Easy Christmas Card Craft Ideas

Easy Christmas Card Craft Ideas

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A handmade Easy Christmas Card Craft Ideas is your best option when you want to express your love and thanks. Of course, you could simply send an e-card and be done with it these days, but where’s the joy in that? True emotions cannot be evoked by a digital card. Nothing beats a handcrafted card for that! This holiday season spread the love with a handmade card from our collection of simple and sweet DIY Christmas Card Ideas for Kids.

Easy Christmas Card Craft Ideas

So, with a little help from Mom or Dad, here are a few simple and sweet DIY Christmas Card Ideas that kids may make. The majority of these only take very simple materials and a small amount of time. So now you have no reason not to make a homemade Christmas card this year!

Glittery Christmas Tree Card

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Begin by using your blue and purple watercolors to paint your piece of mixed media paper. Allow for complete drying of your paper. From your white cardstock, cut out a triangle Christmas tree motif. Lightly trace it onto your paint paper. To build a Christmas tree, start from the top of your triangle and form a swirly line of glue back and forth around the edges of the triangle. Sprinkle glitter all over the glue, totally coating it, then lay your artwork on a placemat or in a cardboard box. Then either throw away the extra glitter or preserve it for another project.

After your glue has dried, apply whatever embellishments you desire to your sparkly Christmas tree craft onto your tree. We pasted on a star and embellished it with sequins. This is a fantastic Christmas activity for youngsters because of the various processes and textures. Make it a wonderful Christmas gift for a grandparent by displaying it on a mantel or the refrigerator.

Pom Pom Tree Christmas Card

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Pom-poms are the greatest craft items, and we have a lot of fun with them. Let’s have a look at how to construct an extremely simple Christmas card for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Fold a letter-size piece of cardstock in half from the middle. Using green construction paper, cut out a triangle shape. Glue pom-poms on the paper in such a way that they completely cover it, as illustrated below. If you’re using ordinary school glue, let it dry. For ours, we used hot glue to adhere to the pom-poms. Place the completed tree on the cardstock page and glue it down. From gold glitter paper, cut out the shape of a star and the stem of a tree. Glue them to the card in the manner indicated.

Allow the child to write a message for his or her loved ones on the card.

Paint Chip Christmas Cards

This is a great idea if you’re searching for a quick and easy homemade Christmas card.

Cut triangles of various sizes from the paint chip. You can do multi-colored trees or stick to pure green paint chips. You can use any leftover card stock or take a new one and cut it in the shape of the card. Glue these triangular trees and paste them on the card. Add a foam glitter star sticker on the top of the triangle. And we all know that rhinestones make everything better! As stars, I added some silver adhesive rhinestones.

Bow Tie Noodle Wreath Craft for Christmas 

This glistening wreath is ideal for making your own Christmas cards! It’s also a great art project for children to undertake over the holidays.

Begin by painting all of the small bow tie noodles green and shaking them with green glitter. Glue the noodles into a circle on a piece of white card stock after they are totally dry. Make a bow out of red polka dot ribbon and glue it on the wreath’s bottom!

Kid-Made Christmas Reindeer Cards

Preschoolers and older children can make a simple Christmas reindeer card for their teachers, grandparents, or other significant persons in their lives with just a few craft supplies.

Make two little holes in the card’s top. Adhere the eyes to the card with glue. I used a pencil to put little lines on the card to help the boys figure out where the eyes and nose should go. Glue the nose under the eyes. Insert a brown pipe cleaner into the holes you created earlier. To make the antlers, cut the pipe cleaner in half. Attach the antlers to the card with glue. If you’re using standard school glue or a glue stick, put a book or two on top of the card and wait a few minutes for the antlers to adhere to the card.

Lacing Card for Preschoolers

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With the holiday season well underway, now is the ideal time to opt for traditional, handcrafted Christmas cards! And now we’ve got something a little different for you: a Christmas Tree lacing card! This is going to be a lot of fun!

To construct a card, fold your card stock in half and trim away any uneven edges. Make an inverted V with the top of the inverted V aligning with the middle of the card’s top edge. Make sure the V’s two sides are the same length. Take your ruler and mark spots equidistant from each other on either side of the tree. This must be done with care, as the points on one side must be exactly opposite the equivalent points on the other.

Punch holes at each of the points you’ve marked with your punch. The hole shouldn’t be too big to be seen, but it also shouldn’t be too small to prevent the lacing thread from passing through.

It’s time to begin lacing! Begin from the top, threading the string through the hole and tying a knot underneath to keep it in place while weaving through the punched holes. Bring the lace through the first hole on the right and string it to the next hole on the left. Work your way down the left side of the board to the last hole.

Bring the lace up through the rightmost hole and move diagonally upwards, crossing all the lines you produced with the lace in the previous step. Pass the string under the card and knot it as you reach the topmost hole. Remove any excess. Remove any visible pencil lines with a soft eraser.

So you’ve got your basic tree, but what’s a tree without a star? Add a star sticker to the top and paint small dabs of paint to the sides.

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