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How to Make Galaxy Slime at Home [Easy]


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    Today, we are sharing How to Make Galaxy Slime at Home. We love doing all sorts of slimes here and this slimy galaxy is no different! Kids will love making their galactic slime by mixing these different glitters. And no slimy galaxy is going to resemble real galaxies!

    The best thing is that this slimy recipe is easy – just three ingredients!

    When we think of a galaxy, we think primarily of black, but if you look at the pictures of the galaxy, you will see vibrant roses, blues, and violets. The colors are amazing enough and this slimy galaxy is not different!

    We like how sparkly each color is – and the best part is that you won’t need to add a lot of extra glitters yourself using Elmer Glitter Glue!

    You will need to make 4 different sludge batches to make this Galaxy Slime. A bright black glue, a blue, a rose, and a purple.

    What you need

    These are the ingredients you will need to make a color. (if you plan to make the 4 colors, you will need to enter 4 of each of the quantities of ingredients below).

    • 1 Bottle of Elmer’s Glitter Glue (6 oz) – We used dark, blue, purple, and pink.  Note: We just tested this with Elmer’s glitter glue and recommend this brand that other brands may not work.
    • 1 TBSP or more (up to 1 cup) water – (Optional)
    • Silver Glitter 
    • 1/2 TBSP Baking Soda
    • 1½ TBSP of Contact lens solution

    How to Make Galaxy Slime (step by step)

    This is our favorite part of the slime of the galaxy – the glittery black slime! We added some extra silver glitter to this sludge to make it look like it has stars. This is like a galaxy of distant stars!

    Once you have all the colors made, you will need to align them together to twist and form your «galaxy».

    Twist your slime together now to shape your galaxy! Doesn’t that sound nice? We will notice that the more you mix and play with the clay, it will transform into one color. But the glitter glue and the extra glitter will make it even better than a galaxy!

    Slime Safety and Precautions

    • Adults must deal with all chemicals and products.
    • Adults should make the clay.
    • Always read and follow product labels in use. If the contact lens solution is accidentally swallowed, seek immediate medical attention.
    • It is not suitable for children under 4 years of age.
    • Do not place the clay in the mouth. Always clean your hands before and after playing with the clay.
    • If skin irritation is observed, stop use immediately. If you have sensitive skin, use gloves when making and playing with clay.
    • Slime is a scientific experiment and must be performed in moderation. Do not allow children to make their own mud and do not play with it for a long time.
    • We have made it and it looks pretty amazing. When are you going to make this Galaxy Slime? We would love to hear your thoughts. 

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