Flag Popsicle Sticks

Fun Independence Day Flag Popsicle Sticks

Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday of May to honor the militaristic soldiers who have died performing their duties to ensure the security of the United States. It is an American holiday to thank the men and women serving the armed forces. We are doing are part by making Memorial Day Crafts For Kids- Flag Popsicle Sticks.

Memorial Day Crafts For Kids

As being part of our country we must fulfill our duties and show that we mourn the army. We can make this country’s flag and support our country and the people.

What you need:

  • Nine Popsicle sticks
  • Glue
  • White crafting foam paper (or simply white stars)
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrush
  • Blue poster paint (acrylic would work too)
  • Red poster paint
  • White poster paint

Step 1:

Start by taking three Popsicle sticks. Paint two of them fully red color carefully and also on the sides to give a clean look. Now paint a little more than half of the stick red. Leave the other space bare as it will be used later. You can put a sheet under a sit might get a little messy but it would still be fun!

Step 2:

The second step is to grab four more Popsicle sticks. Paint one of them fully white. Paint two more than half white and also one-half red in the same way. This will give us two full reds and one full white along with two half whites and two half reds.

Step 3:

After this straight away, you will cover your paintbrush in blue paint and color the bare area of the two white and red sticks.

Step 4: 

There is something extremely important left undone. Yes, they are the stars without which the flag is incomplete. You will take white foam paper on which you will draw out three small stars. They should be of the same size. Cut them out using scissors and then it will time for some pasting!

Step 5:

They will be arranged in such a way that the first will be red and the other will be white and this pattern will continue. Now you will grab hold of two more ice cream sticks and you will cut them half way. Now apply glue on this stick you just cut and place colored Popsicle sticks on it like done. The pattern has been described in the figure below. Now we are applying glue on the second cut stick.

Step 6:

Now attach the stick you glued at the end of Step 5 from the back of the painted sticks. This is done to provide support to attach more painted sticks at the bottom with the same pattern. Now begin pasting all the painted sticks one by one and this will almost complete the flag.

Step 7:

Don’t you think something is missing? Yes, we forgot to paste the stars. This will be the final step. You have to simply make use of the stars you previously cut by attaching them on the blue part of the flag using glue.

Wasn’t this Flag Popsicle Sticks craft easy and fun as we made use of paints this time? You can scroll on other projects from our website as we love making artistic crafts for you all which are also fun like these!

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