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6 Proven Gustatory Activities for Montessori Kids


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    In the post, we are sharing Gustatory Activities for Montessori Kids. It’s very important to expose kids to different tastes because that’s when people have the most taste buds. When we are older and turn 21, only 1/4 of our taste buds remain. By the age of 60, it has decreased further.

     Montessori Kids

    Gustatory Activities for Montessori Kids

    In Montessori, we have various sensory ideas which strengthen the sense of taste of the child. For example:

     Montessori Kids

    1. Tasting Bottles (Frist Presentation)

    For the first activity with the Montessori tasting bottles, the kid learns to match the same tasting bottles. 

    The director will show the child how to take care of the Gustatory tray with both hands. There are two pairs of each flavor in glass dropper bottles: sweet (sugar), bitter (coffee), sour (lemon), and salty (salt).

    Tasting Bottles (Second Presentation)

    The second presentation takes place during a lesson of 3 periods. The director teaches the child the names of each specific flavor.

    Maria Montessori pioneered a new way of teaching children, moving away from traditional classroom teaching methods into inquiry learning and exploiting the child’s inquisitive nature.

    The Marvellous World of Crafty Thinking was created to help teachers and parents of Montessori find Montessori activities to use in schools or at home. You can use those Montessori activities in Montessori schools and parents can use Montessori activities at home.

    Montessori’s activities are divided into practical, sensory, mathematical, linguistic, and cultural life.

     Montessori Kids

    2. Practical Life

    Montessori Practical Life activities help children become more independent and learn life skills. 

    Montessori Practical Life is perfect for teachers from the Montessori class, and parents at home, who want to teach their children using the Montessori method.

     Montessori Kids

    3. Sensorial

    Sensory activities in Montessori help to develop the five senses of the child, hearing, seeing, touching, smelling, and tasting. By refining these five senses using specially equipped Montessori materials, we prepare them for further Montessori activities and help to develop the whole child.

     Montessori Kids

    4. Math

    The activities of Montessori mathematics are all ordered from the simple to the complex, and from the concrete to the abstract. 

    Montessori math will develop the mathematical skills of the child, and make learning mathematics interesting, and something they want to do. Using Montessori mathematics, the child develops concepts such as place value, numeration, fractions, and simple operations of addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division.

     Montessori Kids

    5. Language

    Language development in infants begins at birth. Dr. Maria Montessori claimed that from birth to the age of six, the child is at the stage of the absorbing mind. 

    The child absorbs the language of his surroundings. In the language zone of a Montessori classroom, specially equipped Montessori material helps children to deepen their language learning and development.

     Montessori Kids

    6. Cultural

    The cultural space in a Montessori classroom is diversified and very interesting. We divide Montessori’s cultural area into diverse groups, such as botany, zoology, geography, history, music, art, and general science. With the amazing cultural activities in a Montessori classroom, the kid gets interested and wants to learn more about the world around him.

    Yay! We have covered up Gustatory Activities for Montessori Kids. These activities also beneficial in ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) If you like our efforts, please do give a share. 

    If you like this article and would like to know more, please comment below.

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