marshall McLuhan

A life without erasers is an art of drawing.

John W. Gardner.

The great artist is the simplifier.

Vincent Van Gogh

All artists create from a place of inner stillness, a place of no mind whether they know it or not. To write a poem, you have to come up with a craft.

Anne Sexton

With the Craft, I did not begin. I began with the work toward

 Craft and strong feelings.

Dorothy Allison

Craft makes our homes more human.

Ilse Crawford

Almost all creativity requires purposeful play.

Abraham Maslow.

You have to have a feeling….it is not enough to know your Craft – ….for us imagination is worth far more.”

-Edouard Manet.

Craft/Creativity is thinking of new ideas. Innovation is doing new things. 

Theodore Levitt

‘Almost any problem can be solved by craft/creativity: originality defeats habit, the creative act surpasses everything.’

George Lois

A new idea is a delicate thing. A derogatory comment or yawn can dig in with her; a mockery or a frown from a superior may be the end of it. 

Charlie Brower

‘What we are naturally capable of doing, when we engage in, our work takes on the characteristics of a game, and it is the game that stimulates craft/creativity.’

Linda Naiman

‘To have sufficient ideas is better even if some of them are wrong than to always be right without having any idea.’

Edward de Bono

‘There is nothing done. Everyone is to do or to redo. The best painting has not yet been painted, the best song written, or the best poem sung. There is no perfect railway in the world, no optimal government. The most advanced and exact sciences, physics, mathematics, are subject to basic revisions. Chemistry is becoming a science; psychology, economics, and sociology are waiting for Darwin, whose work, in turn, is waiting for an Einstein. ‘

Lincoln Steffens

Bottom Line

Thank you for reading our blog post. We hope that it has been helpful and educational, as well as a little creative, cute, and funny! Creativity consists of using imagination and reflection to create something. Creative, cute and funny quotes on crafts make for a fun read. 

As they say, for having fun, creativity is intelligence; to be creative; you cannot be stressed, too busy, or anxious. It is necessary to free the mind, find yourself in a state of relaxation that allows new ideas to arrive.

If you like this article and would like to know more, please comment below.

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