Which Learning Style Am I

Which Learning Style Am I?

Which Learning Style Am I? When it comes to learning, everyone has their own unique style. Some people prefer hands-on learning, while others prefer more traditional methods. So, which one are you? And more importantly, how can you use this knowledge to your advantage in the classroom or workplace? Check out this post for all the details!

All of us are different from each other. Our likes and dislikes and personality traits are different. In a classroom not all students are the same. Each student is different and has a different style of learning. Some students learn by listening, while others learn by writing and reading. Identifying a learning style involves understanding the fact that how one learns the best?

To determine your style of learning it is important to get an understanding of different styles of learning.

What’s My Learning Style

Are you wondering what you’re learning style is? Learning styles are a way to describe how we learn and process information. This can be helpful in finding the best ways to study for an exam or find what type of work environment might be right for us. There are five main categories: kinesthetic (learning by doing), auditory (learning by listening), visual (learning through seeing), verbal (learn by reading aloud) and team learning (work in a group) Which one do you think you lean towards? 

Styles of Learning

There are five common styles of learning and in one classroom five different kinds of students learn together. These five styles of learning are.

Visual Learning

Some students learn best by seeing. They are keen observers of the surroundings. They memorize the things when they see them on a chart, model or a drawing. Visual learners are not easily distracted; they prefer visual instruction.

Auditory Learning

This is the second type of learning style. Auditory learners are those that learn by hearing. They love to learn rhymes, songs as they have a good sense of hearing, and they memorize the things they hear.

Kinesthetic Learning

Some students learn by doing, they are more energetic than the other and love to be involved in the subject matter physically. They memorize best by role playing and by experimenting using their own hands.

Verbal Learning

Some students learn by reading aloud; they are verbal learners. Verbal learners involve more in reading and writing; they memorize the lesson by repeating and recording notes. These learners are best story tellers and have a good vocabulary.

Team Learning

Team learners are those who love to work in a group or a team. They learn when they sit in a team and see others memorizing the same thing. They are social learners; they are born leaders and communicators.

How to Determine My Learning Style?

You can determine your own learning style by answering a few easy questions. Your learning style is the one in which you memorize best.

Sit back and analyze how you learn your lesson best.

  • If you learn by repeating and reading the lesson, and love to learn in rhymes then you are an auditory learner. 
  • If you learn by reading it in a book and writing it afterwards and preparing notes about what you have read, then you are a verbal learner.
  • If you love to involve making projects and learn by doing then you are a kinesthetic learner.
  • Some of us learn by seeing when the teacher shows a chart or makes a drawing on the board explaining different parts of the cells, some students can understand well, and these are visual learners.
  • If you love to learn in groups and divide a lesson in parts and complete the assigned work when in a team then you are definitely a social learner.

I remember I love a teacher who uses markers and draws on board and makes diagrams and shows posters with attractive images related to the lesson. It helps me to memorize the lesson.

Whenever I read the same topic in a book those images instantly come to my mind, and I can produce them verbally. I am a visual learner. You can also determine your style of learning by examining the above-mentioned styles.

Conclusion on Which Learning Style Am I? 

There are some who have more than one style of learning. It depends on how they memorize the lesson. If you want to know more about how your learning style affects the way that you learn, then please comment. We would love to hear from our readers and will be happy to send them more articles on this topic if they like what we have written here today!

If you like this article and would like to know more, please comment below.

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