Why Are Fathers So Important

Why Are Fathers So Important


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    Why Are Fathers So Important? They provide love, support, and guidance for children. One study found that the absence of a father in one’s life can have significant negative effects on their self-esteem, mental health, academic achievement and more. The father is a superhero. He’s the one who builds us, protects us, and loves us unconditionally. I don’t know about you, but my dad is my best friend in the whole world!

    Why Are Fathers So Important

    Parents are regarded as the most significant persons in children’s healthy development and mental well-being. It plays an important role in children’s lives. Research suggests that not only mothers, but fathers’ involvement is equally important. “I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as for the need for a father’s protection”, Sigmund Freud.

    The Historical Importance of Fathers

    Traditionally, fathers play an authoritative role in a family; their main goal is to earn and take care of their family’s needs. Their moral support, unconditional love, and active and nurturing style not only enhance children’s intellectual functioning but reduce the risk of behavioral and other psychological disorders. For the past few decades, they have safeguarded, pampered, and supported their families unconditionally. 

    With the passage of time fathers’ roles have been changed, now mothers also work and spend most of the time out of their houses, and fathers’ figure to nurture their kids while staying at home. Here in this article, you will learn about the importance of father figures in children’s lives.

    What Is the Importance of a Father Figure?

    It has been reported that mothers are very much important for their children but here the question arises: are fathers important for children? with the passage of time the role of the father has been changed. mother and dad have to work together and they equally share their duties. Sometimes children have one of them, it can possibly be a mother or a father who has to play both of the roles. and in many circumstances children have someone else that acts as a father figure, it is not their biological father but a guardian who plays a supportive role.

    Father love is a blessing of God

    Studies demonstrate that a good father proves a blessing for a family. fathers’ involvement can be life-changing, life-saving, and life-giving. not only mother’s but father’s hug is deeply comforting and fueling. We all give importance to mother’s day with great enthusiasm but in my opinion father’s day should be celebrated too like mother’s day.

    Studies suggest that children having one-to-one interactions with their fathers are more physically, mentally, spiritually, and relationally active than those children who have uninvolved fathers.

    How Does a Healthy Father and Child’s Relationship Affect Physical Development?

    This relationship is the backbone of a family. it has long-lasting effects on family life.

    Early childhood

    children ages 3 to 12 years are more mentally and physically influenced by their fathers than young children above the age of 12 years. it is recommended that a father should spend quality time with their children for their normal physical development and growth. It has been proved through studies that children who have an active father involvement in their childhood are more physically fit and active.

    Adolescent age

    This age is regarded as a critical time in one’s life. When fathers spend time with their family and play games with the kids, even in their adolescent age, they get more attached to their dad and they can easily communicate with them and talk about their problems more easily. When Dads’ play with their kids it not only boosts their energies and makes them physically stronger, but it has lifelong effects on their behavior.

    How Does Father’s Influence the Cognitive Development of a Child?

    According to the dictionary of psychology,” cognitive development is growth and maturation of the thinking process”, it involves all kinds of thinking, perceiving, retaining, and problem-solving. Absentee fathers have a bad influence on children’s health and mental development. they become a victim of mental diseases and in some cases, they get prone to severe anxiety and acute depression.

    Involved Father and Mental Health of Children

    we all can notice that whatever we become in the future we never forget our childhood and our relationship with our family. mothers, as well as fathers, play an important role in children’s mental health and wellbeing. Their warm and sincere love and positive supervision help them to achieve good health.

    Absentee father

    The absence of any one of both the parents during early childhood years proves fatal for their mental health. they become more involved in unhealthy activities and become a victim of many mental diseases.

    child mental health association has prepared a report in which it has been reported parent-child relationships is a key factor of future success and mentally retarded adults has unhealthy family relationships and are usually brought up in a violent/depressing environment.

    Language Development

    In early childhood, kids become more active in learning the language. numerous studies have been conducted that reported positive father involvement during early years helps to cope with language delays. They learn new words and have better verbal skills when they play with their dads and communicate with them. Their positive involvement boosts their early language skills. and they learn lots of new words that they cannot learn from their mother. Hence fathers are important for a child’s life and their language development.

    Importance of Dad’s in Early Child’s Life

    Early child development depends on a healthy home environment. preschool years are the most significant years in a person’s life.  Freud in his theories gave much importance to these years in child healthy development. Children who have unattended childhood are prone to risky behavior, drug use, and other mental disorders. Kids who have actively involved fathers get ready for their kindergarten years. They can explore, think and figure out things more actively.

    Active Involvement of Fathers and Academic Achievements

    A healthy home environment, good relationship with father and mother, and healthy lifestyle play a vital role in the academic achievement of their siblings. Kids having good dads who are actively involved in their studies show better educational outcomes. Not only moms, but fathers can also teach children and guide them in their weak learning areas.

    Fathers play and communicate with their children in a different way from their mothers. Father’s encouragement influences their kids more positively than an appreciation and tender words of a mother. children having healthy paternal involvement show high academic achievement.

    Involved Dads and Behavioral Development of a Child

    Behavior refers to the unconscious internal as well external response to the internal or external stimuli and it is a somewhat learned response and we all learn and acquire our behavior by some influences. According to the psychiatric association, kids’ behavioral development depends largely upon their childhood upbringing and their relationship with their family during these early years.

    For kids, a father’s personality serves as a role model which they try to imitate and follow. So a good dad always has a good impact on siblings’ behavior.

    Do Fathers Play Role Models for their Kids’ Lives?

    dads are male role models for their kids and this healthy relationship has a positive impact on their behavior. They uniquely influence both genders. fathers’ warm affection and responses to general questions prove valuable for their sons; these are the desired information they seek for their emotional support. and for the girls’ they help them to meet their emotional needs. When young boys and girls do not seek affirmation and satisfaction in these psychological areas, they get prone to different behavioral and adjustment problems.

    How Involved Father Enhance Normal Behavior?

    A father’s role cannot be overlooked in kids’ lives. We all know our moms play a significant female role in our upbringing, our dads are equally important, they are our male role models. And we should not neglect  their sacrifices ang goodwill.

    Caring dads’ influences

    Caring dads have a lifetime influence on their kids.  Children try to imitate their dad at a young age and follow their teaching later in their lives. but it is reported that not everyone has a caring dad, kids having violent and aggressive dads get psychological problems afterward in their lives.

    Encourage problem-solving behavior

    dads teach their siblings how to solve their problems. They influence their kids in many ways. They teach them how to react in certain situations and help them in decision making. It has been reported that famous personalities have many involved fathers whose unconditional love and support enhance their abilities and earn worldly fame for them. Hence, for normal personality and enhancing problem-solving behavior, involvement of a fathers figure is always recommended.

    Involved father Boost self-confidence

    kids become emotionally more strong and are less shy who have a much-involved dad in their lives. They can control their emotions in certain aggressive situations and behave confidently when in school and away from their family.

    When they have healthy communication with their dads they can tell them about the difficulties and problems they are facing when in school or away from them. This helps them to be confident and express their feelings without any hardship.

    Importance of fathers in the social adjustment of children?

    Dad plays a critical role in child social interactions. When they spend more time with their family it helps the kids to have a higher level of sociability. Much research has been conducted worldwide to figure out why adjustment problems in children are increasing day by day. It has been reported that an absent father is a reason behind most socially unstable kids.

    Are fathers as important as mothers?

    We can all affirm the importance of mothers as they are playing a significant role in the upbringing of a child. but we cannot neglect Dad’s role. They are equally important in nurturing and bringing up a child. They are important for a child’s emotional wellbeing. Kids having absent male figures in their lives have to suffer greatly, in and outside their homes.

    Final words

    The article has shown that fathers are an integral part of a child’s development and happiness. As more research is done, we may find out even more about the importance of fatherhood in children’s lives. We cannot become as we are today without their moral support and active involvement, and we should celebrate Father’s Day too with the same enthusiasm as we celebrate Mother’s Day.

    If you like this blog post and want to know more, please comment below with your thoughts on why fathers matter so much for their families!

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